Burned Cocoon (Yanik Koza) Tv Series

Burn Cocoon (Yanik Koza) Turkish Tv Series


Original Title: Yanik Koza
English Title: Burned Cocoon
Also Known As: Ramad Al Hob (Arabic)
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 68
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: April 6, 2005 – February 21, 2007
Production Company: Limon Yapim
Director: Mesude Erarslan, Murat Saracoglu
Screen Writer: Ipek Aksoy (story), Ertan Kurtulan
Filming Locations: Bursa, Turkey


Celebi family is a wellknown and respected family in Bursa (the city in western Turkey). The eldest son, Galip (Yavuz Bingol) runs the family business which is based on textile. Galip is married to Hanzade (Basak Koklukaya) and has a son named Omerasaf. Hanzade is a lovely young woman who has a secret that she cannot tell even Galip about.

This secret has haunted her for most of her life and is a heavy burden on her shoulders. Although Hanzade has concealed the secret about her family for ten years, out of pure coincidence, Galip discovers this secret. An unforgettable tragedy transforms Galip’s life so radically that he will never be able to go back to the way he used to live and his whole life will change.

In burned cocoon (yanik koza) tv series story, you will explore a family which is surrounded with secrets. How will Galip react when he learns that he is not the biological father of Omerasaf? Will Galip manage to discover the truth about their past and forgive his wife? Will the marriage of Galip and Hanzade stand for the secret buried in this family?

Burned Cocoon (Yanik Koza) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Ayca Inci as Leyla Emirli
  • Mustafa Alabora as Asaf Celebi
  • Burak Davutoglu as Veysel
  • Tuncer Necmioglu as Dede Fikri
  • Serdar Ozer as Akin Celebi
  • Basak Dasman as Makbule
  • Kemal Okur as Celal
  • Baris Erdi as Omer Asaf
  • Perihan Savas as Hacer
  • Hande Kazanova as Suna
  • Saadet Gurses as Ayfer
  • Erdal Cindoruk as Cemal
  • Ali Karagoz as Cuneyt
  • Yavuz Karakas as Arif

External Links
Official Site: https://www.netflix.com/title/80123567
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Burned Cocoon (Yanik Koza) Tv Series Trailer

Burned Cocoon (Yanik Koza) Tv Series Trailer 2

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  1. Why is burned cocoon be taken off Nexflix.? one of my favorite I watch over again .

  2. What I learned from watching this series which went way beyond the surface stuff is that I was able to understand why decisions were made in some cases. The matriarch did unimaginable things we as a society could not accept but you have to get into her psyche to understand where she was coming from and her preserving her family at all costs made sense to her. When her son Galip said she was the devil, she made a comment that helped me understand her thinking. She said I’ll be the devil if it keeps my family together because I know many mothers who are angels who lost their families. This series showed me what unconditional love from many platforms looks like and the sacrifices all of the characters had to make to achieve and preserve it.

  3. Also would like to know why child actor that played Omer was replaced without credit to the first actor

  4. I love how all our comments are at 1 and 2 am haha

  5. Michael Gambino

    So you take your son to Disneyland for 3 months and return to Bursa with an entirely different kid. They don’t even look alike. Disneyland sure can change a boy. What happened to the original Omer?

  6. I need the title the song they danced to at their wedding in episode 120 34:40.

  7. love the series, hate Esmanur. she doesnt realise how she hurts the people around her. real witch
    Galip is cool…love him and Leyla
    Hanzade is a to needy for my liking..beautiful though
    love Omer Asaf
    the Grandpa is very charming
    Akin is a real lady’s man.
    i think Tuna is pregnant with someone else’s baby and is pinning the blame on Akin
    cant wait to see what happens

  8. Still watching. It has its twists and turns. I’ve seen a couple more Turkish soaps/dramas and this one isn’t bad. One complaint I do have is the sound effects person makes it sound like a bunch of horses clomping around every time a characters walks. It’s distracting and hilarious when the character walks across carpet and even while wearing socks!
    Totally unnecessary!

  9. why was the little boy replaced ?

  10. anne Lapedus Brest

    I loved most the actors, but it got ridiculously far fetched, and too many things went wrong all the time. Non-stop, they were always in the hospital. But I was glued to it and did enjoy it.

    WHO was the child who played Omer Asaf for the first 75 episodes. . he was excellent and it was not the same when the next Omer Asaf took over. . I feel the 1st Omer Asaf should be given credit. . who was he??

