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Birce Akalay - Actress


Name: Birce Akalay
Birthdate: June 19, 1984
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 178 cm
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Pera Fine Arts High School; Istanbul University Theatre Critics and Dramaturgy (drop-out); Halic University Conservatory – Theatre (Halic Universitesi Konservatuvar Tiyatro Bolumu)
Talent Agency: Id Iletisim
Spouse: Sarp Levendoglu (m. 2014-2017), Murat Unalmis (m. 2011–2012)
Biography: Birce Akalay was born in 19 June 1984 in Istanbul. She studied theatre at Pera Fine Arts High School and graduated in 2003. After then, she studied theatre critics and dramaturgy at Istanbul University but she decided not to finish her studied. Instead, she graduated from Halic University Conservatory. Birce Akalay became the third ranking at 2004 Miss Turkey and represented the country at Miss Europe Contest. During 2004 and 2007, Birce Akalay worked as sport presenter at Star Tv and TV8. She also presented sport programs like Champions League (Sampiyonlar Ligi) and 8th Stage (8. Etap). Birce Akalay started her acting career with her role in Destiny (Kader).

Birce Akalay Tv Series / Movies

2007 – (as Zeynep)
2007 – Destiny (Kader) (as Lamia)
2007 – Fort he Sake of You (Senin Ugruna) (as Ozlem)
2007 – Last Lesson: Love and University (Son Ders: Ask ve Universite) (as Sevim) (Movie)
2009 – Rebellion to Eveything (Alayina Isyan) (as Sevtap)
2009 – Winter Fairytale (Kis Masali) (as Zisan)
2009 – The Breath (Nefes: Vatan Sagolsun) (as Zeynep) (Movie)
2009 – I Love You (Sizi Seviyorum) (as Eda) (Movie)
2010 – 2012 – (as Havva)
2013 – Don’t Last Like That (Boyle Bitmesin) (as Aylin)
2013 – I Loved Him So Much (Ben Onu Cok Sevdim) (as Ayhan Aydan)
2014 – 2015 Little Lord (Kucuk Aga) (as Sinem)
2015 – 2016 (as Esra)
2016 – Deliormanli (as Hulya Yigit) (Movie)
2016 – 2017 (as Hayat Teacher)
2017 – Sana Kalbimi Verdim
2017 – 2018 (as Asli Cinar)
2018 – Aglama Anne (as Alev)
2020 – (as Ilay)


2017 – Unimpeded Life Foundation 8. Best of the Year Awards (Engelsiz Yasam Vakfi 8.Yilin En Iyileri Odulleri) – Best Women Theatre Player (Hurmuz with 7 Husbands) – En Iyi Kadin Tiyatro Oyuncusu (Yedi Kocali Hurmuz)
2018 – 9. KTU Media Awards (9. KTU Medya Odulleri) – Best Actress (Black Money Love) – En Iyi Kadin Oyuncu (Siyah Beyaz Ask)
2018 – Istanbul Universitesi 1453 Odulleri – Yilin En Iyi kadin Oyuncusu (Siyah Beyaz Ask)
2019 – Okan University Best of the Year Awards (Okan Universitesi Yilin En’leri Odulleri) – Best Actress (Foster Mother) – En Iyi Kadin Dizi Oyuncusu (Aglama Anne)
2019 – 2. Best Of Rumelia Awards (2.Best Of Rumeli Odulleri) – Best Actress (En Iyi Kadin Oyuncu)



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  1. i loved the deep love of YUisuf and Havva. but justice was not served. yusuf and havva should have lived to see their baby and hamiyet and bade should have been punished.

  2. I still want her to be with Yusuf from love is in the air. so deep love and so much suffering. there was no justice in that series as hamiyet and bade should have been punished

  3. The ending with Havva and that scoundrel Yusuf dying was so sad..

    • You just gave away the ending!
      These Turkish series end up being the big tease when the resolution to the plot is not available.

  4. Please put more seasons of Love is in the air on Netflix !!

  5. Love the movie Love is in the air. Great actors and actresses. I love watching Turkish movies, so interesting. Thank you, Birce Akalay! Great performance!

