Pelin Akil

Pelin Akil Actress

Name: Pelin Akil
Birthdate: April 17, 1986
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 172 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Istanbul University Musical Theatre (Istanbul Universitesi Muzikal Tiyatro); Anatolia University Public Relations (Anadolu Universitesi Halkla Iliskiler)
Spouse: Anil Altan (m. 2016)
Biography: Pelin Akil made her debut with her role as Zehra in Turkish drama named Those at The Back Rows (Arka Siradakiler). Pelin Akil knows English and Italian. She took part in various theatre plays Rent Musical, Marika’s Wealth (Marika’nin Serveti), My Brother Has Come (Abim Geldi), Istanbulname, Store (Depo), and Sersefil-Korkuyorum Sevgilim.

Notable Works
2007 – 2011 Those at The Back Rows (Arka Siradakiler) (as Zehra)
2012 – Wolf Law (Kurt Kanunu) (as Balli Naciye)
2012 – 2016 80s (Seksenler) (as Secil)
2012 – Game of Silence (Suskunlar) (as Nisan)
2013 – Mom (Ana) (Short Movie)
2013 – Ottoman Slap (Osmanli Tokadi) (as Irmak)
2013 – Water and Fire (Su ve Ates) (as Nupelda) (Movie)
2013 – Live Out-of-Spite (Inadina Yasamak) (as Sedef)
2014 – Can’t Run From Love (Asktan Kacilmaz) (as Yasemin)
2014 – Red Apple (Kizil Elma) (as Zeynep Cevher)
2015 – Of Course Not (Ne Munasebet) (as Nil)
2015 – Secret (Sakli) (as Elif) (Movie)
2016 – Family Job (Aile Isi) (as Mujde)
2017 – Groom Team (Damat Takimi) (as Sera) (Movie)
2017 – Crazy Love (Deli Ask) (as Nese) (Movie)
2017 – Circle: Cruel Revenge (Cember: Aci Intikam) (Movie)
2017 – Circle: Give the Game Away (Cember: Oyunu Bozuyorum) (as Sule) (Movie)
2018 – Discovery (Kesif) (Movie)



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