A Hundred Years of Miracle (Yuz Yillik Mucize) Tv Series

a hundred years of miracle yuz yillik mucize tv series


Original Title: Yuz Yillik Mucize
English Title: A Hundred Years of Miracle
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 13 (each episode is 130-140 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Star TV
Broadcast Period: March 23, 2023 – June 15, 2023
Production Company: OGM Pictures
Director: Hilal Saral
Screen Writer: Nuran Evren Sit
Filming Locations: Mugla, Istanbul


Ali Tahir (Birkan Sokullu) was born in Thessaloniki in 1893. He stops aging after being brought back to life from death when he is shot in the battle. Ali Tahir in fact dies on the battlefield but comes back to life with a miracle. After this miracle, he stays physically 28 years old.

This miracle brings lots of hardships to Ali Tahir’s life. His close friend realizes his secret and attempts to abduct him for study. For this reason, he loses his family and children. After then, Ali Tahir understands that his secret puts not only his life but also his loved ones’ lives in danger. Therefore, he periodically changes his identity.

In 2023, when Ali Tahir is now 130 years old, he uses the identity of Kemal. He is in depression and thinking to end his life. He finds it so hard to live all alone while he is losing his loved ones day by day.

Out of pure coincidence, Kemal meets a beautiful young woman Harika (Ebru Sahin). Harika is a lively, cheerful, straightforward, and honest young woman. Even though she lives in Istanbul, she decides to come to a cozy seashore in order to write a novel.

Harika is engaged to Cem (Yalcin Hafizoglu) and she is about to get married in 2-3 months. Before the marriage, she wants to take a one-month break and focus on her novel. For this reason, she comes to the seashore where she can be away from everyone and writes her novel.

When Harika visits a small island near her hotel, she is stuck there when her boat is broken down. Out of pure coincidence, she comes across Kemal. They spend a day together and Kemal starts to tell her a story of a man who is 130 years old now. Before ending his life, Kemal wants to share what he has lived so far without giving his name.

Harika is very interested in Kemal’s story and she thinks that it will be a good story for her novel. She wants to stay as long as possible together with Kemal and wants to know his interesting story. Due to bad weather, she cannot return to her hotel and has to spend the night together with Kemal at Kemal’s house.

Kemal knows that he can never fall in love. However, he finds himself drowned by Harika’s beauty and pureness. Kemal thinks that Harika has come into his life for a reason. Therefore, he postpones his suicide plans and decides not to leave Harika.

When Harika gets on a plan to return to Istanbul, Kemal also appears on the same flight. Kemal leaves his quiet life behind without hesitation and decides to return to Istanbul where he left years ago.

Meanwhile, Sureyya (Zerrin Tekindor) waits at the airport to welcome Harika. Sureyya is a middle aged woman who is Harika’s aunt. When she sees Kemal, she recognizes him instantly and calls him Esref. Sureyya is shocked when she sees her deceased husband Esref at the airport.

A Hundred Years of Miracle (Yuz Yillik Mucize) tv series story is about a guy who stops aging after being brought back to life from death when he was shot in a battle in 1921. Will Kemal end his life? Will Kemal understand why he never ages and stays physically 28 years old? Will Harika follow her heart or return to her ordinary life? Will Sureyya believe that Kemal is his ex-husband’s son? Will Kemal and Harika find true love despite all the hardships in their lives?

A Hundred Years of Miracle (Yuz Yillik Mucize) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Yalcin Hafizoglu as Cem
  • Merve Nur Bengi as Zeren
  • Ecem Calhan as Miray
  • Zehra Kelleci as Seray
  • Gozde Seda Altuner as Aysel
  • Cemre Gumeli as Young Sureyya
  • Lacin Ceylan as Mujde
  • Burcu Cavrar as Canan
  • Nazli Tosunoglu as Young Muzeyyen


Ali Tahir / Esref Anadolu / Kemal (Birkan Sokullu):

Kemal was born in Thessaloniki in 1893. When he died after being shot in the battle and was about to be buried, he came back to life with a miracle. After this miracle, he never aged and stayed at the age at which he was shot. He is now 130 years old and uses the identity of Kemal. Kemal is cold-blooded, dignified, and mature. He does not know why he has not been aging and tries to understand the underlying reason for that. When he comes across Harika, he understands that he has waited her for all these years.

Harika (Ebru Sahin):

Harika is a lively, cheerful, straightforward, and honest young woman. Even though she graduated from law school, she wants to write a novel. After her father died and her mother went to abroad, Harika and her sister were raised by her aunt Sureyya. Now, she lives in the big mansion together with her grandmother, aunts, and nieces. Harika is engaged to Cem, whom she has known since high school. However, she ends her relationship when she meets Kemal and falls in love with him.

Sureyya (Zerrin Tekindor):

Sureyya is Harika’s aunt. She is a powerful, stubborn, and strong woman. She tries her best to provide a good living standard for her family consisting of 8 women. Sureyya never forgets her ex-husband Esref and lives with a big heartache throughout her life. When she meets Kemal, her life turns upside down because she sees her ex-husband alive.

Turgut (Necip Memili):

Turgut is Kemal’s right-hand man. He is humorous, fearless, and friendly. He knows Kemal since he was a little child and does his best to assist him. He does restoration work and also runs a restaurant.

Sacide (Aysegul Cengiz):

Sacide is Sureyya’s sister. She is good at housework and cooking. She is more traditional than Sureyya and always listens to her sister. She got married and divorced three times before.

Zeren (Merve Nur Bengi):

Zeren is Harika’s sister. She is a student going to medical school to become a good neurosurgeon. Even though Zeren studies, she secretly sings a song at night. She is clever, logical, and disciplined young woman. After her mother left them behind, Zeren becomes very close to her sister Harika.

Aysel (Gozde Seda Altuner):

Aysel is the mother of Miray and Seray. She is the wife of Sureyya’s brother. After her husband died, she and her twin daughters started living in the mansion with her husband’s family. She is very flexible and easy-going, and she cares about entertainment. Hence, she does not get along with Sureyya.

Cem (Yalcin Hafizoglu):

Cem is Harika’s fiancée. He comes from a wealthy family. His family owns a construction company. Cem has been in love with Harika since he was a high school student. He dreams of getting married to Harika soon.

Miray (Ecem Calhan):

Miray is the twin sister of Seray and cousin of Harika. After her father died, she and her family moved into the mansion. Miray is preparing for college exams but spends most of her time on social media.

Seray (Zehra Kelleci):

Seray is the twin sister of Miray and cousin of Harika. She is the opposite of her identical twin sister. She is a very intelligent, hardworking but introverted and emotional girl.

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  1. One of the best serial of this season! The excellent acting of Birkan Sokullu & Ebru Sahin!
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