Child Bride (Kucuk Gelin)


Original Title: Kucuk Gelin
English Title: Child Bride
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 16+
Broadcast Network: STV
Broadcast Period: September 8, 2013 –
Production Company: Bosphorus Film Makers
Director: Ozan Uzunoglu
Screen Writer: Erhan Ciplak

Zehra (Cagla Simsek) is a 14-year old promising girl who is very successful at her school. However, her life turns upside down when she is forced to get married to a young guy from a rich family. Zehra wants to continue her education and does not want to leave her little sister and her parents. However, her father uses the excuse of traditions and beats her daughter to death. Zehra has nothing to do but to get married to the guy whom she has never seen before.

After marriage, Zehra starts to live with her new family in the big mansion. She lives with her husband, mother-in-law, aunt-in-law, brother-in-law, and their children altogether in that big mansion. Since Zehra is a young bride in that family, she suffers from the emotional pain. Zehra does not want to continue this pain anymore. For this reason, she decides to leave everything behind. With the help of her school teacher Melek (Gozde Mukavelat), Zehra tries to run away from her faith.        

In this tv series, you will explore a tragic lives of child brides, their fears and their problems. Child marriages are still a bleeding wound in Turkey. Child bride Zehra aims to show tragedy in detail.

Cagla Simsek as Zehra
Gozde Mukavelat as Melek
Orhan Simsek as Azad
Ufuk Sen as Devran

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165 Responses to “Child Bride (Kucuk Gelin)”

  1. sara says:

    were can i watch it ? please help me

  2. Domante says:

    Sara, you can watch it on youtube, I just watched the first episode, and I think there are all of them :)

  3. rumeyss says:

    this serie is very popular in Turkey , i think you will like this.

    • sara says:

      Yes, it seems like it is very good, bur i dont understand when they are talking in turkish:(

      • maryam says:

        hey.m blocked here but still it think itll help.go to open required episode in youtube.copy the link through utube n paste in block in

      • Mughees Raza says:

        A good Drama , i have ever seen in my life

      • Ash Mady says:

        Hey Sara, I realize this is a year late but I caught this drama and am already hooked, loving it. It airs on the pakistani channel Ary Zindagi Fri-Sun 10:30 PM pakistani time and is dubbed in Urdu. If you’re still interested you could check it out. :)

  4. kadija camara says:

    i don’t understand the language , but i really like this it.

  5. Salafa says:

    I watched the first episode on YouTube with English subtitles but I don’t think there are any other episodes with subtitles :( if anybody knows where I can watch in English please email me the link

  6. Wal says:

    When will episode 41 be out?

  7. Ammoura says:

    WoooooooooooooooooooooooooW !!!!
    Wonderful <3 <3 <3
    I Love It !!!

  8. BEE says:

    Where can I watch it? with English sub!
    I didn’t found it on YouTube :(

  9. Katie says:

    Please help me too where can I watch this drama in English subtitle thank you

  10. sara says:

    What is ali’s real name

  11. raheel says:

    i want all episodes translation of kucuk gelin from bolum 10 to 45 any one can help me any turkish speaker

  12. Sami Khan says:

    i watched this drama with urdu subtitle,,,, wow fantastic drama it was!

  13. MICHAEL says:

    mbc channel showed part one only and left the viewers stranded
    the did the same with Tabahk Sultan
    I think everyone should boycott this channel for the poor management of getting people hooked on certain series then they stop it

  14. Aamir says:

    I am watching this serial now a days dubbed in urdu on Ary zindagi friday to sunday 10:00 pm (pakistan standard time) 05:00 pm (GMT) .this channel is free to air on asiasat3s now this sattelite name is asiasat7 or replaced with asiasat7 105 degree east

  15. AQSA HUSSAIN says:

    im frm Pakistan n I really luv dis serial.. especially i luvvvvv Azad <3

  16. zahid habib says:

    i am watching drama serial in urdu dubbeing on pakistani tv channel ARY Zindagi

  17. sajid khan says:

    What is the relation of malaika teacher with zehra in this drama can anyone tell me?

