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Name: Ibrahim Celikkol
Birthdate: February 14, 1982
Birthplace: Izmit, Turkey
Height: 187 cm
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Talent Agency: On Talent Management
Spouse: Mihre Mutlu (m. 2017–2022)
Children: Ali Celikkol (2019)
Biography: Ibrahim Celikkol is an actor and ex-model. His mother is of Salonica descent and his father is of Arab descent. Ibrahim Celikkol played basketball professionally and took acting lessons. He was a model before starting his acting career. Ibrahim Celikkol made his debut with his role as Ulubatli Hasan in Turkish movie Conquest 1453 (Fetih 1453).

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2012 – 17.Sadri Alisik Awards (17.Sadri Alisik Odulleri) – Promising Actor (Conquest 1453) – Umut Veren Erkek Oyuncu (Fetih 1453)


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  1. Linda Petteruti-Wiggins

    It really made me angry and mad and very disappointed that intersection did not continue. I am from the United States and I really enjoyed it except it left you hanging so frequently that I skipped the app episode almost to the end because I got bored with Ito and the issue with the girl that got pregnant the only thing I really liked was the storyline about, the main characters and the ex-husband. I hope there’s someway you can publish the last episode or how many more you want to publish for the United States viewers we don’t care if a character is gay or not gay or whatever please let us know if it’s coming back or let Netflix know .

  2. Dear Ibo, We love you in all your series. But Alas’ only one film is released. Moreover your series are not dubbed in Hindi or Urdu. It becomes very difficult to watch with subtitles.

    It would be great if you give your telecast rights to some Indian Producers or International Channel partners.
    It would give a great Incite into another Country specially in todays’ war ridden scenario.

  3. Loved him in Intersection, but I didnt like being left hanging in Season 3. I wanted a better ending or more episodes. Love Ibrahim. So hot

  4. I just think he is my favorite actor. I have never seen an actor display emotions the way he does. Especially in Only You. You get so absorbed in his character he is amazing. Then you go to Black and White and there his character is so different with emotions. I think my bucket list would be to meet him some day and just give him a great big hug. When I watch him I’m that 25 year old daydreaming.

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