  6. Birce and murat. . Please make another movie together. Yer gok ask is the best movie i have ever seen. Love you both.

  7. your are the best birce

  8. Seni çok ağlıyor Shamim serisi kabul edilebilir var seni sevdiğimi söyleyeceğim(;D

  9. Hi Birçe Akalay My name is Sidiqa i am from afghanistan in Uzbekistan bice verry beauty full are murat unalmish my love birce akalay.
    ben seni chok seviyorum. 🙂


  11. I LOVE YOU ………

  12. Hi :You are very nice I lkie ypu you are very cutie :all the best Nesar ahmad Afghanistan

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  14. Hi price i really like your act in the …Drama

  15. I love u birce i have so many things to tell u but i cant say it in words please replay me
    thanks love u

  16. I think after seeing many sad episodes at least we need to have happy endings. We have seen enough sad endings and will make all of us sad if this has sad endings. Please do something to have happy ending for our memories.

  17. Salam,HI Brice i really like ur acting im from afghanistan

  18. I love you so much and you fantastic so I wish you long life

  19. I love you very much.I wish one day i can talk to you,or even see you , i wish….

  20. birce akalay is a beautiful girl in the world

  21. I love you birce
    please call me

  22. birce عزیزم خیلی دوست دارم بیام جای تو اگه کاری بتونی انجام بدی که یک آدم خوب مثل murat یا چنار همینجور خوب وعاشق برای خواهرت جور کنی ازدواج کنم بیام انجا بهلوی تو دارم زبان ترکی هم یاد میگیرم حتی به ایمیلم جواب بده که چه کار کنم شماه من به من خبر بده عاشقتم خواهر خوشگله چشم عسلی خودم برم خیلیییییییییییییی دوست دارمممممممممممم عشقمممممممممم

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    I am the girl of 10 years old ,i love you ,i wish you the best ,i would like to ask you to surprise me by response me through this mail

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  25. hey BIRCE, i’m from iran and i’m 16,,,, i’m one of ur biggest fan ever!!!!!!! iloveeeeee u soooooooo much!!!! i always watch ur drama, ur very talented and beautiful,,,,i wish i could see u one day and take an autograph from uuuuu!!! tnx for ur hard work in dramas and everything else!!!i wish ya good luck!!!

  26. عشقم راستي فقط بدون جونم را برات ميدهم ازجونم بيشتر دوست دارم دوست دارم اونجا كنار تو باشم اونجا ازدواج كنم به خدا ميسبرمت عشق خواهر خودم عاشقتمممممممممممممممممممممممممم خواهر چشم عسلي خودم

  27. خيلي خيليييييييييييييييييي دوست دارم تو خواهر وخوشگل خودمي خواهر نداشته مني دوست دارم با هم درارتباط باشيم خيلي زياد خيلي دوست دارم با هم اگه فاميل ميشديم كه هميشه با هم بوديم من دارم زبان تركي را ياد ميگيرم اگه بتونم بيام استانبول دوريت خيلي اذيتم ميكنه خيلي دلتنگتم عاشقتم به خدا ايشاءالله خوشبخت بشي با murat birce عزيزم مرتب دعايت ميكنم سر نماز اگه به ايميلم در تماس باشي خيلي خوشحال ميشم يك كاري كن بتونم بيام اونجا عاشقتم خواهر نازوچشم عسلي خودم عاشقتممممممممممممممممممممممممممممممم

  28. Hi Birce,Im from Iran,Im sure you are as beautiful as a girl in the world,I love your confidence because it makes you more and more atractive
    I love your character in yer gok ask
    I wish you shine like a stare evry where and for ever 🙂

  29. hi
    i’m from iran
    I want say (I love you .you are very beutiful)

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  32. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee havva

  33. salaaam im from pakistan i watch beren saat two dramas so nice best of luck

  34. Dear birçe
    idont know is it true or not.but i heared that you married with murat unalmish.
    The only thing i wanted to say was that u2 will be a nice couple.
    you act so yer gök aşk the best character for you was havva.
    Be sure birçe akalay was the best choise for havva 2!

    Poone from iran

  35. hi birce you are like an angle i love you please come to Iran.

  36. hi birce you are like an angle i love you.please come to Iran.

  37. hi brice
    u so nice ilove ur face and acter

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  41. Birce ur just the right one for murat . i hope u (brice) and murat love will last forever <3… extremely the great ones for each other <3

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    is it possibal?

  43. you are sooo beautiful like ur sister Toprak. all the best

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