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Sukru Ozyildiz - Actor


Name: Sukru Ozyildiz
Birthdate: February 18, 1988
Birthplace: Izmir, Turkey
Height: 190 cm (6′ 2¾”)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Istanbul University Marine Mechanical Engineering; Ege University Business Administration
Talent Agency: Id Iletisim
Biography: Sukru Ozyildiz was born in 18 February 1988 in Izmir. He has a Rum mother and a Turkish father; attended to Erasmus programme and went to Portugal; Interested in martial arts since his childhood and attented to cage fights in Portugal; Took acting lessons on abroad and at Mujdat Gezen Art Center

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Body Type:
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type:
Weight: 80 kg


Kerem (Sukru Ozyildiz) & Asli (Demet Ozdemir) of the Love Tactics Movie


  1. Hi to all, I am a loyal fan of Sükrü Özyildiz and watched almost all his movies & Series. I AGREE WITH ALL the comments reviews and opinions. Winter Sun (Kis Günesi) is my top most favorite, because Asli Enver is my top most favorite Actress. Just a thought about Beren Saat, she is lovely, love her with Engin Akuyrek in Fatmagul un sucu ne? But she would not match with Sükrü.
    a kiss with Asli Enver in Kis Gunesi, i did not miss it or wish for it, but when i thought about it, i actually thought she was dating Murat Boz at the time and surely he was not going to be happy with kissing his girl. I would really like a Season 2 for Kis Günesi. It does not have to be more than say 20 episodes ! Asli Enver also acted in Istanbullu Gelin alongside Özcan Deniz, there was minimal ‘kissing’ I like the respectful kissing 🙂 no problem! Sept 2021 CT SA

  2. I have watched several of Sukru Ozyildiz movies & series
    He is one of the best Actors I have seen. I think in the Winter Sun series the chemistry between him and Asli Enver was amazing. I would Love for them to put Sukru Ozyildiz and Beren Saat together in a series. She is also a wonderful and talented Turkish actress.
    I think both of them are the cutest by far. They both are very talented in acting.

    • I watched Winter Sun, Intersection and Black Money Love. The only true and very
      Believable love scenes were with Engin and Tuba. How do so called lovers ask to
      Get married or express love without a real Kiss? It really was beyond imagination!
      I don’t think it had anything to do with religion.

      • gt. Just like you I could not believe that such a great love story would not have at least one kiss, like on their wedding night, naturally they could not make love she was too weak, but a kiss ……….Or at the end, on the beach, that would have been a perfect moment for a kiss. Some of Efe visit’s to Nisan at the hospital, seemed lukewarm to me. Did something happened during filming? Anyhow after browsing around , it was said on several blogs that at the time Asli Enver was dating a popular singer and he did not want her to have any kissing with Sükrü. Don’t actors have to be beyond that? Isn’t what acting is all about? It should not be permitted for personal reason that the script be changed. It is not fair to the viewers, who were all hoping for a kiss. WE only saw a short segment of Mete with Seda, and there was a kiss. So, it is fairly normal that we, fans and viewers, are wondering why our two love birds supposedly so much in love did not kiss. Maybe not during the period of time where Efe did not want to commit himself to Nisan, because of disrespect to his dead brother, but ounce everyone had accepted the fact that they were getting married, a kiss, a real kiss, not one on the forehead, would have satisfied the viewers. Nevertheless, I still think Sükrü Ödyildiz is one most gorgeous, sexy, sensual man and a very very talented actor.
        Listening to all his interviews, he seems to me to be a very smart and decent guy. He is elegant in his behavior and in his speech. Class with a big C defines very well Sükrü Ozyildiz.

        • I totally totally agree with every single word you say. I was screaming at my TV kiss her kiss her. Yes I founf this very very strange. He is extremely gorgeous and lovable and very sexy in this series (haven’t seen any others but intend to)

          • Johana, I strongly suggest you watch his two films Cute Dangerous and Love is everything. Other series like Coban Yilkdizi( my most preferred one) and Seref Meselesi, also Nefes Nefese. are all very good series in which Sükrü plays. Enjoy

          • Lucie …. Thank you very much … noted and will definitely watch .. he is too sexy for words .. and I love when he is happy .. that irresistible smile/laugh of his!! 🙂 🙂 I am amazed at this Turkish film industry … all new to me … beautiful actors and actresses .. beautiful clothes .. amazing acting … lovely homes .. lovely country .. etc etc

  3. Joyce A Hurlbut

    Sukru is the cat’s meow! This young man is so talented, handsome, and likeable. I search the internet for interviews, performances, etc. I know that Akinci is coming out in mid August 2020 on ATV. That is his newest series. I would love to plan a trip to Turkey to see him perform in Alice Musikali. He is by far one of my favorite Turkish actors along with Engin Altan Duzyatan, Burak Ozcivit, and Kevanc Tutlitug. I never realized there were so many talented and gorgeous Turkish men. Cok Yakisikli!!!!!

