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Love and Punishment (Ask ve Ceza)

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Love and Punishment (Ask ve Ceza) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Ask ve Ceza
English Title: Love and Punishment
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 62
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: January 5, 2010 – June 27, 2011
Production Company: TMC Film
Director: Kudret Sabanci
Screen Writer: Yildiz Tunc, Murat Lutfu, Mehmet Bilal, Ethem Yekta

Yasemin (Nurgul Yesilcay) is a 25-year old girl who works in an advertisement company. She plans to get married Mehmet (Caner Kurtaran) but one week before their wedding, she finds out that her fiancé is cheating on her with her best friend. After this betrayal, she loses her belief in love, marriage and innocence and immediately goes to Bodrum (a touristic place in western Turkey) where her mother lives.

In Bodrum, Yasemin goes to the night pub and out of pure coincidence she comes across Savas (Murat Yildirim) who turns her life upside down. They spend one night together but in the morning, Yasemin disappears without leaving any track but just a necklace. This one night stand which is the beginning of the hope for a greater love changes both the life of Yasemin and Savas.

In love and punishment (ask ve ceza) tv series story, you will explore a love story which is surrounded with secrets. Will Savas manage to find Yasemin and express his feelings? Will the difference between East and West affect their relationship? Will all the secrets be revealed?

Murat Yildirim as Savas Baldar
Nurgul Yesilcay as Yasemin Ustun
Tomris Incer as Sahnur Baldar
Feride Cetin as Cicek
Caner Kurtaran as Mehmet
Sinan Tuzcu
Kerem Atabeyoglu as Pala
Gokce Yanardag as Nazan Baldar Noyan
Halil Kumova as Ahmet Moran
Cenk Ertan as Bora Noya
Sennur Kaya as Leyla Ustun
Nazan Kesal as Sevgi

External Links
Official Site: http://www.tmc.com.tr/diziler.php?diziadi=A%C5%9Fk%20ve%20Ceza
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1580811/
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aşk_ve_Ceza

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  1. I do not like “Soaps” to be clear. I have enjoyed Love and Punishment enormously. I’m 83, US born and raised and unfortunately I have lived long enough to see one ignorant stupid idiot–there have been others, GW Bush, for example–if not ruin the country, certainly doing his best to accomplish that cowardly if not the fatal act.
    This Turkish series has been a god-send in this time of Washington inhumanity. Thanks, and hats off to Turkish film makers all of them. I have even watched season 2 in Turkish (4 times). Well worth the effort in spite of not understanding every word. Looking forward to Netflix getting 2nd season with subtitles.

  2. please I would like to know how to see thr second season of love and punishment ,Please help me and let me know.Thanks

  3. I am blown away by Love and Punishment. I’ve obsesses over it and have now watched a multitude of time. But I need to see Season 2; I must find out if Savas and Yasimin’s love is so wholesome and true. Lordy, I think I live in my head.

  4. Cicek is my favorite. Sadly she has been so hurt by tradition’s mandate. Hope there’s happiness at the end for her. This is my second time watching Turkish love stories. In both wives are reduced to almost nothing while the mistress are elevated in status.

  5. I live in NZ and somehow I came across on the internet Turkish movies and series so I started to watch Ask be Ceza with the English subtitles and what an awesome one I was hooked and watched even with no subtitles. I would love to watch the whole series with English subtitles.

    I love the 2 main actors Yasemin and Savas their love for each other is what makes this whole love story beautiful and overwhelming. Savas is the man and Yasemin is so lucky to have him and vice versa.

    I watched many series after that but by far Ask ve Ceza is the best one ever. Please continue this
    love story as I would love to watch some more.

    My first trip to Europe Turkey will be included and hopefully I get to see the actors haha!

  6. I absolutely loved this series, got so hooked that I watched season two on Youtube WITHOUT SUBTITLES. I would love to watch it again with English subtitles not sure when Netflix will be bringing it out.

