What Happens To My Family (Baba Candir) Tv Series

What Happens To My Family (Baba Candir - Father is a Life) Tv Series


Original Title: Baba Candir
English Title: Father is a Life
Also Known As: What Happens To My Family
Genre: Comedy, Family
Episodes: 66
Broadcast Network: Trt 1
Broadcast Period: August 2, 2015 – May 18, 2017
Production Company: MF Yapim
Director: Yusuf Pirhasan
Screen Writer: original screen writer: Kang Eunkyung, screen adapter: Tayfun Guneyer
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Nevsehir, Turkiye


Salih (Settar Tanriogen) is an old man who sells traditional Turkish food like phyllo dough and Turkish type ravioli in his small shop located next to his house. His wife passed away when their children were so young and Salih has become both the father and mother since then. He has three children: Ece (Berna Koralturk), Egemen (Tolga Pancaroglu), and Emrecan (Ozgun Karaman).

Ece is a beautiful girl who is older than 30 years old. She is workaholic and works at a big company as an assistant director.

Egemen is a cold-hearted young man who is a successful doctor.

Emrecan is a handsome young man who is a real trouble-maker. He is unemployed and could not find a job no matter how hard he tries.

One day, the life of this family changes completely. A young and easy-going girl, Ceylan (Melis Tuzunguc), comes from Cappadocia to Istanbul in order to find Emrecan. Years before, when she was a kid, she saved Emrecan from drowning and Emrecan promised to get married to Ceylan in return. Assuming that Emrecan would keep his promise, Ceylan leaves everything behind and comes to Istanbul.

After Ceylan’s arrival, not only the life of Emrecan but also the life of other family members changes. Ceylan starts to live together with this family and tries to adjust her new life in Istanbul. Meanwhile, Emrecan discovers that it is his close friend Ruzgar (Ertunc Tuncer) who used his name of Emrecan and promised to get married to Ceylan.

In What Happens To My Family (baba candir – father is a life) tv series story, you will explore an ordinary family with a self-sacrificing father and his selfish three children. It also talks about the conflicts between old and young generations. Will Ceylan fulfill her childhood dream of being married to Emrecan? Will Ece manage to forget about her past and find love? Will Emrecan find a new job and start to earn his own money? Will Egemen start to support his family as a gratitude for his father?

What Happens To My Family (Baba Candir) Tv Series Cast

  • Uraz Kaygilaroglu as Haluk Guney
  • Berna Koralturk as Ece Celik Guney
  • Ozgun Karaman as Emrecan Celik
  • Melis Tuzunguc as Ceylan Celik
  • Ertunc Tuncer as Ruzgar
  • Settar Tanriogen as Salih Celik
  • Tolga Pancaroglu as Egemen Celik
  • Tulay Bursa as Nermin Celik
  • Dila Akbas Bayrak as Asli Tasci Celik
  • Firat Albayram as Levent Teoman
  • Cansu Gultekin as Damla
  • Cengiz Tangor as Adnan Tasci
  • Mehtap Altunok as Mujde Tasci
  • Pinar Bibin as Sebnem
  • Ayfer Tokatli as Busra
  • Mehmet Ulay as Hasan Guney
  • Selda Ozbak as Muge
  • Dilara Gonder as Aysegul Diri
  • Ali Bahadir Bahar as Irfan

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What Happens To My Family (Baba Candir) Tv Series Trailer (with English Subtitle)

What Happens To My Family (Baba Candir - Father is a Life) Tv Series Trailer (Eng Sub)

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