  18. Saad Agha says:

    What is sona’s real name ?

  19. sana akhtar says:

    i love kucuk gelin i love whole team please tell me how i watch more bolums /episodes of this drama

  20. javed inayat says:

    I like drama kucuk gelin in urdu (masoom)Very nice drama and good massage I salut all team.

  21. javed inayat says:

    Cagla Simsek -(Zahra)
    Gozde Mukavelat (Melek)
    Orhan Simsek ( AZAD )
    Ufuk Sen ( Devran )

    Very nice acting.

  22. afifa says:

    Hy.its superb drama.i am watching at ary and never miss it.i want to know total episodes and end of the story.plzzzz tell me if anyone knows plz.

  23. misbah says:

    wht is the realy oof melika teacher

  24. sana raheem says:

    its a great serial.i just love this serial. especially azad(orhan simsek) is my favourite

  25. Qasim hassan says:

    Turkey is Islamic country but in turkish dramas their is very boldness but kucuk gelin was fantastic drama seiral which is close to our current issue

  26. waqas says:

    I love Turkish drama kucuk gelin and I want that this drama should not make end

  27. sana khan says:

    its very good and interesting drama but its timing should be on ary zindagi at 9;30 pm plz tell me the real name of farman

  28. hajji nadeem ansari says:

    Child bride is vary nic

  29. sadia wali says:

    yes meleka real name is gozde makavelet

  30. WT$!? says:

    Ive seen so many weird and dumb shit. I really have no comment how retarded this thing is. That Devran guy, full 2 car Mafia of people in black, no police chasing them, does it mean there is no any rule for criminal in Turkey ? I just dont know, It gets 2 out of 100. DO NOT WATCH, help your brain.

  31. Malik Usman says:

    what is end of this drama plzz tell me

  32. sana khalid says:

    Very nic drama tel me alef real name

  33. aamir iftikhar says:

    i love this serial its awesome….. every character fantastic… i love Azad performance, and zahra wow good job, malaika outstanding… and Devraan good going…

  34. sana says:

    i love masoom drama

  35. banu says:

    it’s interesting that you are even curious about this nonsense drama. I m Turkish and ı hate most of Turkish drama but only a fews.
    because they doesnt show the real culture of turks. they are mixed with american culture… it will be simply one but ı will give you a example te characters in dramas are walking around in their house with their shose. it is not islamic. kissing without marriage… we grow up with these dramas and we became people like the characters in dramas. and now we are kissing without marriage. but these days ı m glad to see new dramas that doesnt include any that kind of scenes.. ı hope we can see more innocent turkish dramas showing real cultre of turks…
    and ım happy to see these fans who are interested in our dramas 😀

    • Bia says:

      I have to agree with you. I’m not Turkish but I know a lot of Turkish people very closely and you’re absolutely right, some dramas only represent a western culture. But there are some dramas and film series with such a good islamic message, I really love those. But the thing is the dramas they’re showing here in Pakistan are all those non-islamic turkish dramas and honestly it gives a bad image, because i know my turkish friends aren’t like that :(

  36. Nisar says:

    I Like Masoom Drama, Specially I Love Mr Azad Performance, it’s like a very true story and I am always waiting for it’s next episode in ARY Zindagi at 10:30 PM Pakistan

  37. hamza jav4 says:

    Tell me about the end of this drama

  38. hassan says:

    i love malaika but so sad that after 400 bulom malaika charactar changed.

  39. hassan says:

    i love malaika but so sad that after 40 bulom malaika charactar changed.

  40. Babar iqbal says:

    Holle pakistani friends you can download all episodes of kucuk gelin in urdu from (

  41. ali says:

    how many parts are this film?
    pleasa answer me

  42. Shaz says:

    After 62 episode Azad character will change.:(

  43. sunya says:

    Can u tell me,at which place exactly this drama is shooted??the
    Location is sooo beautiful subhanALLAH!!