    I absolutely love the main actors Yasemin and Savas, would love to see this LOVE STORY continue. I live in Australia and have visited Turkey, would love to run into the actors, very good would recommend it any time.

    • I agree with you this series is so amazing and loved it so much even though there were no English subtitles I watched it as if I understood what they were saying. I would watch it again with the English subtitles.

      I love the main actors too Yasemin and Savas and their love for each other is so overwhelming. I live in NZ and I told myself that my first trip to Europe will include Turkey. I watched so many turkish series and movies and by far this is the best ever and I would like to watch the whole series with English subtitles.

  7. I love this show and would adore English subtitles to all the episodes and it would be great to have a proper ending to the show for instance Yasmine could grow into a great leader of the clan with Savas and someone for Nazam and Pellin. Just thoughts of where the show could go….

  8. I really love watching this TV series and so in love with Sava’s and Yasemin please where to watch season 2!!!

  9. Seriously need English subtitles..have learned a few Turkish works from watching series that have been translated but it’s unfair to tease us with incomplete translations of Turkish drama series…Turkey has very good actors!

  10. Want to see more of Love and Punishment and a few other Turkish series

  11. I love this soap opera too. They show it on viva channel in Israel where I live and one day accidentally turned it on. I think yasmin and Savas are fantastic actors as well as the matriarch. It really is an excellent show and I am so impressed with all the beatuiful views of ocean and scenery of Istanbul. Worth watching!

  12. I love this soap opera too. They show it on viva channel in Israel where I live and one day accidentally turned it on. I think yasmin and Savas are fantastic actors as well as the matriarch. It really is an excellent show and I am so impressed with all the beatuiful views of ocean and scenery of Istanbul. Worth watching!

  13. Kathleen Rousseau

    I too! Am hooked especially Ask Ve Ceza. Unfortunately here in Canada I cannot get Utube/Bollum. So I guess will have to wait til they translate the remaining series.Too Bad. Kathleen

  14. I watched the rest of Ask Ve Ceza (Love and Punishment) on youtube/Bölüm. It is in turkish but I was familiar enough with the characters to generally follow what was going on. Toward the end, there was much missed in conversation exchanges and storyline of why something was happening, but I was still able to keep up. I am buying a turkish language learning CD so I am not dependent on an english translation!

  15. Loved Ask Ve Ceza! Sadly, only the first 43 episodes are translated in to english. Note: those are Netflix episode numbers which differ from Turkish episode numbers which are aired for 1.5 hours. Not translating the entire series is a terrible situation for your viewers! Ugh!
    Anyway, I finished watching the remaining episodes in turkish on youtube/Bölüm. I was familiar enough with the characters to have an idea of what was going on but still, I missed understanding the detailed conversations and storyline. Please, please translate this entire series into english. If there was a Ask Ve Ceza/english DVD for sale, I would buy it immediately and share with friends.

    This is my fourth turkish drama and I am hooked. If I were having a baby boy, his name would be Savas.

  16. I just finished 43 episodes of Love and Punishment. Someone pls tell me there is more coming and when. Just love Savas and need to know if he marries Yasemine. Last episode I saw was when he found out Omer is his son. Just love this story.

  17. When will anyone finish translating this great show??? ? Netflix has season 1 but I can not find anything for season 2 translated in to English… Please, please, please!!!! Someone I am dying to know what happens with Yasemin and Savaş???

  18. Love and punishment is epic. Am from Somalia and I’m a big fun of Turkish drama. I watch them in Somali but it would be great if they hard English subtitles. I searched and i couldn’t find one. Someone help. ….

