A Love Story (Bir Ask Hikayesi)

A Love Story (Bir Ask Hikayesi) Tv Series

Original Title: Bir Ask Hikayesi
English Title: A Love Story
Also Known As:
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 36
Broadcast Network: Fox Tv
Broadcast Period: March 26, 2013 – January 14, 2014
Production Company: MF Yapim
Director: Baris Yon, Baris Ercetin
Screen Writer: original screen writer : Lee Kyung Hee; screen adapter: Makbule Kosif, Zehra Guleray, Gulsev Karagoz, Zafer Ozer Cetinel

Korkut Ali (Seckin Ozdemir) is a young and handsome guy who has a poor life in Germany. He is not fortunate during all his life. He was abandoned by his parents as a child and was adopted by a couple in Germany. However, he was left alone by his foster family.

Ceylan (Damla Sonmez), on the other hand, is a beautiful and naive young girl who lives in Istanbul, Turkey. She is a fashion designer of a famous singer, Tolga (Yamac Telli). She is in love with Tolga since she was a child. One day, she goes to Germany with Tolga to do a photohoot. There, she tries to do everything to please Tolga but she never manages to do that.

She gets angry and wants to return back to Istanbul. On her way to airport, her luggage and money are stolen and she starts to wander around without knowing what to do. At that time, she meets Korkut and asks his help. Korkut saves her from the gangsters. He finds her luggage and gives some money.

After this coincidence, Korkut goes to his house and finds there a wedding invitation from his ex-girlfriend. He still loves his ex-girlfriend who has left him just because he is poor. Korkut does not want to loose her, thus he decides to go the wedding ceremony. However, at the wedding ceremony, he is shot in the head. The doctor saves him but Korkut has to live a bullet in his head and he has less than a year to live.

After this unfortunate event, Korkut’s ex-girlfriend gives him some money and wants him to go to Istanbul and to find his birth parents. Korkut takes the money, leaves Germany and goes to Istanbul to find his parents and to have a peaceful life until he dies.

While searching for peace, safety and happiness in Istanbul, Korkut meets sadness. He learns that his mother is a famous singer Gonul Karanli (Zuhal Olcay) who has a rich and happy life with his son Tolga. Korkut feels so betrayed because while he is suffering in Germany, his birth mom and his brother live a happy life in Istanbul. That’s why, he wants to get revenge from his mom and his brother.

In a love story tv series story, you will explore pure love, romance, mother-son relations, hope, anger, conflict, and betrayal at the same time. Will Korkut forget about his past and live the rest of his life peacefully? Will Ceylan manage to bring happiness to Korkut? Will Korkut take his revenge from his mother and his brother?

This tv series is a Turkish version of Korean popular drama “I Am Sorry, I love You” (Mianhada Saranghanda)

A Love Story Cast
Seckin Ozdemir as Korkut Ali
Damla Sonmez as Ceylan
Elcin Sangu as Eda
Yamac Telli as Tolga Karanli
Zuhal Olcay as Gonul Karanli
Ayberk Pekcan as Tahsin
Aysen Sezerel as Asiye
Gunes Sayin as Emine
Haldun Resuloglu as Hakki
Onay Kaya as Selim
Taha Yusuf Tan as Umut
Asena Keskinci as Ece

External Links
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2972020/
Official Site: http://www.fox.com.tr/Bir-Ask-Hikayesi/izle

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  1. I love seckin and his acting. But Delma is irritating me. She is too much. Wage is holding on to 2 guys at once. And keep both in limbo. And seckin or kurtukt sister doesn’t seem to be slow. Turkish series are too far exaggerated and out of touch with reality

  2. A love story serial is really awsome ,i loved it a lot even i love main chracter seckin ozdemir a lot become fan of him, the couple really looks great in this serial but i am not happy with its end .i want to see its another season

  3. Can anyone tell me what is the actual name of kurkut’s fack girlfriend name ?? She is soo beautiful .

  4. All of Seçkin’s ( Korkut) Serials are awesome Masha’Allah♥️😍 I have already watched it a lot of times and I highly recommend it because once you start you will get addicted. His acting is phenomenal and he picks the best roles always. With that being said from the storyline to the acting is superb.

  5. Ciao volevo chiedere si può tradurre in italiano questa serie.grazie Roberta

  6. I want this drama with English subtitles please upload this drama with English subtitles 😔

  7. I love this drama so much .we want the 2nd part of this drama ,please meke it for us .

  8. it is most heart touching i ever had

  9. A love story (Turkish serial) is most romantic serial i ever see hundreds and thousands of Indians like this story please make second part A love story 2 i know we peoples like it more please make next part, we want know about the life korkut and cylen please wireter

  10. nayanika banerjee

    There is a contradiction in the story.First they say Tolga’s DNA does not match with Memdu Sayin but in the end they say Tolga is Memdu’s son!!!

    • Je pense que c’est l’homme de main de Memdu Sayin qui a dû changer le test, étant donné que nous apprenons qu’il voulait la place de Memdu Sayin….. Voilà à quoi je pensais…

  11. Its incredible. Love sotry. . I like this serial too much . It’s heart touching story …..

  12. Yes! ending really broke my heart , even i want this should have happy ending and with the same actors , i have never seen such a nice series like this one . This ending is killing me

  13. who is yalmaaz and why did he kill korkut/gohar?

  14. please get this drama on the website or send to my email.I love it so muuuuuuch but i can,t find it!thank you.

  15. i like rathr i love ths drama
    especially gohar ali
    he is a super hero
    i can’t forget this lov story

  16. the background music was awsme

  17. I like this serial and the couple who performing in this serial.Wish u best of luck.

  18. Ilove this drama . ilike sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    much seckin ozdmeir and damla sonmez . it is a nice couple.
    wisk u best of luck both of you. i want to meet you

  19. Please make a second series, this ended based on a dream not what was really happening in the show




  23. Now a days i am watching this drama

  24. I really love damla sonmez and Seckin ozdemir. I like too much. Drama was best. I always remember that:)

  25. i like this drama seckin ozdemir AND Damla sonmez IS MY FAVRIOTE ACTORS TELL ME THE END OF DRAMA PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  26. Superb drama.watching it on atv from mndy 2 wednesday at 8 pm with name aik pyar kahani ha.would any boday like to tell me the end of drama.plz

    • Gohar will die in the end ,,sad ending

    • gohar gets the operation done and its a succesful operation geylan is pregnant and goes to tell goher who is unconcious aftert the operation but yalmaaz gets there first and kills gohar ….. than ater some years gohars and ceylan son visits his fathers grave (gohars grave) with ceylan…and after that mehmood kills yalmaaz and madam gulnaar goes cray aftr gohars death …if you want to waych it your self type down bir ask hikayes episode 36 finali

  27. seckin ozdemir & Damla Sonmez u both r realy vry gd actrz wish us al d bst & keep it up dearz

  28. Im from pakistan, very very like a love story super Epsodes

  29. Hey i am running a television network, i was wondering if i could find out the cost of purchasing this television drama?

    best regards,
    Akbar Anwary

    • I already watched the korean version (“sad” love story), i hope the turkish version has another end… I really hope so…

  30. plz ise geo kahani par dalo

  31. Please mew pictures of seris send to my email

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