Lightning Within The House (Eve Dusen Yildirim)

eve düşen yıldırım lightning within the house

Original Title: Eve Dusen Yildirim
English Title: Lightning Within The House
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 22
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: March 9, 2012 – October 15, 2012
Production Company: Medyapim
Director: Mehmet Bahadir Er
Screen Writer: Meryem Gul

Muazzez (Gizem Karaca) is a beautiful and young girl who loses her father and becomes all alone in this world. After her father’s death, she struggles with the difficulties in her life but she never loses her hope. She thinks that she does not have any relative, for this reason, she tries to stand on her own legs. However, she has an uncle whom she has never met. Her uncle has been angry at Muazzez’s father for a very long time that’s why, he has never seen Muazzez. When Muazzez loses her father, her uncle decides to look after her nephew and sends his older son Namik (Murat Han) to find her. Namik explains everything to Muazzez and bring her to Istanbul. Now, Muazzez has a new life in this beautiful city. She starts to live with her uncle, her cousin Sait (Mehmetcan Mincinozlu), Namik and his wife Sayeste (Seda Akman).

Muazzez arrival to the house changes everything immediately. Both Namik and Sait develop a crush on her. Although Namik is married with Sayeste and even though he is older than Muazzez, he cannot stand for her beauty. On the other hand, Sait is a young and handsome boy who goes to university. He is a womanizer but he also cannot stand for Muazzez’s beauty. At the beginning, Muazzez shows no interest in neither Sait nor Namik. She calls Namik as an older brother. However, as time passes, she also starts to develop a crush on Sait.

In this story, which is based on the work of the foremost Turkish author Nahit Sirri Orik, you will watch family relations. Will Muazzez find happiness after her father’s death? Will Namik and Sait become enemy because of Muazzez? Which brother will be Muazzez’s lover?

Lightning Within The House Tv Series Photos

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Gizem Karaca as Muazzez
Murat Han as Namik
Mehmetcan Mincinozlu as Sait
Seda Akman as Sayeste
Acelya Topaloglu as Sevda

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  1. Very nice drama but last episode is very complicated!!
    And can’t understand what happen to muazzae the pretty girl……does she become postitute???

  2. where can i find the episodes?

  3. The writer tries to compare between the love of a teenager and the love of an adult,lover(teenager) leads his love to death and a lover(adult) save his love from death !

  4. *****spoiler alert*****
    I have never seen a drama that has ever ended on a sad
    note. I feel really sorry for Muazzez. It is not her fault for having beauty that attracted her to everyone. Namik should have known better, he tricked her into loving him. He is older than her and he knew his brother loved her. I also feel sorry for Namik (for falling in love with the same girl as his small brother) and Sait and Seyeste. I even felt sorry for Pinar for loving Sait but he loving Muazzez. All in all it was all sad.

  5. i m pakistani and this drama is very best

  6. where can I watch this drama online but with english subtitle ?

  7. Muazzez , damn she’s beautiful ! But dumb , daft and stupid bitch ! Seriously this thing is just a waste of time , i loved the series at first but the last episode was just disgusting , like bleeding hell how could you make out with this namik !! He’s old, married and still the brother of sait ! You can’t just move on this easily ! I hate her character , i hate everything about this series actually ! The only thing i liked about the last episode was pinar ! She’s insane and mean but i liked the fact that she shotted halil , i dunno what to say it’s just unfair , sait doesn’t deserve all of this , yes he killed namik but if i were him i would kill him as well , but in a much more painful way , muazzez , i hoped to see her turning into an official prostitute actually , getting raped or just getting her memory back then attempting suicide , a series one not with stupid pills ! Bloody marry , losing your memory is one thing and losing your manners is another , o by the way is this 22 episode is from the second season or what ?! Cause i can’t find the second season ???

  8. where can I watch this on youtube is not complete and I started till episode 2 please help

    • Kumail Eve Dusen Yildirim lover

      You can watch this drama on dailymotion by searching Fareb Episode…All episodes are uploaded

  9. i luv this drama!!!!!!

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