  4. Bernadette Lou Sablan

    Very disappointed that writers producers of Coban Yildizi left the story unfinished…who does that! Dont start something you can’t finish! Please reconsider and bring back with Season 2…

    • Joyce Krekorian Hurlbut

      I totally agree with you that these series are an investment of time and emotion for viewers. When a series ends abruptly like Coban Yikdizi it is so disheartening. There were so many more storylines that could ha e been explored. I wish another channel or Netflix would pick it up and continue it though it has been some time now and actors have new commitments. I lived Sukru and Selin together. They would make a beautiful coue in real life!! Both very talented!

  5. Bernadete Lou Sablan

    I also loved Winter Sun. Watched it for 1st time earlier in the year.. Rewatching all episodes again this week. Also curious why there was no kissing on the lips. Sukru is a talented actor and I am looking to watch his other drama series and movies with English subtitles. So far I still cannot find Deep Waters Cliff, Neva Everything From Love, Pretty Little Liars [YouTube only has few episodes with english subs] Sour Apples and Arif V216. If anyone knows where I can locate please share.

  6. Just watched Winter Sun in three days..Sukru is so handsome
    and talented . Just wondered why they never kissed on the lips.
    Absolutely loved the series and hope to see more starring Sukru

    • Joyce A Hurlbut

      This is a question many have asked. They should have given the audience the thrill of watching them seal their love with a real kiss!!

    • The no kissing could’ve part of the actors contracts or part of Turkish laws. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  7. I saw you in “Winter Sun” and totally fell in love with you and the series. I was thinking to visit your beautiful country in 2019, and now I have a special motivation because I like to meet you. Is it possible? I’m in Los Angeles at the moment but I’m originally from Costa Rica and I speak Spanish.

    • Ileana Brenes from Costa Rica

      I didn’t mean to sound so extreme in my appreciation of “Winter Sun” and the actor. Wish him the best.

  8. Very good series enjoyed all the cast gorgeous people, evocative music good storyline. Watched in Scotland over 3days. Changed my mind about Turkey as holiday experience there had left had impression of Turkish men.obviously didn’t meet the right ones. Certainly look for more on Netflix casting Sukru so easy on the eye. Wish him much success in his career.

  9. Just finished watching Winter Sun on Netflix USA. Thought you did a great job in playing the two different parts of Efe and Mete. You are a very nice looking man and very talented. Best wishes to you.

  10. Patricia McGinnis

    how come they didnt seal it with a kiss on wedding or a good night kiss in bed. why??

  11. Sukru Efe and Mete & Nisan & Seda, you got me hooked. Can’t get enough of this Winter Sun. Even my
    Husband got hooked too. He started watching it with me until 3:00 in the morning. US time. Just
    Finished it. We love the ending. Hope we will see more of you Sukru & Nisan

  12. I watch all kind of movie/TV series but this “Winter Sun” –BEST ever !!

    Efe (Sukru Ozyildiz), his painful expression on his face on this show stays on my head , can’t get off my mind. What a his acting. Beautiful !! I watched all 50 episodes in one week too.

    BEST show, BEST looking man. I was so hooked up , couldn’t get off the show.. Hope there is More of him on Netflix in USA. 10 STARS !!

    • Joyce A Hurlbut

      Sukru appears to be an addiction for many of us. He is so handsome, talented and at the same time down to earth. Can’t get enough of his work in English. I wish he would do an interview speaking English if he can. That would thrill his English speaking audience!

    • Marjorie L Reitz

      You remark about Sukru Ozyidiz, I started to watched Winter Sun last night. I am getting into it, I just finished Black Money with Engin Akyurek. now I thought, is that Engin Akyurek????? They look a lot a like. Although Sukru does look younger. But was so curious I had to look it up on the internet today,. Do love these Turkish movies. But they can sure prolong the drama.

