What Happens To My Family (Baba Candir) Tv Series

What Happens To My Family (Baba Candir - Father is a Life) Tv Series


Original Title: Baba Candir
English Title: Father is a Life
Also Known As: What Happens To My Family
Genre: Comedy, Family
Episodes: 66
Broadcast Network: Trt 1
Broadcast Period: August 2, 2015 – May 18, 2017
Production Company: MF Yapim
Director: Yusuf Pirhasan
Screen Writer: original screen writer: Kang Eunkyung, screen adapter: Tayfun Guneyer
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Nevsehir, Turkiye


Salih (Settar Tanriogen) is an old man who sells traditional Turkish food like phyllo dough and Turkish type ravioli in his small shop located next to his house. His wife passed away when their children were so young and Salih has become both the father and mother since then. He has three children: Ece (Berna Koralturk), Egemen (Tolga Pancaroglu), and Emrecan (Ozgun Karaman).

Ece is a beautiful girl who is older than 30 years old. She is workaholic and works at a big company as an assistant director.

Egemen is a cold-hearted young man who is a successful doctor.

Emrecan is a handsome young man who is a real trouble-maker. He is unemployed and could not find a job no matter how hard he tries.

One day, the life of this family changes completely. A young and easy-going girl, Ceylan (Melis Tuzunguc), comes from Cappadocia to Istanbul in order to find Emrecan. Years before, when she was a kid, she saved Emrecan from drowning and Emrecan promised to get married to Ceylan in return. Assuming that Emrecan would keep his promise, Ceylan leaves everything behind and comes to Istanbul.

After Ceylan’s arrival, not only the life of Emrecan but also the life of other family members changes. Ceylan starts to live together with this family and tries to adjust her new life in Istanbul. Meanwhile, Emrecan discovers that it is his close friend Ruzgar (Ertunc Tuncer) who used his name of Emrecan and promised to get married to Ceylan.

In What Happens To My Family (baba candir – father is a life) tv series story, you will explore an ordinary family with a self-sacrificing father and his selfish three children. It also talks about the conflicts between old and young generations. Will Ceylan fulfill her childhood dream of being married to Emrecan? Will Ece manage to forget about her past and find love? Will Emrecan find a new job and start to earn his own money? Will Egemen start to support his family as a gratitude for his father?

What Happens To My Family (Baba Candir) Tv Series Cast

  • Uraz Kaygilaroglu as Haluk Guney
  • Berna Koralturk as Ece Celik Guney
  • Ozgun Karaman as Emrecan Celik
  • Melis Tuzunguc as Ceylan Celik
  • Ertunc Tuncer as Ruzgar
  • Settar Tanriogen as Salih Celik
  • Tolga Pancaroglu as Egemen Celik
  • Tulay Bursa as Nermin Celik
  • Dila Akbas Bayrak as Asli Tasci Celik
  • Firat Albayram as Levent Teoman
  • Cansu Gultekin as Damla
  • Cengiz Tangor as Adnan Tasci
  • Mehtap Altunok as Mujde Tasci
  • Pinar Bibin as Sebnem
  • Ayfer Tokatli as Busra
  • Mehmet Ulay as Hasan Guney
  • Selda Ozbak as Muge
  • Dilara Gonder as Aysegul Diri
  • Ali Bahadir Bahar as Irfan

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Official Site: Broadcast Network
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Imdb: Imdb – Baba Candir

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What Happens To My Family (Baba Candir) Tv Series Trailer (with English Subtitle)

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  1. You can access it on YouTube Turkishtaste and click on English subtitles

  2. Does anyone know where I can watch season 2 with English subtitle. I have tried to follow the tips but it is still showing Turkish. I went on the web, chose the drama, then episode, I then clicked the YouTube icon, then tried to searching other languages but there is only Turkish.

  3. I just discovered that there was a season 2 of Baba Candir available without subtitles on YouTube. Then I discovered the instructions here on how to have YouTube translate the episodes. Thanks so much for these instructions, they work great!

    • Hello can you please let me know how to obtain the English subtitles as well. Thank you

      • As stated in the instructions, proceed as follows.
        1) Go to the web page at https://engelsiztrt.tv/
        2) From the dropdown at top right, select Baba Candir and then click the Git button
        3) Select your episode from the Episodes dropdown now displayed and then click Git
        4) Start the show
        5) Click on the settings icon at the bottom right of the video, you might need to move the cursor to see it.
        6) Select the subtitles option. You want to choose the “auto-translate” option; that will give you a second dropdown where you can select English.
        7) If you only see Turkish as an initial option, select it and then try again to see if you can get the auto-translate option. I had to do this on my first attempt.

