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Farewell Letter (Veda Mektubu) Tv Series


Original Title: Veda Mektubu
English Title: Farewell Letter
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama, Family
Episodes: 24 (each episode is 150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: February 27, 2023 – August 21, 2023
Production Company: Most Production
Director: Deniz Celebi Dikilitas
Screen Writer: Deniz Akcay (1), Armagan Gulsahin (1, 5-13), Gokhan Atasoy (1), Mahinur Ergun (2-4), Yusuf Reha Alp (2-4), Melih Cam (2-4), Ayberk Cinar (9-24), Asli Gonulay (9-24), Simge Ayvazoglu (9-24)
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkiye


Asli (Rabia Soyturk) is a cheerful young girl who goes to high school. Unlike her older sister Beste (Hazar Motan), she cannot be controlled by her mother. She is rebellious and wants to make her own decisions. After graduation, she plans to go to France in order to study at Law School even though she dreams of becoming a dancer. With her strong personality and rebellious nature, Asli resembles her mother Alanur (Nurgul Yesilcay).

Alanur is a very strong, modern, and attractive woman. She has grown up in a wealthy family and works as a manager of an art studio. Alanur has done her best to raise her two daughters by herself after she got divorced.

Alanur has a dominant character and wants to control everything. She wants to give a happy life to her daughters and wants them to become strong and independent. But sometimes, she takes some drastic actions. Due to her attitude, her daughters complain about Alanur’s cold-hearted nature.

Alanur, in fact, turns into a frozen heart after she is abandoned by her first lover years ago. She becomes devastated when she gets a farewell letter from her lover. She buries her heart, gives up her dreams, and agrees to the marriage his father wants. After then, she lives without love and passion.

Years later, Alanur comes across her first and only lover Ziya (Selim Bayraktar). Out of pure coincidence, her daughter Asli falls in love with the son of Ziya. The lives of two families turn upside down. They have to open the unclosed notebooks of the past and scratch the encrusted wounds buried in the past.

Ziya is now married to Seher (Bennu Yildirimlar) and has three children: Mehmet (Emre Kivilcim), Selcuk (Kerem Alp Kabul), and Mine (Elif Uslusoy). He never forgets his first love but does his best to become a good father and a good wife for his family. Even though Seher has been in love with her husband since she was a young girl, she can never conquer his heart. Therefore, she becomes a woman with a broken heart and struggles with another woman’s shadow all her life.

Alanur does not approve of the relationship between her daughter and Ziya’s son. She learns from her own experiences and tries to keep his daughter away from Mehmet in order to keep her safe. Whatever is left unfinished years ago becomes an obstacle to Asli and Mehmet’s love this time.

Meanwhile, Ziya also does not approve of the relationship between her son and Alanur’s daughter. However, Seher understands that she cannot persuade her son. Thus, she decides to stay beside her son as if she approves of this relationship. In fact, she secretly tries to separate them. She takes the pain of the jealousy she has held inside herself for years out of her daughter-in-law.

Asli and Mehmet challenge everyone, try to overcome all obstacles, and heal the wounds of the past with the power of their love. However, their lives become very difficult because they need to find a balance between their loves and their families.

Farewell Letter (Veda Mektubu) tv series story is about two young persons who fall in love with each other even though they come from different backgrounds and their parents disapprove of their marriage. Will Asli and Mehmet get married despite their parents’ disapproval? Will Alanur and Ziya learn who wrote the farewell letter years ago? Will Seher accept her daughter-in-law Asli or do her best to make her unhappy? Will Mehmet find a balance between his wife and his family? Will Alanur and Ziya manage to forgive each other? Will Asli get used to her new life? Will Asli continue her education after getting married to Mehmet?

Farewell Letter (Veda Mektubu) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Hazar Motan as Beste
  • Elif Cakman as Zuhre
  • Kerem Alp Kabul as Selcuk
  • Hakan Karsak as Nevzat
  • Ummu Putgul as Feride
  • Hande Elaman as Hatice
  • Ahmet Kaynak as Melih Gungor
  • Asya Kasap as Derin
  • Elif Uslusoy as Mine
  • Deniz Altan as Fatos
  • Elena Viunova as Keti
  • Oguzhan Sener as Hakan


Alanur Yildiz (Nurgul Yesilcay):

Alanur is a very strong, modern, and attractive woman with two daughters: Asli and Beste. She has grown up in a wealthy family and she has an elite life. In her teenage years, she starts dating Ziya and rebels against her family in order to follow her heart. She even runs away from her home to get married to Ziya. However, Alanur becomes devastated when Ziya disappears that day, sending a fleeting, cold letter. Alanur turns into a woman with a frozen heart after she is abandoned by her lover. Years later, Alanur comes across her first and only lover Ziya when her daughter Asli falls in love with Mehmet. She has to open the unclosed notebooks of the past and her wounds. She does not approve of her daughter’s marriage but cannot persuade her daughter.

Ziya Karli (Selim Bayraktar):

Ziya is a soft-hearted, calm, and understanding man. He comes from a modest and conservative family. Even though Alanur has a very different life, Ziya falls in love with her. His traditional family opposes his marriage to Alanur and forces him to get married to Seher in the same neighborhood. Ziya rebels against his family in order to follow his heart and runs away from his home to get married to Alanur. However, he becomes devastated when he gets a fleeting, cold letter from Alanur. Even though Ziya loves Alanur, he gets married to Seher and tries to forget his love. Due to his new daughter-in-law Asli, he comes across his first and only love Alanur. He supports his daughter-in-law and does his best to find a balance in his family.

Asli Yildiz (Rabia Soyturk):

Asli is a cheerful, beautiful, and artistic high school student. She has an option to go to study law in France under the pressure of her mother Alanur, who is trying to control her whole life. In fact, Asli wants to be a dancer. Due to unexpected events, she falls in love with Mehmet and decides to get married to him even though she is still too young. Despite her mother’s disapproval, Asli rebels against her mother and decides to follow her heart. Her choice not only affects her life but also affects her mother’s life.

Mehmet Karli (Emre Kivilcim):

Mehmet is the eldest child of Ziya and Seher. He works at his family business. Since he does not have faith in true love, he accepts to get married to his niece Hatice due to his family’s pressure. Mehmet has grown up together with Hatice and he does not have any feelings toward her. They live in the same house and he considers Hatice as a sister. However, Mehmet does not want to rebel against his family’s wishes and accepts to get married to her niece. When Mehmet bumps into Asli, he falls in love with her at first sight and understands the true love. Despite his family’s disapproval, Mehmet follows his heart. His life becomes so challenging after marriage because he tries to do his best to find a balance between his family and his wife.

Seher Karli (Bennu Yildirimlar):

Seher is the wife of Ziya and the mother of three children. She falls in love with Ziya, the son of a man from a lower socio-economic group who works for his father. She has a platonic love toward Ziya and does not give up even though she knows that Ziya is in love with Alanur. In order to reach her goal, Seher writes a letter and separates Ziya and Alanur. After getting married, Seher struggles with another woman’s shadow all her life and does her best to get the love of his husband. When she learns that her son Mehmet wants to get married to Asli, she does not approve of this marriage. When she learns that Asli is Alanur’s daughter, Seher’s traumas, which she thinks are covered up, are triggered most deeply and turn into a perfect storm.

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Farewell Letter (Veda Mektubu) Turkish Series Trailer (with English Subtitle)

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