  13. Omg! In just finished watching all 50 episodes I live in New Yosef
    State I loved this series I loveSukro what an amazing and handsome
    Man I honestly fell I love with Turkey I need to visit and meet
    Him and all the amazing cast. I am so obsessed with it. Please bring them all back am 68 years old and this series made
    Me feel young again . I love and respect the
    Fact that Sukro and Isla romance showed so much respect no kissing but the way they expressed their love said it all.
    My love to both of them

  14. The best movie “ Winter Sun”. It was very good movie I glad Efe got married with Nisan together whooooa. ❤️

  15. Please you cant do this to me BRING BACK LODESTAR HUGE FAN

    • Joyce A Hurlbut

      Totally agree. I loved the chemistry between them. Awesome show! Can’t blame the actors as they gave it their all and did so beautifully. I blame the directors and producers for not promoting the series enough to grasp a big enough audieince to keep it funded. I am guessing that was the problem or it could have been creative differences. Either way, to allow an audience to become invested in a show and it’s characters and then end it so abruptly is not fair to the fans.

  16. Iin Marlina Andreas

    Ben, seni seviyorum Sukru Ozyildiz….you’re like my first child….your ages was the shame 30 yeras old…good luck Sukru !! May Allah bless you, son…

  17. I am from South Africa and just finished watching Coban Yildizi / Lodestar on FOX Life Channel. I cannot believe they stopped the series with still so many things in the story line that were not finalized and explained!!!! Why did they stop filming??? I love every single cast member. Every one played their role perfectly. BUT, I am in love with Seyit/ Sukru! the most handsome and kind guy ever!!! hope to be able to meet him in real life one day when I visit Turkey. PLEASE FOXLife PLEASE. Lets have another season! You CANNOT leave us hanging like this!!!

  18. I watched all episodes in one week and cannot stop thinking about Sukru !! What a beautiful Man he is !!!
    Why did he not kiss Niessen/Asli?? I wanted them to see them kiss badly. Will there be a continuation of this love story?
    Will we get to see the Baby? More, More of Winter Sun!!!!!! Please— I am waiting!

    • I watched 50 episodes again, couldn’t get off the show how beautiful story and beautiful man, Sukru is. I agree with you every words you had on here. can’t wait to see another Winter Sun”… or any of Sukru show via Netflex in USA.
      This is my 1st watch any episode of 50 not too mention by watching subtitle Engish .but their Turkish language is so soft and beautiful to listen. I was also hoped , is at least one kiss but it must be their culture things not much open affection.. I LOVE THE SHOW. Please bring him ( Efe) Sukru and Nisan back

  19. Watching Colban yildiz
    Beautiful drama. Sukru is a good actor.
    He takes risks when it comes to love. He does all for love.
    Big up man. Cute Turkish.


    • This is truly a beautiful tv series. Why didn’t the turkish people reacted positively to it, escapes me. The actors are not only good but beautiful and should have a very good acting future, is my wish. The music is inspiring and hunting and so are the scenes. I love it! Put most songs in my music library, and I wasn’t familiar with turkish music. This is one series I will always remember and I live in the US. I have become a follower of turkish everything, so there, turkish people. This is what tv and film is doing for your culture, please appreciate and support it.

      • This is truly a beautiful series. The actors are also beautiful and the music inspiring. I wish a good future to Sukru and Asli, and hope to see them together again. The music is very inspiring. Wish them all good luck!

      • Joyce A Hurlbut

        I totally agree with you. The music is amazing. I downloaded as many cuts as I could find on Spotify. Very beautiful and inspiring.

  21. I just finished watching all 50 episodes of Winter Sun on Netflix. I truly loved it!! It hooked me from the very first scene and I enjoyed every minute of it. I never thought much about that part of the world before, but the series has inspired me to learn about the country, its traditions, etc. Thank you!!!

    I loved it so much, I plan to watch all 50 episodes again!!

  22. Loved the series “Winter Sun”, especially the theme music. The cast are so beautiful and handsome!!! If you have the soundtrack, please send me the mp3 or mp4 version. I just love the music so much. I would really appreciate it. Hope you can help!

  23. Watching Winter Sun and love the it and all the actors/actresses. Glad it has English subtitles as I am from USA. Sukru is a handsome man. Wow.

  24. Sukru must not be all Turkish…he is so handsome I bet he has Greek in him

    You played a wonderful part.

