Mercy (Merhamet) Tv Series

Mercy (Merhamet) Tv Series


Original Title: Merhamet
English Title: Mercy
Also Known As: Milost, Милост, Marhamat (مرحمت), Bad Naseeb (بد نصیب), AlRahma Modabla (الحلقات – الرحمة)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Family
Episodes: 44
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: February 13, 2013 – March 12, 2014
Production Company: Most Production
Director: Cagatay Tosun
Screen Writer:
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Narin (Ozgu Namal) is a successful girl who lives in a poor neighborhood with her family. Her father Recep (Turgut Tuncalp) does not have a regular job and he is addicted to alcohol. For this reason, Narin is beaten by her father all the time. The only thing that Narin wants in this life is to become a successful woman who can stand on her own legs.

Therefore, Narin works so hard and she manages to become the most hardworking and succesful student in her school all the time. However, her father Recep does not want to let her go to school. He wants Narin to start working and bring money to him. Because of this reason, Narin works secretly from her father.

On the other hand, Narin has a little sister Saziye and elder brother. Saziye supports her sister all the time but her brother forces Narin to quit the school. Her mother Hatice also does not want any disputes at home, for this reason, she stands on her husband’s side. In this family, Narin tries to be strong, determined, and even happy.

When Narin passes the National University Exam and goes to Istanbul in order to attend Law School, she leaves everyone behind and turns her back to the past. She never calls her family and even visits them. She tries to forget about her past.

Narin starts to live with a rich girl Deniz (Burcin Terzioglu) who is very lovely and friendly. They become really close, just like sisters. Deniz always helps Narin and never wants to hurt her due to her poverty. Their friendship stands for every hardship.

When Narin becomes a successful lawyer, she continues to see her best friend. However, one day her life turns upside down. Deniz’s little sister Irmak (Yasemin Allen) comes back from Sweden with her fiance Firat (Ibrahim Celikkol). Narin recognizes Firat but prefers not to say that.

Firat and Narin used to be lover when they were in high school. And Firat is Narin’s first love that she has never forgotten. Firat’s appearance brings lots of things from Narin’s past. The story becomes more complicated when Sermet (Mustafa Ustundag) is involved in the tv series.

In mercy (merhamet) tv series story which is based on the work (Kahperengi) of the Turkish author Hande Altayli, you will explore the hardships that a beautiful Narin experiences in her life. You will also see innocent love stories, betrayal, violence against women, ambition and so on.

Mercy (Merhamet) Tv Series Cast

as Narin Yilmaz
as Firat Kazan
as Sermet Karayel
as Deniz Tunali
as Irmak Tunali
Elif Ceren Balikci as child Narin
Ece Naz Mutluer as child Sadiye
Muzaffer Kuytu as child Firat
as Mehmet
Ceyhun Fersoy as Sahin
Turgut Tuncalp as Moskof Recep
Aysegul Cengiz Akman as Kara Hatice
as Sadiye
Kivanc Kasabali as Sinan

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Mercy (Merhamet) Tv Series Trailer (Eng Sub)

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  1. This was one of the worst written series I have ever wasted my time on. Narnin, who I started liking at the beginning of the series turns out to be a selfish, arrogant, and ignorant and hateful person. So many people sacrificed for her education and the series showed no results of their sacrifice. Why was the majority of the series dedicated to her fight for an education so as not to see her put any of it to use. There was not one episode dedicated to her professional or intellectual abilities. In fact, in scenes where intellect and skill were required she would scream and insult people – not at all how a highly intelligent person would react. She was so cruel to her sister who was the true heroine, she truly suffered and was scarified by everyone but she overcame. The only good thing about the ending, Narnin and Deniz dying, is that Sadiye would be free of their the judgement and radicle. All the episodes about the restaurant were meaningless and the babies having to be twins added nothing to the story. It get as 3 out 10 from me. Don’t waste your time. None of the plots or subplots are tied together. It was as if a schizophrenia writer wrote the scrip or a group of writers that never met in the same room or perhaps writers that rose to this level without having to work for it. Don’t waste your time.

  2. very romantic and blessed movie ever.
    love it.
    it so unfair to Denzi, WHY?
    next season pleaseeeeeeeee.

    From: Papua New Guinea (PNG)

  3. I am wondering about the music…it seems that Ibrahim as a theme song that follows him in other dramas…like in Siyah Beyaz Ask, and in Kordugum?
    Are they the same producers who cast him?
    Also, does the actor sign on with the production company ( this one is Kanal D) and then does the actor actually work for the production company, not each individual show, so they have the same theme music in all their productions?
    Anybody know?

  4. Where can i watch the drama mehamet with English subtitles…

  5. where do i find this series with english subtitle. please help

  6. This is a good drama
    we are subtitling it
    in FB

  7. Believe me… I’m from USA and just saw this final episode. I cried out of anger. It’s so unfair for Deniz and narim to die this way. Why? I always thought sermet was gonna die and it was sad enough as it is. Such a masterpiece drama and had such a awful ending. I’m sure all the People from my town are going to be disappointed when they see it on Monday.

    • God. I just saw it today and I cried so much that I end up here looking for consolation and kind of needing therapy… Even though I tell to myself “is only a soap opera”. It was so horrendous and sad for that ending, because I fell in love with the characters, but life itself many times does not have happy endings…

    • How could you watch episode 3 onwards?
      Is it with subtitles

    • How did you watch this in USA? I can’t find it anywhere.