    Also, where on earth was Feysel when Galip married Hanzade for the 2nd time. . and where was he when Akin died ???? that was very bad planning on the part of the producers.. he was a brother, albeit half, and he should most certainy have been at the Wedding and the Funeral..

  11. How do you get the music that plays during the upsetting scenes…a woman is singing and it is beautiful music but I cannot find it online…

  12. How can these guys be so in love with these sexless ugly actresses?

  13. I love the series but I want I know where I can buy the cd fir all the songs .

    • trying to get the music that plays during sentimental or challenging scenes it is so beautiful

      but the other music the theme song is available on you tube..and streaming music sites

  14. I’m on episode 51 and I’m literally hooked on this show and can’t take it anymore because Hanzade is getting on my last nerve with keeping secrets from Galip about that monster Semih. My goodness enough is enough with him I don’t know how much of Semih’s crap I can take any longer. On the other hand, so far I love Galip and Hanzade’s relationship. He is really committed to keeping his family together and doing the right thing. It’s beautiful to see how he started falling back in love with Hanzade. However, that mother in law is so conniving that I feel so sorry Asaf. He deserves a better woman in his life. I need a break from this show it has taken over my life. I have to skip this episode because I can’t handle the fact that Hanzade has a Rendezvous with Semih.

    • I agree, I was hooked on it too….watched multiple episodes at a time, forgot what I had to do! I’ve finished the series now and am so sad. I feel like I lived with these people! I’ve been trying to see if there is a season 2 but can’t find anything. Did they make a season 2?

      • I struggled as well and for a few days after, I had that what am I supposed to do now feeling and how do I move on..lol I searched all over for Season 2

        • I had the same feeling after and started searching for season two which does exist. Just can’t find a streaming service that carries it. I’ve registered with one and will be notified if they find anything. Via these comments can’t we appeal to Netflix to carry it?

  15. I’m glad I found this page! I’m at episode 90 and a couple things bother me. They totally switched the house in Bursa just prior to the fire. One episode they were on the country estate then next episode a house with a green exterior. I even went back to 1st episode to see if they had moved back to that, but that house was pink. Speaking of which, why didn’t they move back to the pink house from the beginning episodes after the fire? Also, after the 3 month trip to the USA, there’s a new kid, and new staff! What happened to the old staff? And finally, why do women like Galip ? He smacks his wife around and points a gun at her on a boat then suddenly ends up land? The men have no control of their emotions, and Omar’s mom is a classic case of an abused woman who excuses her man’s behavior. Ok, rant over and I’m this far in, I’m watching it all the way through!

  16. Forgot to mention Merve was also changed. The clothes, the houses, and the furniture were very nice. Galip’s voice is very soothing. I guess by now you can tell I truly enjoyed this soap opera.

  17. I watched all 105 episodes 8 times. I loved all of the actors and actresses. What was really great was not seeing bare flesh or sexy scenes. It left it to one’s imagination. My three favorites were Hanzade, Galip, and 1st Omer. I have been trying to find the second season without success. Hanzade did a lot of crying but it was okay. The slaps were okay for a tv show but not in real life. Made me decide to never date a Turkish man. lol

    • I noticed that several of the men slapped women across the face in this show. I wonder if that’s common in Turkish culture? Usually shows reflect current culture even if the plot is over the top. Akin actually had his hands around his girlfriend’s roommate’s neck to force her to answer him. Later, she’s all smiles around him. Speaking of Akin, ummm, how exactly did a doctor get his sperm during an exam when he was younger? That seemed so weird.

  18. Which child actor played Omer Asaf in the early episodes. He did a wonderful job, but I can’t find his name anywhere in any of the cast listings. They list the actor who replaced him.

  19. I am glad I read these reviews before I got any further into the show. The only characters I really liked were Hazarde, Balim, and, Akin. I expected, as in other Turkish shows I have seen, the latter would triumph and the bad Tuna would get what she deserved. The other shows’ plots had satisfactory endings. Why kill off the only ones who were basically good and let the others who had few redeeming characteristics go on their way. The men were weak and the women usually up to no good, scheming and some downright treacherous. The child needed some swift discipline.

