Love In Exile (Aska Surgun – Slave to Love)

Love In Exile - Slave to Love (Aska Surgun) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Aska Surgun
English Title: Slave to Love
Also Known As: Love In Exile
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 53
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: Marc 7, 2005 – June 5, 2006
Production Company: Sis Yapim
Director: Cemal San
Screen Writer: Deniz Sertbarut, Baris Pirhasan, Cüneyt Bolak

Azizoglu family migrates to the big city of Istanbul from the village of Eastern Turkey because of the blood feud with the Sahvar family. Thanks to this migration, Hazar Azizoglu (Mahsun Kirmizigul) has been raised as a Westerner and has lived his life according to Western tradition all his life. However, the life of Hazar changes radically when his brother is killed by Sahvar family.

The two families have decided to put an end to the feud and it is the Sahvar family’s turn to pay blood money to the Azizoglu family. According to tradition, it is decided that the price is to be the beautiful daughter of Sahvar family, Zilan (Beren Saat).

In order to end the blood feud between two families, Hazar accepts to get married Beren Saat whom he doesn’t know. This arranged marriage brings new hopes as time passes. Hazar (Mahsun Kirmizigul) and Zilan (Beren Saat) find an unexpected source of happiness in this marriage.

In “love in exile (aska surgun – slave to love) tv series” story you will explore a profound love story which starts as a result of customs and traditions. Will kind-hearted Hazar change Zilan? Will their love stand for the conflict between modernity and tradition?

Love In Exile Cast
Mahsun Kirmizigul as Hazar Azizoglu
Beren Saat as Zilan
Izzet Gunay as Hasan
Bahri Beyat as Azzam
Asli Tandogan as Dilan
Firat Tanis as Resul
Alper Kul

Main Characters’ Other Popular Dramas
Beren Saat: Forbidden Love (Aski Memnu), Remember Darling (Hatirla Sevgili), What is the Fault of Fatmagul (Fatmagulun Sucu Ne)
Asli Tandogan: From Lips to Hearth (Dudaktan Kalbe), Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi)

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Love In Exile English Trailer

Love In Exile (Aska Surgun)

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  1. Please subbed this serie with english sub, please…

  2. Plz share d link having full English subtitle for all episode of Askance surgun.

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