Child Bride (Kucuk Gelin) Tv Series

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Child Bride (Kucuk Gelin) Turkish Tv Series


Original Title: Kucuk Gelin
English Title: Child Bride
Also Known As: Zahra, The Little Bride, Kawin Paksa
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 92
Broadcast Network: STV
Broadcast Period: September 8, 2013 – November 8, 2015
Production Company: Bosphorus Film Makers
Director: Ozan Uzunoglu
Screen Writer: Erhan Ciplak
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Zehra (Cagla Simsek) is a 14-year old promising girl who is very successful at her school. However, her life turns upside down when she is forced to get married to a young guy from a rich family. Zehra wants to continue her education and does not want to leave her little sister and her parents. However, her father uses the excuse of traditions and beats her daughter to death. Zehra has nothing to do but to get married to the guy whom she has never seen before.

After marriage, Zehra starts to live with her new family in the big mansion. She lives with her husband, mother-in-law, aunt-in-law, brother-in-law, and their children altogether in that big mansion. Since Zehra is a young bride in that family, she suffers from the emotional pain. Zehra does not want to continue this pain anymore. For this reason, she decides to leave everything behind. With the help of her school teacher Melek (Gozde Mukavelat), Zehra tries to run away from her faith.

In child bride (kucuk gelin) tv series, you will explore a tragic lives of child brides, their fears and their problems. Child marriages are still a bleeding wound in Turkey. Child bride Zehra aims to show tragedy in detail.

Child Bride (Kucuk Gelin) Tv Series Cast

  • Cagla Simsek as Zehra
  • Gozde Mukavelat as Melek (episodes 1-40)
  • Bengi Ozturk as Melek (episodes 41-92)
  • Orhan Simsek as Azad (episodes 1-62)
  • Baris Cakmak as Azad (episodes 63-81)
  • Ufuk Sen as Devran
  • Ali Cakalgoz as Kadim
  • Sema Aybark as Nujin
  • Arif Selcuk as Cemal
  • Ece Okay as Behiye
  • Melda Arat as Zumrut
  • Devrim Atmaca as Fatma
  • Burcu Adal Kos as Gulsum
  • Helin M. Cal as Elif
  • Sabri Ozmener as Rasit
  • Onurcan Kirsan as Ferman
  • Yagmur Kur as Dicle
  • Gokhan Sahin as Ali
  • Burcu Yuce as Berfin
  • Tayfun Sav as Sami
  • Ece Baykal as Canan
  • Yusuf Eksi as Ibrahim
  • Elif Verit as Mercan
  • Melissa Yildirimer as Leyla
  • Hilmi Erdem as Hilmi
  • Savas Bayindir as Siyar
  • Merce Cavuran as Havin
  • Mujgan Gonul as Zeynep
  • Meltem Pamirtan as Aysen
  • Koray Nizamoglu as Yusuf
  • Eyup Kan as Harun
  • Kayra Zabci as Ezma
  • Vakkas Kahraman as Mahmut

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  1. In which city of turky it is picturized?

  2. When will next season of child bride series start because this was ended at 84

  3. unfortunatly zahra has stopped in my country but will back soon i wish

  4. I wanna watch past episode but with english or indonesian subtittle…. I so love this drama actualy with Gökhan Şahın, I love you so much….

  5. hey.. anyone can share the link where i can watch it with english subtitle?? please help me. i am from indonesia.

  6. Someone please tell me,
    Who is the one that marrying zahra? Is it azad or ali?
    Cause in my country it’s still ep 3
    I just kept wandering
    Btw its good drama! I love watching this drama

  7. What Ost / soundtrack child bride (kucuk gelin) ??

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