Love and Punishment (Ask ve Ceza)

Love and Punishment (Ask ve Ceza) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Ask ve Ceza
English Title: Love and Punishment
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 62
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: January 5, 2010 – June 27, 2011
Production Company: TMC Film
Director: Kudret Sabanci
Screen Writer: Yildiz Tunc, Murat Lutfu, Mehmet Bilal, Ethem Yekta

Yasemin (Nurgul Yesilcay) is a 25-year old girl who works in an advertisement company. She plans to get married Mehmet (Caner Kurtaran) but one week before their wedding, she finds out that her fiancé is cheating on her with her best friend. After this betrayal, she loses her belief in love, marriage and innocence and immediately goes to Bodrum (a touristic place in western Turkey) where her mother lives.

In Bodrum, Yasemin goes to the night pub and out of pure coincidence she comes across Savas (Murat Yildirim) who turns her life upside down. They spend one night together but in the morning, Yasemin disappears without leaving any track but just a necklace. This one night stand which is the beginning of the hope for a greater love changes both the life of Yasemin and Savas.

In love and punishment (ask ve ceza) tv series story, you will explore a love story which is surrounded with secrets. Will Savas manage to find Yasemin and express his feelings? Will the difference between East and West affect their relationship? Will all the secrets be revealed?

Murat Yildirim as Savas Baldar
Nurgul Yesilcay as Yasemin Ustun
Tomris Incer as Sahnur Baldar
Feride Cetin as Cicek
Caner Kurtaran as Mehmet
Sinan Tuzcu
Kerem Atabeyoglu as Pala
Gokce Yanardag as Nazan Baldar Noyan
Halil Kumova as Ahmet Moran
Cenk Ertan as Bora Noya
Sennur Kaya as Leyla Ustun
Nazan Kesal as Sevgi

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  1. I am watching season 2 on YouTube. The Spanish version has subtitles, that can be auto translated to English. Sometimes the translations are absurd, but between my 6 years of Spanish, and the bad subtitles, it works.

    • Hi Kristen……. Thankyou for your information. I love to watch this series but there is no english substitle available of season 2. I’d watched season 2 in you tube but in Turkish language and I do not understand Turkish. I will try watch season 2 in Spanish version, hope auto translated can work well

      • It helps if you know some Spanish. The translations are literal, and sometimes really bad, but I was able to understand what was going on.

  2. Hello where can I watch KACAK with English subtitles ???

  3. I have watched series 1 seven times on Netflix – where is series 2 and 3? Love and punishment with English subtitles is fantastic!!!!

  4. Well I am hooked on these series from Turkey, but rather frustrating having to wait for the 2nd Series of Love and Punishment. I live in Australia, have also watched Karadayi. My questions when can we expect the new series on Netfix please? Great actors from Tukey, keep up the great shows. Thank you.

  5. I have a PhD in theatre, done everything from building sets, running lights, to see my own plays produced, which has been an enrichment for every film or TV series I’ve watched. I mention this because of the visual feast L&P is, the costumes, the views of homes and countryside, add to that great acting and faultless dialogue, impeccable direction and you have given viewers many hours of worthwhile entertainment. Thank you.

    • Would you by any chance know what cello piece is played as a is again at 17 minutes in on episode 25…it is frequent…I played a bit on the piano to a musical friend over the phone and she recognized it as well…She wondered if it was a Mancini piece…I searched on you tube but it isn’t included in the Kiraç (composer) clip of music for this series. Thanks in advance, if it comes to mind.

  6. I am still waiting for Netflix to present the 2nd season with English subtitles. Thanks to YouTube I’ve watched it many times in Turkish without knowing the language. However, I lived in Southern Spain (Sevilla) many years; consequently some details of Love & Punishment were particularly delicious; the silver engagement ring on the right hand that becomes gold on the left hand at the wedding, just like they do in Sevilla. Being able to speak Spanish helped understand scenes in Turkish because of the words that are the same or similar in the 2 languages. The street living…sidewalk cafes…the Mediterranean folks are so good at brought back fond memories of a more relaxed life style that I miss. Thank you for responding to my comments. I wish there were some way I could help with the language. I’d do it for free. ! item: L&P has brought my sister and I close and we’ve had hours of laughter & dialogue discussing it.

  7. Yes, these Turkish dramas are like reading a book. I’m an avid reader and have been away from home for 4 months, these Turkish dramas have been my saving grace. Someone (Netflix) needs to pick up the second season of Love and Punishment with English subtitles. I’ve tried in turkish, but know I’m losing part of the plot. Please give us the 2nd season as soon as possible.

  8. Another comment! Watching these movies is like reading a book with pictures!! Love them!

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