  8. *****spoiler alert*****
    I mean.. i am in shock.. last night in Romania we had the final episode.. are you guys serious ??? I mean.. nothing is missing from there ?? I laughed so much with Deniz and Sermet…i loved the love story of Narin and Firat…and at the end they both died.. or not… i would never thought the end will be like this.. i supose all people that saw it things same as me, in any country of this planet. Shame on you directors and all of you who made fun of us , the watchers and gave us such a stupid final. I am so very disapointed !!!!!!

    • Cruelty is a major part of Turkish tv series.
      Try endless love, then you’d see how crazy a director can be. I did send her a message on her Facebook. It does make me sick to my stomach

  9. Ohan Iulia-Anca Romania

    *****spoiler alert*****
    Dear producer

    I watched this wonderful (double) film, I loved all the actors, how they played, but when I saw the last episode I was crying. I think that the end is awful! Why ? Why?
    I hate when your films (in majority drama)are ended with death and shooting !!!! (Merhamet/Medcezir/Adini Feriha Koydum,etc).
    Why are you always oriented to death ???
    The public from all the countries love the beautiful stories, romantic – Turkish actors and actress are very good and handsome, it is pity for us to watch the most unhappy scenarios.
    I hope you have a response for these aspects.
    Anca Iulia Ohan

  10. how can I watch the episodes


  12. *****spoiler alert*****
    So, i think that they are alive at the end, because they can talk, and because they talked about going on a vacation, so i think that the scene on the beach explains that. Also I think that they are alive because we clearly don’t know what is heaven or how does it look so we can’t say that when they are at the beach they are actually dead. Also if they were dead I think that we would have seen Narin and Deniz parents. So I think that if the production wanted us to think they were dead they were put people that have died in the last scene. With this I explain to you that actually there isn’t an open ending. Everything is clearly explained, i don’t think there will be more seasons because this was the story and there isn’t anything to talk about anymore. This was a beautifull show that I love and I am actually a part of, so I can tell you for sure. THEY ARE ALIVE AND VERY HAPPY, as you can see in the last scene.

    • How could you watch all episodes? Can you help me on that please? I could jut see 2 episodes.

    • That is what happens in most of Turkish series. Do not worry.

    • *Spoilers*

      P.S FOR most turkish shows watch the ending before investing so much time!

      Even though i knew the ending, it was still awful to watch. i watched the series almost twice without watching the ending.(which is how it should be done) Finally saw the end and it was quite unnecessary!!! The creators really hammered in the fact that 2 main characters had to die. I mean i read people saying it was an open ending, umm not really with all the signs pointing to death. The sad music, the black and white color, Nain consoling Deniz “i dont think we are dead” or in the words of Sermet the “soul sisters” are seen having fun on the beach all pointing to the here after! Also if they writers wanted to show them on vacation then why not show that with less ominous music and dialogue! i think the series was great and did not need that ending for shock value!

      I know people love Narin and Firat’s character but i think the second half of the show is taken to another level by Deniz and Sermet. The actors did an amazing job from facial expressions to there body language, everything was a joy to watch. i look forward to watching more there work.

  13. *****spoiler alert*****
    I think it’s an open ending.. it leaves you to choose if they’re dead or not.. they talk about the broken ribs of Narin, if she can breath, and Narin say that they’re alive, that they’re not dead. The only thing that I find disturbing is that they’re too calm. The voices are soft, and the beach, where they are dancing, is like they’re in heaven, but still you can choose I think… I choose to believe that they are alive, but I prefer a real ending without questioning. I’ve google it, if they talk about the sudden death in the show, but couldn’t find anything.. :/

  14. plzzzz,,,, tell me anyone the last bolum of merhamet…. thanks….

  15. Really sad ending.I started crying when Tatiana was killed.Haven’t stopped since that scene.And I’ve watched the show this morning.

  16. DecadentBehaviour

    You can watch all 44 episodes here:

  17. When will the next season come? I am waiting anxiously

  18. Plzzzzz tell me the last episode of mercy or merhamet…….urgent

  19. Love to watch merhamet as the serial is watched in pakistan with name of badnaseeb.

  20. Please give me the link where can i watch this drama. . .

  21. Did Narin and Deniz actually die ? Or it was an open ending ?

  22. Regards from Greece , congratulations to the Turkish production!! I am in the middle of watching this series and I really enjoy every single moment of it! Excellent casting and plot ! Bravo!!!

    • I just finished watching the series and was so sad and mad! You cannot leave it open ended after 44 episodes. I am going to start watching the last episode first so I don’t build myself up for such a let down. Please tell me they are alive. Big fan of Turkish movies, watch in English subtitles.

  23. loved this show, but…the ending was terrible. i wish there would be a new season. i just want to know what happens after…

  24. i love you

  25. so sad at the end, can anyone tell me if the tv show is ended or not?

    • It is ended. The final episode (44th episode) was aired in Turkey on March 12, 2014.

      • it was very beautiful love story from the first till end.actros were excellent.but that good story had a very poor end… because it had some unsolved stories.unexpected ending always are not good stories…i think nothing must remain unsolved… but open ending is reasonable…

    • Fans of Merhamet the series let ask them to bring back the series where it ended it can be continued I felt it was not completed the ending be like a bad dream and continued from there. SHALL we demand to bring back with season 4 I am sure all of us fans will be excited if they bring it back.And not forgetting the same cat which we miss so much..I hope they will cast Oguz Namal and Ibrahim Celikkul in a new movie or seties soon i miss them both so much love their chemistry together..Thank uou guys i am a hopful fan .

  26. it was such a beautifull TV show with an owfull ending! i am not sure if there is another season coming soon or that was the ending for this show? can anyone respond to me please.

  27. this series was amazing the actors the plot everything until the end…
    i was shocked why do that i didnt understand

  28. Are there any websites other than viki to watch season 2 of Merhamet.

  29. When the 2nd season will come ?

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