Life Goes On (Hayat Devam Ediyor)

Life Goes On (Hayat Devam Ediyor) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Hayat Devam Ediyor
English Title: Life Goes On
Also Known As: Life Continues
Genre: Drama, Family Relations
Episodes: 46
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: October 18, 2011 – January 20, 2013
Production Company: Boyut Film
Director: Cemal San
Screen Writer: Mahsun Kirmizigul

“Life Goes On” Synopsis
Ismail (Fikret Kuskan) who works as a potter has 2 wives and 7 children. He has 4 children from his first wife Kudret (Rozet Hubes) whom he was forced to marry and has 3 children from his second wife Cennet (Senay Gurler) whom he fell in love with at first sight. Since İsmail no longer earns enough money from pottery, he decides to immigrate to Istanbul.

On the other hand, Hayat (Meltem Miraloglu), 15-year-old daughter of the family, has a secret love affair with Kerem (Sezgi Mengi), who is the son of one of the old families of the region. Since they love each other to death, they make love before marriage. However, Kerem’s family does not this relationship. Meanwhile, Hayat’s family learns the situation and has no choice but to accept the offer of 70 year-old-man. Although Hayat is just 15 years old, she is forced to get married to 70 year-old-man.

As the story progresses, the family immigrates to Istanbul and soon, the darkness invades the family: Ismail and his wives cannot get used to living in a big city, Ismail’s daughter Sirin (Neslihan Atagul) changes immediately because of her desire for fame and money, Ismail’s son Bekir (Ali Barkin) starts to get involved in illegal businesses, the other son Malik (Serkan Senalp) gets addicted to heroin bit by bit, and Hayat transforms from a fragile girl to a bitter, heartless woman.

In this story, you will explore the resistance of a family to social and economic conditions. Will Ismail manage to keep his family together despite all the hardships? Will his family completely fall apart?

“Life Goes On” Cast
Fikret Kuskan as Ismail
Senay Gurler as Cennet
Rozet Hubes as Kudret
Arif Erkin Guzelbeyoglu as Ibrahim
Sezgi Mengi as Kerem
Meltem Miraloglu as Hayat
Neslihan Atagul as Sirin
Sera Tokdemir as Zeliha
Serkan Senalp as Malik
Ali Barkin as Bekir
Yasemin Allen as Pelin
Onur Tuna as Sirac
Ali Ersan Duru as Berat
Rana Cabbar as Abbas
Cagla Simsek as Lavin
Gokce Akyildiz as Zozan

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  1. Hello ,

    Can you let me know if there is season 2 of tv series Bir Çocuk Sevdim ? If so can you send me some link please. i have been watching in netflix Turkish tv series and i love them ,also Turkish actors are great .
    Very disapointed netflix have season 1 and not more ……
    I had to find on you tube season 3 of Yer Gök Ask and watched in Turkish and unfortunately i don t understand Turkish 😞
    I was in Istanbul last february in holiday and fell in love of this marvelous city but after start watching your series and see Istanbul in summer is magical ,so i have to go back.
    Best regards and please sell more Turkish series to netflix 😊

  2. Shqipe Zuberoski

    Is there subtitles available ???

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