  19. Hello,
    To understand why I decided to write you it is necessary to tell you how I start to watch this show.I am a person from Romania, I have 35 years old with 2 littles children, proffesional i’am engineer and I work in a Research Institute. I do not like all these soap operas,I have no time and it seem to me a waste of time. Excepting a holiday in Kusadasi, and of course our, history with Turkey; across your country I know nothing.
    It is important to say that, in my life I watched one soap only, in 1990, after the Revolution when everyone watching TV as gold.
    To return, this year, everyone at the office follows an Turkish historical serial and occasionally in a small coffee breack , it is set up what was lost, what will be ……
    ASK VE CEZA aired in our country somewhere at 15.00 a clock (difficult to watch- everyone works) and replay showing at 5:00 a clock in the morning.
    Two of my colleagues was talking about this serial, of course, because sometimes, they were unable to wake up at 5.00 in the morning. I was surprised and I thought there is impossible to have a reason to make you get up so early, especially for a soap opera. I laughed and I told them that, but these recommended me to watch an episode.
    So, this summer, I do not know how I stumbled on the internet, over the show. I watched the first episode, and in the next 3 days, I desperately looking for all the episodes. After I’ve watched alerto all the episodes, to see what it happening, I watched again,… this time slowly, for not miss anything. It’s the best movie I’ve ever seen, a single movie I saw in replay and it’s called ” The Gladiator”. Congratulations to you all: first the producer, screenwriter and especially the director(Kudret Sabaunci). This is a movie that includes everything that can have a film, exposing the real terms love, the team is super well made (honestly if the main characters do not match,it’s not worth watching more than 15 minutes of any film), the film is not ” Hair pulled “(with hundreds of episodes), very important: shows images and customs from Turkey. This soap opera was unique: the subject, locations, traditions, clothing, team, music. Has approached points quite sensitives for the public: adolescent problems, drugs and of cultural differences.
    I have to declare that i’m conquered by the show.
    Therefore I had to write to congratulate you;… now I listen Kirac, Aliye Mutlu, Yonca Lodi (non-existent for us before). I listened in the movie and I youtube them… and I found that they are really good. Most likely, we will spend our 2014 holiday,at Bordum, but I want to see the Instanbul too ; …and I will visit him, but when the children will grows a bit.
    I would like to congratulate all the actors, and especially the Sahnur actress(Tomris Incer) and the actor of Ahmed Moran (Halil Ibrahim Aras) – very good. If the main actors I love them, for sure I will watch next movies signed by the director Kudret Sabaunci.
    I thank you.

    • Hi.I am a fan of Murat Yildirim who played Savas in Ask ve Jeza and I was looking for it with English subtitles so I came up with your comment here.I’m from U.K. Just wanted to tell you if you loved this series so much, watch first Suskunlar” and the” Asi ” both are the best from Murat Yildirim.You will be hooked and you will never ever forget them.:)

  20. Where can i buy this series on DVD?
    please respond

  21. amazing serial i thank u my love for telling me about this serial i love u

  22. i love u savas
    u are very very gentelman
    maryam from iran

  23. this is the best series i have ever seen, i’m so excited!

  24. strong story,fantastic acting on Murat’s part not so much on the female part. they do not make a good match,she looks much older that what her role is supposed to be.nevetheless Murat was worth watching.

  25. please someone answer me !

  26. where can i watch the episodes to this series ?
    Anyone there can answer my question ?
    Hope so

  27. i’m willing to know what happens at the end of Love and punishment…Please tell me.tnx alot.

  28. It’s the best drama i’ve ever seen . i dont like drama BUT this one ! nothing could keep me away from whaching it .

    All cast thank you so much for making us amusing moments .

  29. Thank you for showing a very beautiful love

  30. wt will happen at the end of the series??plzzz some one tell me!

  31. Murat & Nurgol thank you so much for your good acting .
    Thanks alot because you made speciall moments for us .

  32. I really love watching this series and all the movies acting beautiful actress

  33. Where can I watch Ask ve Ceza series, with english subtitle??? Please please don’t say youtube, because I already checked. Thanks

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  35. I love that serie and its driving me crazy I can’t miss it one day I love the whole cast specially murat I don’t miss any series for him. Plz come Egypt and visit we love Turkish series so much.

  36. Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

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