  44. D-K 1o5 says:

    Its mind blowing…..and…..all characters well performance but 1 is amazing the father of zehra in this drama…..Mind blowing Actor………

  45. Nura says:

    Watched the first episode and got hooked! but not being a fluent speaker in Turkish it was really hard for to understand what’s happening :( Youtube only does one episode in English and that is it. If they did english subs for all of their episodes, they would get many views. English subtitles are in high demand! they should do something!

  46. Taimur Iqbal says:

    I watched this drama in Urdu (Pakistani Language) and i like it very much. there is no drama batter then Massom (kUcuk Gelin)

  47. Taimur Iqbal says:

    Yes very nice location used in this drama. but where it is i dont know. i used to watch this drama daily on ARY(Zindagy) Channel. i have watch 75 Episode. and i dont want to miss any episode of this drama

  48. naveed zafar says:

    i love mr.azad and teacher malaikas charecter and the serial .

  49. ayesha awan says:

    Awesome serial Kucuk Gelin…I love this drama :) :) and azaad I love u charctr in this drama.:)♥♥ Orhan Simsek love ù

  50. sana raheem says:

    devraan is just awsome.rasid is very favourite of my sister aqsa

  51. sana raheem says:

    can anybody tell me the real name of rashid plz plz

  52. naimatullah says:

    very nice drama

  53. atiq ur rahman says:

    ilike malik fofermence

  54. atiq ur rahman says:




  56. hira khalid says:

    Hey every one banu and admin u r Turkish .plz tell me about this drama because u r see in your country drama

  57. sana raheem says:

    name of sona is nazli pinar kaya

  58. sana raheem says:

    but its not easy to open .guys

  59. sana raheem says:

    i want to tell you real names of characters of drama
    rashid=sabri ozmener

    khadim=ali cakalgoz

    behye=see okay

    zumurut=melda arat

    fatima=devrim atmaca

    norjeen ama=sema aybars

    sona=nazli pinar kaya

  60. sana raheem says:

    name of jabeen is aysen batigun

  61. hira khalid says:

    sana raheem u c all episodes of maoom

  62. hira khalid says:

    any one Turkish

  63. madiha afridi says:

    i love melek and plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me real name of jamal

  64. madiha khan says:

    i like turkish dramas and i love melek

  65. madiha says:

    i love malika

    • sana raheem says:

      ohhh realyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  66. Nasir Nazir says:

    Dear Sir or Madam – AA, We want to see the original drama (Child Bride) in Turkish language. Can you send link? Thanks,

  67. Awais Khan says:

    This drama is very very very very very very very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  68. alishba shah says:

    owsome drama.. i really love this drama… i didnot miss this any episode of this drama..

  69. Ahmad khan says:

    hey what is the real name of melek(malaika) cheater?

  70. sona khan says:

    i love this serial,,,,,,,its a great serial………

  71. sara khan says:

    Gozde Mukavelat

  72. moaj says:

    I’m watching Zahra in Afghani Channel and it’s a very sad and wonderful drama. It’s translated in Farsi with beautiful Afghan people’s voices.

    Turkish dramas have beautiful people acting, good stories and eye catching places.

  73. moaj says:

    Thank you Turkish people.

  74. moaj says:

    Yeah. Zahra in Afghan channel and in Turkish kucuk Gelin. OMG Cagla is so cute.

  75. sunya says:

    This drama is finished on ARY zindagi,none of the character has been changed and evén it was not a proper it really ended this way??:-\

    • Mansoor Iqbal says:

      Today 17 April 2015, Ary Zindagi completed Season one of this serial known as “Masoom” in Pakistan. We are waiting for Season 2. Hopefully Ary Zindagi will also show Season 2 in Urdu.

    • Ali says:

      It still incomplete story…….Zehra is alive or not…..what the end of Azad dewran and malaeka story??????
      Why the three murderer not punished by the laws… can they ends this beautiful story with out an end……

    • fatima says:

      no its new dessin has started already on Turkey.I only found 1episode of new season with english subtilité in which zehra will know that malika is her mother

    • sana raheem says:

      ****spoiler alert **** turkish end i guess zehra was dead.and had a baby

  76. tayaba says:

    I also dont understand the end :( if someone understands.plz tell me

  77. nargis says:

    excellent drama.dubbing of voices very good.especialy azad and professor ibrahim.

