Rebellious (Asi) Tv Series


Original Title: Asi
English Title: Rebellious
Also Known As: Rebel (English), Asi. Impotriva Destinului (Romania), Gordata Asi (Bulgaria), Assi (Arabic), 3asi (Arabic), Perla Orientu, Pride and Love, Vaccine, Caasi
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 71
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: October 26, 2007 – June 19, 2009
Production Company: Sis Yapim
Director: Cevdet Mercan
Screen Writer: , , , ,


After years of absence, Demir (Murat Yildirim) heads back to his hometown Antakya, as a businessman. In Antakya, he remembers the death of his mother who drowned herself in the river after losing her job. Demir holds Kozcuoglu family responsible for the suicide of his mother. Kozcuoglu family owns a prominent farm in Antakya for three generations. The owner Ihsan Kozcuoglu (Cetin Tekindor) and his daughter Asi (Tuba Buyukustun) do their best to keep their farm alive. When Demir encounters Asi, he is immediately drowned to her without knowing that she comes from Kozcuoglu family. He decides to move his business to Antakya and then the story begins.

In this story, you will explore an impossible love of two proud persons and the bourgeoisie that changes hands. Will the secret buried in these lands make the strong feelings of Asi and Demir impossible? Will Asi and Demir manage to restrain their love? Will the past be forgotten?

Asi Tv Series Detailed Summary

Asi (Tuba Buyukustun) is a young and beautiful girl who lives in a big farm in Antakya together with her family. Even though her full name is Asiye, everybody calls her Asi meaning “rebellious”. This is because; she is so stubborn, determined, and prideful unlike the girls on her age.

Asi is a veterinary and works at the farm together with her father Ihsan Kozcuoglu (Cetin Tekindor). She and her father try to overcome the financial burden and for this reason, put extra effort to get productive harvest. Asi is totally different from her three sisters. While her sisters spend most of their time at home, Asi works closely with farm personnel and does different works such as fertilizing the agricultural products, buying animal feed or assisting cow birth.

Demir (Murat Yildirim), on the other hand, is a successful businessman who lives in Istanbul. He heads back to his hometown Antakya with his close friend Kerim (Cemal Hunal) after 20 years. In Antakya, Demir starts to remember his childhood memories one by one. He remembers the death of his mother who drowned herself in the river after losing her job.

As a successful businessman, Demir wants to make an investment in Antakya. Together with his friend, he searches lands and farms for sale. In the meantime, he finds out that the Kozcuoglu family allegedly drove his mother to commit suicide. Kozcuoglu family owns a prominent farm in Antakya for three generations. The owner Ihsan Kozcuoglu and his daughter Asi do their best to keep their farm alive.

Out of pure coincidence, Demir and Asi meet and they are immediately attracted from each other. Demir saves Asi’s life while she is about to drown at the river. He thinks that Asi is one of the workers at the farm. However, soon after he realizes that Asi is the daughter of his enemy, the Kozcuoglu family who is responsible for the death of his mother.

Demir decides to move his business to Antakya and wants to take his revenge from Kozcuoglu family. He buys the farm next to Kozcuoglu farm and starts to execute his plan. Demir’s aunt Suheyla (Tulay Gunal) and his sister Melek move into Antakya too. The story becomes more complicated when Asi starts to work at Demir’s farm in order to repay her father’s debt and Asi’s sister Defne (Selma Ergec) starts to have romantic relationship with Kerim.

As story develops, Demir falls in love with Asi even though she is the daughter of his enemy. He tries to keep away from her but he finds it so difficult to resist his strong feelings.

In Asi tv series story, you will watch an impossible love of two proud persons. Will Demir take his revenge from Kozcuoglu family or decide to forget about his past? Will Demir continue to love Asi even though she is the daughter of his enemy? Will Asi and Demir manage to restrain their strong feelings?

Asi Tv Series Cast

as Demir Dogan
as Asi (Asiye Kozcuoglu)
as Defne Kozcuoglu
as Ihsan Kozcuoglu
Nur Surer as Neriman Kozcuoglu
Tulay Gunal as Suheyla
as Kerim Akbar
as Ali Uygur
Tulay Bursa as Fatma
Aslihan Guner as Gonca Kozcuoglu
as Ziya
Necmettin Cobanoglu as Okkes
as Aslan Kozcuoglu
Ibrahim Bozguney as Arif
Tuncel Kurtiz as Cemal Aga
Elif Sonmez as Melek Dogan
Dilara Deviren as Ceylan Kozcuoglu
Kenan Bal as Namik
Ayca Zeynep Aydin as Leyla Akbar
Sahnaz Cakiralp as Sarmasik
Setenay Yener as Sevinc
Emrah Elciboga as Zafer
Menderes Samancilar as Haydar Dogan
Cagla Cakar as Asya
Elif Sude Dorukoglu as Elif
Eli Mango as Madam
Ezgi Celik as Inci
Remzi Celik as Mahmut
Elvin Aydogdu as Cevriye
Elif Sumbul Sert as Emine Dogan
Salahsun Hekimoglu as Reha
Murat Camur as Kaan
Birce Akalay as Zeynep

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    • i also searching but only get complete series with espanol subtitle
      please let me know if you find complete series with english subtitle

      • You can watch full episodes on kanald .com (they also have an app) it has been broadcasted on kanal D in 2008 for the first time and I think that’s why they are holding the license and are the only one with full episodes. Even though the site had subtitles options in different languages it did not work for me..

  • Hello, does anyone know where I can stream Rebellious (ASI) in the US with Subtititles? YouTube does not have all the episodes.

  • Hi. I started watching Así on YouTube but to my dismay I cannot find all the chapters. Where can I buy the series?

  • The quimistry between the protagonists is just wow, they transport you to another world, I've never seen something like that on TV. All the actors were great performing, the story is very strong and full of great, true and beautiful messages. It makes you cry and lough so easally. The humanitarian and family side is very present. I liked all of it.

  • Best series ever!
    I just saw it and I realized that this movie takes you out of your world as it should be.
    We have enough violence,crime,drugs,sex and sci fi( I know it sells).
    We,the public need to relax after working hard and dealing with all kind of problems...and most movies just transmit a lot of negativity unhealty for our soul...not Asi!
    From the concept to the story line,to the music, to the humor and the wonderfull actors which are so close to the human heart, I just realized that
    my emotions are not burried ,they are there and the messages of this movie can make wonders.
    God bless you Gul Dirican,the whole crew...for creating a small paradise where I can retreat and run from this web of dark and fearfull ideas that became reality of the 21st century.
    I know is so many years after...but I am still waiting for the continuation of this tv series...where exactly the same great actors deal with life and most of all with children and how they hand over the teachings of life.I was hoping to see little Asyia ,many years after and all other kids from all couples...including a vindicated Ali with his family....I'm dreaming....
    God belss you all for your wonderfull work!
    Please note,we would be gratefull if these movies would have subtitles....everybody would buy here in USA.

    • please let me know where I can watch all the episodes with English subtitles. I have tried youtube, but could not find all the episodes.