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Name: Ibrahim Celikkol
Birthdate: February 14, 1982
Birthplace: Izmit, Turkey
Height: 187 cm
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Talent Agency: On Talent Management
Spouse: Mihre Mutlu (m. 2017–2022)
Children: Ali Celikkol (2019)
Biography: Ibrahim Celikkol is an actor and ex-model. His mother is of Salonica descent and his father is of Arab descent. Ibrahim Celikkol played basketball professionally and took acting lessons. He was a model before starting his acting career. Ibrahim Celikkol made his debut with his role as Ulubatli Hasan in Turkish movie Conquest 1453 (Fetih 1453).

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2012 – 17.Sadri Alisik Awards (17.Sadri Alisik Odulleri) – Promising Actor (Conquest 1453) – Umut Veren Erkek Oyuncu (Fetih 1453)


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  1. Watched Ibrahim in Price of Passion ( Black and White love) I’m 75yrs and i was toppled over by this actor! Portraying Farhat was top class.
    Where can i see more of him / pair with Asli star ??
    Im from India. He has many followers here. We are in a movie group.
    If i can get a personal wish from Ibrahim for our group who loves Turkish drama !!!

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  3. Ibrahim celikkol is a star. He’s a class above all other actors. One cannot believe he’s acting he is so real. His eyes flicker with all kinds of emotion. His facial expressions are unmatched. I don’t know how he does it. But whatever role he does is so different from the other that you cannot recognise him. No facial expression or body language is the same in his different roles. Whatever role he does ..negative or positive…he’s fantastic ..and I want the ending to be happy. I cannot bear to see him in a sad ending.

  4. I agree with all of the effusive praise about Ibrahim’s acting but think it’s really funny that he needs to redeem himself for Ali Nejat!!

    I just found Conquest 1453. It’s DUBBED! YIKES! Whoever reads these things please pass it on…Please NO DUBBING!!!! I lived in Italy for a bit. Everything is dubbed there and nobody minds at all. Americans are not big on subtitles – although I think and hope that’s changing but they/ WE HATE dubbing.
    Can’t they come up with subtitles for the original version? Even bad subtitles (which some of them are) are better than dubbing!

  5. I was totally enthralled by Intersection. Really heavy emotions sure wouldn’t want to be any of these people .Ali Nejat is an interesting character. I would have preferred that Naz stayed true to her husband, her saying she was only there because of the boy actually annoyed me. She was attracted in the first instance that would send off warning bells .Umat got the raw deal. I was actually glad Naz died off as I couldn’t stand her.She was a doctor but her emotions weren’t in check. I felt so sorry for Umat and as for Kaan what an outstanding little boy he is.He brings out the best in people.Ali wanted something he couldn’t have in the beginning with Naz and it should have stayed that way but instead they had to break up an already reasonably happy couple.I felt Naz was a pathetic excuse of a woman by carrying on the way she was.Glad she is gone.Can’t wait for next episodes

    • Did you not realise that the whole project collapsed owing to contract conflict. The writers/director manufactured a completely retrofitted story line after about Episode 20. Eylul was never in the early crash pictures – didn’t you notice that? Such a shame … and yes – the whole thing went to pieces. Indeed the little guy playing Kaan was great, but then Turkey seems to have endless terrific child actors!

      • Hello Shirley
        My opinion about Intersection was just that “an opinion”. I had never watched any Turkish series before now.
        These characters would do my head in if it was real life, but it’s not it is a series.Whatever contract conflicts or writers manufacturing story line,it didn’t matter to me as I watched and felt the passions,intense .Ali Nejat was played by the right person I felt.I liked the sister,Kaans Lawyer,the maids,Umat,Genco,plus the other guy in the workshop.There was a little humour in certain areas.
        All in all I was really taken with the series. The woman who played Nihan should have been the character for Eylul as she had the right qualities to be Ali Nejats true love.Please understand these are just my thoughts.

  6. I just discovered Ibrahim Celikkol in Black and White Love which is currently airing in our country.Before I love korean drama but because of Ibrahim , my taste and meaning of Handsome Man became different He is the REAL HANDSOME MAN that I see. And his acting is excellent.. just few words but mostly emotion from his eyes.. A-list actor

  7. Well, I just watched Only You or Sadece Sen movie that Ibrahim Celikkol starred in. I must say he redeemed himself in this movie. What a handsome man and good actor. I was afraid that the boxing fight had messed up that beautiful face. What a great love story! Good Job.

  8. Just finished watching Intersection. I enjoyed watching Ibrahim Celikkol as he played the character Ali Nejat. He is a very talented actor. However, I hated the fact that Naz was killed in this drama and Ali went straight to the ex-girlfriend. Your character became the UGLY DOG at that point in the show. Looking forward to watching other projects that Ibrahim does and hopefully he will redeem himself in another show.

  9. I am currently watching Ibrahim in ‘Siyah Beyaz Ask’. His acting in this series is the best I have ever seen by any actor. This story calls for his character to go to the depths of his emotions. How Ibrahim is able to convey the dramatic effects of his feelings by just an expression or look is amazing to watch. I forget I am watching an actor. It is as though I am watching a reality series. He is totally believable in every role I have seen him in. He never disappoints. I cannot get enough and eagerly wait for his next project to be released. I am a huge fan.

  10. I really enjoyed the series Intersection. I was disappointed that Naz died and the main guy character chose the other woman in the end.

    • what a self absorbed and nasty individual Ali Najat proved himself to be – Ibrahim is very talented to be able to portray such an individual – giving an innocent air to this very disturbing character. I was very disappointed when Naz died, I really wanted her to go back to her original husband and leave Ali Najat alone with an ever increasingly heavy conscience. I sincerely hope this character is not based on a real person – one who could so arrogantly use people like he did. He dumped Didem after a fling and expected her to murder her child; his crass and wild behaviour left his sister and brother in law devastated; he chased Naz turning her life upside down, using her to look after the son he so wilfully neglects and then without a trace of conscience decided to dump her on the eve of their wedding for someone who would flatter his ego and give into his selfish dreams. both Ali Najat and Elihu deserve one another, ugly self centred couple, what hope does that poor child have now? I do wish we could see an ending to this series that reflects the comeuppance of Ali Nejat and Elihu and that Enver and Fayza remarry and adopt Kaan.
      Lets hope Ibrahim can redeem himself in whatever project he moves onto – he is a talented actor.

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