I Never Give Up (Asla Vazgecmem) Tv Series

I Never Give Up (Asla Vazgecmem) Tv Series

Original Title: Asla Vazgecmem
English Title: I Never Give Up
Also Known As: Aku Tidak Pernah Menyerah
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 59
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: February 12, 2015 – October 6, 2016
Production Company: Gold Film
Director: Aysun Akyuz
Screen Writer: Sirma Yanik, Melis Civelek
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey

Yigit (Tolgahan Sayisman) is a young and rich business man who had nothing in the past but manages to become very successful with his own effort and passion. He never believes in love and never thinks that he will fall in love with someone.

Therefore, Yigit accepts to get married to his aunt’s daughter Iclal (Safak Pekdemir) even though he does not love her. After marriage, he gives all his attention to his child and puts his shoulder to the wheel.

When Yigit realizes that he cannot continue like this, he wants to get divorce. However, his wife Iclal prefers to die instead of getting divorce. While they are discussing at the car, they make an accident and Iclal enters the unfortunate condition of a persistent vegetative state.

Nur (Amine Gulse), on the other hand, is a young and beautiful girl who lives in Adana (city in the south of Turkey). When her parents pass away, she comes to Istanbul where her aunt lives.

Nur wants to find a job in Istanbul and start to live in peace by herself. She finds out that her aunt works as a maid in a big house whose owner is Yigit.

Out of pure coincidence, the lives of Yigit and Nur intersect and they fall in love with each other at first sight. However, Yigit could not reveal that he is married and his wife has been in a vegetative state for almost 3 years.

The story becomes more complicated, when Yigit’s wife Iclal recovers from a vegetative state.

In i never give up (asla vazgecmem) tv series story, you will explore the life of a man who finds himself in the middle of two women. What will Nur do when she learns that Yigit’s wife is alive? Will Nur eventually forgive Yigit? Will Nur and Yigit manage to live together happilly?

I Never Give Up (Asla Vazgecmem) Tv Series Cast
Tolgahan Sayisman as Yigit
Amine Gulse as Nur
Safak Pekdemir as Iclal
Aysegul Gunay as Aytul
Tugay Mercan as Cahit
Yonca Cevher as Nazan
Hulya Gulsen Irmak
Yagizkan Dikmen as Emin
Tugce Kumral as Elmas
Poyraz Bayramoglu as Mert
Gozde Mutluer as Yagmur
Taner Rumeli as Fatih

External Links
Official Site: https://www.showtv.com.tr/dizi/tanitim/asla-vazgecmem/1411
English Wikipedia:

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  1. I’m a fan here from the Philippines. I love this story so much.

  2. I am at the final episode 59 and don’t want the series to stop. Can you continue from episode 59 onwards. I’m not a series fan but this is the best series I’ve ever watched. Please continue with Asla Vazgecmem after episode 59. This is the BEST !!!

  3. Please provide a good site to watch with english subtitles

  4. Where can we find this series with english or portuguese subtitles. We love turkish series

  5. I’m so hooked with this Turkish TV series though we cannot understand their conversation. I hope you can release this series with English subtitles. I am a fan from Philippines!

  6. I have really got into the Turkish dramas of late first by watching Early Bird. Following this Love for Rent, Cherry Season, Black Pearl, The Raven, No 309 Sisterhood, endless love, Nobody knows etc. I just love the romanticism, scandal, the deceit, action, love, hate, the never giving up, the good, the bad, the comedy….there is a bit of everything!
    I am watching My Home and The pigeon at the moment but would so much like to watch Asla Vazgecmem but can not find the series in English😢will translation ever be done??

  7. Its crazy thing when you love this drama so much and then you dont understand what they talking.. just see the picture without know they’re language.. OMG guys you can be better than this.. you know,turkish drama have so many Fans from other country..at least you must be put english sub for ur many fans out there..

  8. where can I find the episodes of season 2 with subtitles pls

  9. Hola donde se puede ver la serie con subtitulos en español gracias

  10. Hi!! Plz upload this serial with english subtitles. Hav watched 3 episodes n dying to watch full series. It has an amazing storyline..

  11. i became obsessed watching turkish movies and drama serials on youtube after i returned from a trip to turkey last year. since then i started learning the turkish. language and even could sing along to many beautiful turkish songs.i started watching asla vasgeçmem about 2 weeks ago. i love the story even though i hate to say there are so many illogical happenings and decisions made by the characters in the story. the lack of english translations is very frustrating….luckily there are episodes with arabic subtitles which is a consolation because i can understand arabic. so please can the producer or anyone include english subtitles so i can understand the goings on better…and at the same time helps me to understand and learn your language faster.
    i am from malaysia…and love your country with your beautiful language and culture. thank you.

  12. This story was so beautiful .it’s really touching. Please can you put English subtitles. Like aşk laftan alamaz, black pearl.

  13. Faraanaaz Cupido

    Where can i watch with English subtitles. What a beautiful story.Please share it with us

  14. Please please please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeease translate Asla Vazgeçmem with Eng suptitles. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve learned basic Turkish but it’s not enough to understand what’s going on. I beg you.

  15. Pls add this to english subs …. watching ffom far away plsssssss

  16. olá, gostaria de assistir essa serie legendada em português. A curiosidade foi tanta que assisti em turco mesmo, da pra saber o que acontece, mas é bom saber o que estão dizendo.

  17. I need is english subtitle where can i watch it please

  18. Please add English subtitles to Asla Vazcegmem and Ertugrul. I’ve watched some episodes of both these series with English subtitles and now I’m left hanging. Both are excellent dramas and I appreciate that that the sexual content is left to the imagination.

  19. Hey
    Can somebody tell where did they watched? I’m going crazy because I can’t find an English version or with subtitles.
    Please help

  20. I would appreciate the subtitles however, thank you for giving us some homework to learn you’re beautiful language. You should consider the subtitles as this will open your market to more viewers that like a good story.

  21. Please, someone translate Asla Vezgecmem to English. Why go through the trouble of translating Episodes 1 and 2 into English, then no more? What is the purpose? Many people on Facebook who want to watch this series are very frustrated by this tactic. Thank you.

  22. It is a sin that this series is not subtitled. It is absolutely my best Turkish series so far. I do not mind that the show is not too sexualized. You can use your imagination. It is a welcome relief from Our show in the U.S….ok…maybe a little more kissing

  23. Please please, English subtitles, I love this series

  24. Asla Vazgeçmem 3.Bölüm please translate this series into English.. Please I only found 1 & 2 translated to English

  25. I hope to that will be season 3 and Hebrew subtitles I want to see nur and yigit together happy ? iove this show

  26. Yigit,Jahit,Amin: 3 jerks who messed around with 2 women at same time,always trusting wrong person,always hurting the good one. They all desereve a good punch.

  27. hola quisiera que estuviera en español

  28. can you please please add english subtitles please!!!

  29. Is there going to be season 3 or part 60 and after??
    I really loved this show
    Hope there will be more of it.

  30. *i never give up *
    “husband and wife……. more like brother and sister ”
    somtimes forehead kiss sometimes cheek kissing even when they are alone together not real
    instead more romance there are more discussions i do not know this kind of love ???

  31. Please translate it or add English subtitles want to watch this drama desperately.

    • It is the beat one ever. All they need is English subtitle. That way they will get more viewers.
      I even started to learn Turkish from this drama 🙂

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