Lost Years (Kaybolan Yillar) Tv Series

Lost Years (Kaybolan Yillar) Tv Series


Original Title: Kaybolan Yillar
English Title: Lost Years
Also Known As: Wa Tamdy Al Ayam (Arabic), Anii pierduti (Romania), Izgubeni godini (Bulgaria), Vitet e Humbura (Albania)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 49
Broadcast Network: Star TV
Broadcast Period: April 14, 2006 – Marc 1, 2007
Production Company: Base Production
Director: Sergin Akyaz, Zeynep Gunay
Screen Writer:
Filming Locations: Turkey


Esmer, Ali, and Ezel are best friends in orphanage. They are inseparable, they are family and they are every thing to each other. However, when a family wants to adopt Ezel as a replacement for their dead daughter, the life of these three friends changes forever.

After 23 years, we see that Ali (Burak Hakki) is a police officier, Ezel (Yesim Buber) whose name is Aylin now is a wealthy young doctor, and Esmer (Saruhan Hunel) is a mob gangster.

After all these years, a cruel man Esmer, an elegant tender girl Ezel/Aylin, and a kind guy Ali meet again but now they become enemies.

In this story, you will explore the lives of three close friends who grow apart and then become bitter enemies when they meet again. Will Ali, Ezel and Esmer discover the truth about their past and learn the real identity of each other? Will Ali and Esmer manage to settle down the conflict between them? How will Esmer feel when he learns that Aylin is actually Ezel whom he tries to find all these years?

Lost Years (Kaybolan Yillar) Tv Series Cast

Yesim Buber as Ezel/Aylin
Saruhan Hunel as Esmer
as Ali
Fikret Hakan as Suleyman Cesen
Semra Dincer as Rosa
Taner Barlas as Selcuk
Muhammed Cangoren as Hasan
Sema Ceyrekbasi as Meral
Sevtap Parman as Sukran
Zuhal Topal as Yonca

Main Characters’ Other Popular Dramas
Burak Hakki: From Lips to Hearth (Dudaktan Kalbe)

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Imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0813726/

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  1. I watched 89 episodes and loved it- however, the finale did not have English subtitles so I don’t know how it ends- can anyone explain how to get the finale with subtitles or at least tell me what happened?

  2. I watched Lost Years religiously and I was very impressed w the quality of acting. The girl that played Bahar must be a good actress because I really hated her! I was so glad she died! The closed captioning sucks! I cannot believe the people who write the captions do not know the difference between the sexes. That is disgusting. They need an American to write those because obviously, they are like that in all their series. I find it so interesting that they live just like we Americans, except for the respect of elders and limited sex scenes. Been there, done that!

  3. I was watching Lost Years until episode 67 on YouTube. Episode 68 was a woman translator talking about what was happening. No English subtitles. I can’t find 69 or the continuing episodes. Did they just stop half way through the series?

  4. Look for it under the Turkish name, Kaybolan Yillar. Under Settings, choose Subtitles/ Captions, Auto Translate, English.

  5. Where are the rest of the episodes of lost years. Google says 49 episodes but it tube only shows 25 episodes. Where are the rest of the episodes. Help!!!!!!!

  6. very interesting and impresive. I only wanted to watch this film the whole day.

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