Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters (Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari)

Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters Tv Series (Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari)

Original Title: Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari
English Title: Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 13+
Broadcast Network: Star TV
Broadcast Period: March 25, 2011–
Production Company: Avsar Film
Director: Murat Saracoglu
Screen Writer: Sirma Yanik

Fazilet Hanim (Nazan Kesal) has been dreaming to become rich throughout her life but never becomes successful and lives in a poor neighborhood. After her husband’s death, she becomes the head of the family and lives together with her two daughters, Hazan (Deniz Baysal) and Ece (Afra Saracoglu). Fazilet Hanim has raised her daughters with difficulty but never gives up her passion about a better life. She starts to use her younger daughter Ece and wants to make her an actresses or photomodel. In pursuit of this goal, she even does not care about her daughter’s education and takes her from one audition to another.

Hazan, on the other hand, does not approve her mother’s attitude and hides her beauty. She wears masculine clothes and works at the gym as a trainer. She blames her mother for the death of her father and never gets along with her mother since then. Hazan thinks that her mother Fazilet does not love her due to the fact that her mother had to say goodbye to her dreams after giving birth. For this reason, Hazan becomes stubborn, aggressive and firm towards her. She becomes the biggest obstable in front of Fazilet’s dreams and attacks her mother for using her little sister.

The life of Fazilet Hanim and her daughters changes drastically when they come across the wealthy and prestigious family of Egemen.

Hazim Egemen (Mahir Gunsirak) and Sevinc Egemen have a wealthy life and live happily in a big mansion along Bosporus. They have three sons and one daughter: Gokhan, Yagiz, Sinan, and Selin. Gokhan (Tolga Gulec) is the eldest son in the family who is married to Yasemin (Hazal Turesan). Yagiz (Caglar Ertugrul) is the most favorite son because he is very successful, understanding, trustworthy and mature. He works at the family business as a second man after his father. Sinan (Alp Navruz) is the youngest son in the family, he is womanizer and carefree. Even though he is engaged, he still continues to see other women.

One day, Sinan’s affair has been disclosed on newspapers but he does not show any regret. Upon this, his brother Yagiz gives him a duty: Sinan will manage the Cosmetics Campaign of the family business and will choose the most beautiful face for their products. For this campaign, Sinan organizes an audition and tries to do his best in order not to disappoint his brother and his father.

Out of pure coincidence, the life of Egemen family and the life of Fazilet Hanim and her daughters intersect. Ece passes the first audition of this Cosmetics Campaign and becomes one of the finalists. However, she misses the opportunity to enter the second round when she could not reach the audition on time. Fazilet Hanim steps in and forces Sinan to give a second chance for her daughter. Being annoyed by this attitude, Sinan eventually calls Ece to the hotel at 10 pm for photo shooting.

Things get complicated when Ece’s boyfriend does not let her go to the hotel at 10 pm for photo shooting. Ece is torn between her boyfriend and her mother: she will either listen to her boyfriend by not going to the audition or she will please her mother by going to the auditon. In order to save her sister from this situation, Hazan decides to go to the photo shooting instead of her sister. She gets dressed and wears a makeup for the first time and goes to the hotel. However, her life turns upside down when she realizes that this is an ugly scheme rather than a photo shooting.

In Mrs. Fazilet and her daughters tv series story, you will explore the story of a middle-aged woman Fazilet and her daughters? Will Fazilet eventually fulfill her dreams about becoming rich? Will Hazan disclose her platonic love towards Sinan? Will Sinan eventually find a true love? Will Hazan choose the womanizer Sinan or the mature Yagiz? Will Ece continue to be with her boyfriend Yasin or leave everything behind in order to become rich? How will the life of Egemen family change after the arrival of Fazilet and her daughters? Will Fazilet disclose the fact about her past and start to live happily with Hazan?

Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters Cast
Nazan Kesal as Fazilet
Deniz Baysal as Hazan
Afra Saracoglu as Ece
Mahir Gunsirak as Hazim Egemen
Gulsen Tuncer as Guzide Egemen
Caglar Ertugrul as Yagiz Egemen
Alp Navruz as Sinan Egemen
Tolga Gulec as Gokhan Egemen
Idris Nebi Taskan as Yasin
Hazal Turesan as Yasemin

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  1. Where can I watch this series with English subtitles..

  2. I cannot find with English subtitles and even on YouTube all series don’t have English subtitles.
    If you can add that
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  3. I can not find ep 50 in eng sub. Plz anyone can help

  4. Every episode is on YouTube with english subtitles.

  5. It stops at 43 episode and more story is not finished crazy

  6. How many episodes there is its stop at 43 there’s no more story not finished crazy

  7. You can watch WLEXT:NET with eng sub

  8. Hi guys, seriyi cok beyeniyorum. Ama size bi tavsiyye yapim hic bi hamile kadin (Ege) hele zippp diye oturamaz hele 4 aydan fazlaysa.

  9. Hi I have this series with English subtitles
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