  20. I am now on episode 86 at this point. Thus far the series has me hooked. Many of my questions were answered in reading the above comments i.e. the switch of the first Omer who was a gr-r-r-reat lil actor to the new son Omer. The change in furniture in the mansion? The characters were superb but Hanzade got a lil much with the crying. The mother was so over-controlling and in reading her bio, I believe she died in 2017. I loved the outfits throughout that she wore. I would love to know who the designer was of her clothes. The father was gr-r-r-r-r-reat and his affair with the woman who he had a son by was so lovely compared to what he was married too. I look forward to the next episodes although reading the comments above I learned some of what will be happening before I get to that point. All and all it is/was a terrific series well enjoyed and I have told many others to watch it.

  21. Love this series love turkish culture period
    Such passion and energy men are strong
    And women are so beautiful
    Tell me about the music
    The name of the artist and theme song
    I want to purchase the sound track if it is available
    Thank you

  22. who is the secret marriage?

  23. Yes loved everything about the show .such pretty ladies and handsome men .acting was excellent..

  24. Loved Semith – great appearance. Adored the boy playing the little son. Let’s see if you refuse to publish this comment again.
    Enjoyed the series wish they would continue you feel like they become part of your daily routine..
    Wish they would show some kindness towards their dogs and cats in Turkey and all those places around it – what household on acres and acres of land doesn’t have at least one dog??????
    And they are there the poor strays abandoned, starved, tormented. They came long before the people settled in those vast areas. They culled them before the show, and a country is judged by the way they treat their animals also.

  25. So tired of Hanzade crying all the time. She comes across as a weak female and seems small for Galip’s expectations of a wife!

    • I agree about Hanzade,I can’t even feel sorry for her and I hate to say this but I like Semith,not what he does but its like he is the only sincere one in the cast. As far as Galip’s I cant figure out what I think of him,I loved the newspaper women,she was great and Suna. I think Galip missed the boat on the two of them.

  26. Miro, I only admire the actor and not the character he played. You made many good points about the character.

    • Annie J. I see; yes, in that respect I agree re Semih. Also forgot to say how sorry I feel for Suna; she is a lovely personality looking for genuine love and passion but so unhappy! Finally, how lovely music in these Turkish series is! Just have a listen to one at the beginning of episode 98 by the main actor Yavuz Bingol, “Bir Zamanlar” – you can access it on You Tube as well. It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. All the best.

  27. @ Annie J. I see your point re Semih but I don’t think anyone should have any sympathy or understanding for the guy; as you rightly also state he is a kidnapper and murderer and basically a psychopath ready to do absolutely anything to get Hanzade. That level of obsession should not in my mind be appreciated or supported. There are many other issues identified in the series and if the makers intention was to draw peoples’ attention to those issues then I think the series managed pretty well; but of course I am not sure they wanted to raise those issues: treatment of women generally: not only physical but mental violence and disrespect (just look at Veysel’s attitude towards his own mum!). Then women are presented in a negative way generally; they are plotting all the time; they are lying etc.
    Secondly, there is too much emphasis and focus on negative aspects and nasty people and on their succeeding in their dirty business or even crime: as the series progresses (as all other Turkish series actually) you see more and more of Semih; Esmanur etc.

    • But having said all above I love those programmes overall I have to say; I love emotions; importance of family and some aspects of traditional values, which are very much missing in the Western culture!

  28. It held my interest all the way through, but Hanzade moped and cried all through the series. I seldom saw a smile, in fact I figured it was no wonder Galip wanted the company of the two different women he enjoyed being with. The mom was in almost every scene and had to know every move her family made. Maybe it is a Turkish thing. Meddler isn’t a strong enough word for her. She was tiring.

  29. Wow..loved Burned Cocoon…especially loved Heinzad..and both child actors..everyone was great,.I was addicted to the show

    • Enjoyed the show – loved the first little boy – reminds me of my own little grandson – the second or was adorable also.
      Why does a Well to do family portrayed as living on a large house – something like our own “Dynasty” series not own a dog a cat?
      You can see here and there a poor stray dog and cats and the Turks are notorious for disliking them- but, to show a family life without them is odd to us here in USA- found the actors excellent and handsome. Good makeup and pretty wardrobes.