    • sana raheem says:

      kya bat he…..?nargis g sirf male ki awazen he ap ko ache lgte hen kia r wo b azad jese handsome boy ki………. ????

  78. Sabrina says:

    English subtitles PLEASE! I am watching it on the main turkish site, but it has no subtitles, I am trying my best to know what is going on. I am not fluent in turkish and it would be soooo much helpful if there were english subtitles for each episode!

  79. rizwan says:

    was not properend i think this serial will be continue in tirkish lanuage bt could not find

  80. Aeli says:

    Alaaaa incho jaladi khatam eshhhhhhh ko … Ala please mana kassiiii ishiye end ah buguseen…

    Hey I loveeeeee this drama my mummy and baji also like it please tell me the end of this drama.!!!

  81. ayesha says:

    what an abrupt ending…. !!!!!!!!!! it should not be end like this ,… means nothing bad to the bad ones and only the little girl suffers at the end too the secret of kamal’s murder wasn’t revealed yet what is this ,.. can please anyone tell that this drama is still continued in turkish??? i want to watch it ,. the real end. please reply

    • zehra says:

      Please and please tell me happened to all of them at the end, pls. Will azad and malak be togerther? What will happen to dervan? And will zahra leave ali? And havr they found bahiye body? Or she is not dead? And wull zenab the doctor find her father? And will their grandmother know that dervan is fatma son? What will happen to ali?

  82. sana raheem says:

    ap ali ka name q pouch rahe he? wase wo ap ko lift ni krae ga i hope so aise he mehnat na krya ga hahahaha

  83. sana raheem says:

    guys i have a big news for u about your super hero orhan simsek(azad).

  84. sana raheem says:

    in real life he is a psysic patient.just not this……he is also,,,,,……

  85. sana raheem says:

    ……..killer of his own father simsek.

  86. sana raheem says:

    search on google .turkish actor kills his father in south estern turkey

  87. sana raheem says:

    i guess he leaved the drama due to this reason

  88. foofoo says:

    yeah thats true

  89. Maheen says:

    i need to see last episode but I don’t know what episode

  90. Maheen says:

    i need to see last episode but I don’t know what episode

  91. Teguhko says:

    What Ost / soundtrack child bride (kucuk gelin) ??

  92. ladymikha says:

    Someone please tell me,
    Who is the one that marrying zahra? Is it azad or ali?
    Cause in my country it’s still ep 3
    I just kept wandering
    Btw its good drama! I love watching this drama

  93. fitria says:

    hey.. anyone can share the link where i can watch it with english subtitle?? please help me. i am from indonesia.

  94. erina says:

    I wanna watch past episode but with english or indonesian subtittle…. I so love this drama actualy with Gökhan Şahın, I love you so much….

  95. nukhba says:

    i love zahra

  96. nukhba says:

    azad i love u

  97. yani says:

    unfortunatly zahra has stopped in my country but will back soon i wish

  98. haneef says:

    When will next season of child bride series start because this was ended at 84

  99. Nasir ali says:

    In which city of turky it is picturized?

  100. Nasir ali says:

    I like the land scspe very much

  101. caglafans says:

    Hi! anyone please tell me! which countries that airing Kucuk Gelin? I just know Kucuk Gelin is airing on Indonesia,pakistan,Afghanistan,Serbia and anywhere else? please answer! thanks

  102. Saqib says:

    Can anyone tell me the original name of the Turkish soap opera which is based on headscarf.Its airing here in Pakistan under its Urdu name “Alif Ki Tarah” (Like Alif).The name of leading actress is Alif who’s fighting for her headscarf in university,and the name of villain is Qudrat Commander.I searched hard on Google for this soap opera but didn’t find any information about it.

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