Married and Angry (Evli ve Ofkeli)

Married and Angry Evli ve Ofkeli

Original Title: Evli ve Ofkeli
English Title:  Married and Angry
Also Known As: 
Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 30
Broadcast Network: A TV
Broadcast Period:  September 20, 2015 – May 15, 2016
Production Company:  Surec Film
Director:  Nisa Akman
Screen Writer: Deniz Dargi


Dilek (Ayca Erturan), Mine (Yildiz Cagri Atiksoy), Esra (Birce Akalay), and Seray (Ebru Cundubeyoglu) are four childhood friends. They are all married and have totally different lives. However, their lives intersect again when they have discovered their husbands’ affairs. Dilek is a perfect housewife who dedicates her life to her daughter and her husband. Mine is a successful baby doctor who tries to get pregnant and care for her own baby. Esra is a police officer who cannot forget her mother’s death and for this reason, never forgives her father.  Seray is a beautiful actress who tries to remain popular as she ages.

In this story, you will watch the lives of four women who changed after they discovered their husbands’ affairs. Will Esra forgive his husband’s affair or continue a new life with Murat? Will Dilek manage to win her husband’s love or try to change in order to start a new life? Will Mine be able to get pregnant? Will Seray manage to continue to be popular?

Birce Akalay as Esra
Ebru Cundubeyoglu as Seray
Yildiz Cagri Atiksoy as Mine
Ayca Erturan as Dilek
Sarp Akkaya as Murat
Serkan Altunoruk as Tarik
Sinan Eroglu as Cenk
Burak Sevinc as Cihan
Yildirim Fikret Urag as Macit
Yunus Guner as Metin
Kemal Pekser as Engin
Gizem Kocak as Gulendam
Gamze Topuz as Sevda

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