  30. What an amazing show! It took me a week to watch the entire season 1 and I am wondering if there is a season 2?

  31. I just finished watching Burned Cocoon on Netflix. Now that I have come to expect a lot of shock and awe in these Turkish Dramas, I am actually enjoying them. I was thrilled to see that this story had a happy ending. However, I cannot figure out how these Turkish writers come up with all these crazy plots for these dramas. This story was way out there!! I have to say that mother, played by Colpan Ilhan, was the most horrifying, disgusting woman that I have ever seen in a show. I truly hope that there is not another one like her in any family in this entire world. I must say that I laughed for an hour when I saw that disgusting woman climb the steps and end up shooting the monster – Semih. Whoever thought that up had to be drunk or something. That old woman was walking the beach in a pair of high heels, climbs 50 steps and runs through the woods and shoots and kills the bad guy. LOL, LOL. I still cannot believe that. Also, beautiful Hanzada, played by Basak Kiklakaya, was a mess. I thought the poor woman was going to drown in her own tears. I did not like seeing the younger brother and his sweet little wife and baby all die. It was heartbreaking. I cried as hard as the family did. Anyway, I was happy to see that with all they had been through, Galip and Hanzada had a beautiful wedding and lived happily ever after. Even with all the craziness in this show, I still enjoyed it.

  32. Does Hansard give birth to a healthy baby?

  33. I am half way through birnt cacoon and I love it but am disappointed to read Omer will be replaced. He was great little actor.
    Also I dont get the Secret Marriage bit. Maybe it will reveal later.Hope so.

  34. Am I the only one who loved the actor who played Semih? He was so good at his part that I even wished Hanzade would have at least had compassion for her childhood protector early in the story. Of course he then became a stalker, a kidnapper and a murderer, but in the beginning he just told her how much he loved her.

    And how do the men (especially Galip) get away with choking and slapping women? Didn’t audiences complain about that in Turkey? How about when Galip hurt his wife and mother then held them both at gun point? No punishment was ever given to Galip or anyone who hit the women characters. Galip was so quick to find new girlfriends that I’m sure that character would get a new affair going in about a year after the re-marriage. It was unbelievable when the grandmother was taken away by the Police after she saved her eldest son from being shot in the back. Why would she be arrested for saving him and shooting the murderer of her youngest son? It was nice to see her at the wedding, but it’s too bad the rest of the cast didn’t participate in the wedding scene. Where was Hacer and her son and daughter-in-law? Where was the sage, barkeeper old man? Why was the child actor (who was wonderful) get replaced? Every child actor I’ve ever seen on Turkish TV has been absolutely adorable and excellent actors. The boy who replaced the original actor was also excellent, but I would love to know why that happened.

    Sadly, I liked this series much less than all the other Turkish series I’ve seen on Netflix. Maybe if it had not shown such primitive behavior by the male characters the story would have seemed more believable. No woman should be as submissive and stay with a man even if they have done something secret to keep him.

    Thanks for providing a place to talk about it all.

    • Very good review Annie J. No wonder Galip found girlfriends, his wife moped and cried all the time. I She smiled so few times she seemed like a zombie. The series did hold my interest all the way through though. I appreciate these Turkish shows without sex scenes and all the eff words.

    • I have the exact same questions and also who is this Mr. Black. Also, who was the female witness at the wedding ?

  35. One of the best Turkish shows well produced and good plot. It is substantive and high quality. I wish in the finale episode they had brought family members from Bursa during Ackan funeral. Hope they consider another season with hansade having a child finally will husband and their move back to Bursa with their matriarch mother.

    • I thought the same thing. It would have been good to see the family together. Not to mention, seeing Tuna get in trouble for not helping the doc save Balim and the baby.

  36. Does anyone else noticed the change of set in Burn Cocoon and why? Even the house has been change the decor everything. Theg even have a new son
    I am new to watching the show
    I would like to get somw insight

    • Yes, I did, too. Omer Asaf is not the same actor from Episode 72 onwards. Why? They moved the story from Bursa to Istanbul. Maybe to showcase a bigger city since most people would have heard of Istanbul but not Bursa.

    • Their home in Bursa was burned to the ground by Semih’s gang. Galileo decided to move the family business to Istanbul and found the new home they are in now. It wasn’t his original plan for the family to join him in Istanbul, but it became a matter of safety for all of them to get out of Bursa.

  37. i agree with nmj

  38. what is the secret of the family of burn cocoon i would like to know please someone tell me now

  39. i really the drama five sisters and love u armi.

  40. hi we like burunt cocoon.all characters r re
    aly super,galip is best.omer is cute. i realy wnt to see them in real life.semih is the worest.

  41. also i wish one day i can meet Galip and Hazande in real…love u guys in Yanik Koza

  42. i really really really love this yanik koza drama and all of them in yanik koza… sooo great

  43. what the song title?? please

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