    Good luck on your endevors

  25. I just watched this on Netflix with English subtitles, and it took me a week to finish. I loved it! I was so intrigued by the storyline and the acting. Everyone was so beautiful in their roles and physical. The lead actor is one fine specimen of a man, and the women were just as beautiful. I hope he is as good to people and his significant other as he looks. Thank you for bringing this to Netflix.

  26. Currently watching Winter Sun on Netflix (with English subtitles). I love it!! Great plot with lots of interlocking stories. I’m on episode 26. Please tell me Efe will eventually kiss Nisan!! ????

  27. slm sukru ben iranda yasiyorum sana agsigim bide gulmek sana cok cok yakisiyo hep gul…

  28. U r jUst amaZiNg , lOvE u as OzaN cUtE , gOoD lOoKiNg , cHaRmiNg , daShiNg , haNdsOmE , iN sHoRt evEry gOoD qUaLity lOvE u lOtsssssssss
    (FrOm : Pakistan)

  29. i wish u a very happy eid sukru. i m a big fan of u.take care and keep smiling.all pakistan love u.

    • Joyce Krekorian Hurlbut

      I think everyone that watches Winter Sun wonders the same thing. Maybe in her contract no kissing on lips or something about ratings?

  30. happy Ramazan sukru

  31. hi,u r handsome and cute guy. ur dramas are so good. i m big……fan of u.if u read my message plz say hi to me.all Pakistan love u.take care and keep smiling….

  32. I am watching this series on Youtube from the United States. I saw the first nine episodes with the Romanian subtitles and now I am so curious to to watch the rest of the series, but I cannot find any subtitles that I could translate from. I would be happy if you direct me to the link of the Turkish, English, Romanian, Italian, or Croatian subtitles. I am learning Turkish, but I am at toddler level, however it will help me to see the subtitles in any of this languages. Please,

    • Greetings . . . Winter Sun is now on NetFlix with English sub titles , 50 episodes .
      The Efe character is amazing . Sukru does fantastic work .

      • Yes yes, Sukru does great acting. I don’t understand why most of Sukru Ozyildiz’s Turkish dramas are not so popular in Turkey though! I heart that Winter Sun was finished earlier than planned due to low episode ratings in Turkey. How sad..

        • seriously not popular in Turkey?? Wow I thought this Winter Sun was best show I ever seen and Efe , Sukru is the best good looking man I have lay eye on.. not to mention his performance, all.. first time I ever watched Turkey Drama but above all.. BEST !! and mechanic Engineer background. that is very impressive !! I hope Turkey gives 2nd thought on him.. please give us another 2nd series..I can wait to see his show again. live in USA , watch all 50 episodes straight days.. couldn’t get eye off on this show….

      • Marjorie L Reitz

        I just starting watching Winter Sun last night and after reading all these great reviews can’t wait to get back to it tonight, I had just finished watching Black Money with Engin Akyurek and got confused as Surku and Engin look a little a like. Today I got on the internet, and now have the two Actors straight in my mind. I have been getting addicted to these dramas.

        I did watch Resurrection, that was so good. In fact I watched it twice and that is a statement, as it is very long, but something is going on all the time. I might watch that one sometime again. The acting is awesome. Black Money is very good but also very long.

    • Joyce A Hurlbut

      I too am learning Turkish but at infancy stage. I am sick of trying to find English subtitles.

      • Thank you for taking the time to answer my request. I’m very grateful for that. Yes, I have an eye on all Turkish series on Netflix and I wished more of them would be available on Netflix, too. My Turkish speech is still at toddler’s level, but my love for the Turkey and its peoples and culture is at the highest level possible.

  33. hi and i m from pakistan

  34. and I from pakistan

    • hi sukru u look so sweet n cute i am big…………….. fan of u.u r a sooooooooooper dooooooper hero of pakistan.all pakistan love u. i like ur hair style.plz visit to pakistan.

  35. hi sukru ozyildiz im big fan of ur’z love u Bro

  36. Cute handsome

  37. he is very handsome guy,talented also lots of prayers…..keep it up….me from PAKISTAN

  38. talented and handsome actor……with lots of prayers…. aleena….PAKISTAN

  39. Handsome with talent.

  40. Handsome and stunning personality addictive

  41. ben iranda yashiorum ve benim hala umudum var izliorum…sen coooooooooook yakishiklisin…seni cok seviorum..bakishlarin harika… bir gun turkiye gelejeyim seni gormeye ishallah…

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