        I ran these steps a few minutes ago and it definitely works. Good luck.
        6) Select

  4. I’m almost done with season 1 and I’m going to die without seeing HALUK if I can’t find Season 2 with English subtitles….UGH! Why can’t Netflix just release the entire series?! So frustrating!!

  5. Ahhh so frustrating. I’m loving this series and now season 2 isn’t on netflix and there are no subs on YouTube I’ve set my captions to English in settings but it’s still only offering me Turkish when playing the video.
    Oh y oh y….

  6. Yes I agree with you all. My whole family and friends here in sydney there’s 68 of us want Series 2. I called Netflix who said i must get everyone to fill in the Customer Request Form to make Netflix reconsider. The customer support lady said we need at least 100 people!!! So lets all do it – it is a fabulous show with great actors and great directors too. Its a shame that it is only on Youtube without subtitles. Im following all the actors on instagramme too hoping they can advise me too….
    Anyone else got any ideas???





      So this is how I got it.

      1. I did this this procedure on my Lap Top or my Computer. Then I connected it to my TV.
      2. Start by Click on the link. htttp://ENGELSIZTRT.TV. (See Pravenna’s Post below or type it the browser yourself)
      3. Then scroll down and Find and Select the TV Series (Baba Candir). It will default to Episode 62. So scroll down and select Episode 42 to play the Series BUT also this is to start the English PROCESS.
      4. Then Importantly, (as detailed by Pravenna & Rachel too) at the bottom right hand side of the TV Series Screen, select YouTube again to watch the TV Series Baba Candir on You Tube. You must switch to You Tube or the English option will not be available. (That was my constant mistake that I kept missing!!!!).
      5. Then while watching the TV Series IN YOUTUBE, Click on Settings.
      6. Then click on Sub-titles. It offers Turkish and also Auto-Translate. Select Auto-Translate.
      7. Then select English or the Language you want from the long drop down Menu of Languages.

      That’s IT.
      One more question.
      There is a Blind Reader feature that I cannot switch off: It is a Commentator for the Blind that keeps a constant loud Audio Commentary occurring… does anyone know how to switch that commentary off?

      ANYWAY – THANK YOU TO PRAVENNA, RACHEL & UMUT OZGUR: you were all very helpful and Pravenna – YOU FIXED THE PROBLEM. WELL DONE. My family are all enjoying the Series and our favourite characters (Haluk) again.



  7. I see that I am not alone. Just finished episode 41 of season 1 on Netflix and looking for the rest. Very disappointing not to have the full season available, esp when you are paying a monthly fee. Why even list it as an option if it’s incomplete….very annoyed.

    Anyways, love this series! Haluk Bey is hilarious and steals the show for me, but each character is wonderful and so amusing in their own way.

    • Hy so m not only one plzz anyone tell mee where to watch it all.. plzzzz I m in love with it I have been searching for it everywhere

  8. I am completely in love with this drama, especially because each and every cast in this series are wonderful actors who give so much life to their characters. I wish I will have the opportunity to meet them in real life some day and congratulate them. I agree with some of the other comments here that it’s not admissible to curse God, and in many scenes the characters use such words. I also feel that scenes of prayers should have been included in the series. After all the purpose of man in this world is to worship Allah.
    There was one particular episode where Ece, Nermin and Bahar wear scarves and humiliate Mujde in her painting display event. Lots of Muslims around the world wear scarves because it’s the command of All Mighty God. So you cannot use scarves to portray someone as if they are uneducated or uncivilised. A scarf makes a woman complete, it’s a symbol of her love for Allah and the prophet and it’s a constant reminder of the Islamic beliefs. So this particular episode should not have had these characters wearing the scarves to portray them as uncivilised people. Other than that, this drama teaches us the struggle parents go through, how youngsters are to behave in front of elders and how they should treat each other with kindness and respect.
    Waiting for season 2 to arrive.

  9. Very disappointed that Netflix did not bring season 2.We are left hanging with no ending to more than one show eg Resurrection .

  10. Well it’s May of 2019 now, and I too, am wondering if Netflix will finish the Baba Candir series for we English readers. Note to Netflix: My own preference is for reading the dialogue in English, rather than have someone whose voice doesn’t fit the actor dubbing the English voices. There are benefits to reading the words–one doesn’t have to turn up the sound & wake up one’s spouse. Great! I do like to turn up the sound at times when I can to hear the lovely voices, the singing, the music, and to learn how to pronounce everyone’s name.. All of the actors in this series are so wonderful! Everyone is so talented. Believable, heart warming, if sometimes exasperating story line in that the characters get to be frustrated in life so often–but in a way, “that’s life.” I love the life lessons—the family values.. I’ve learned to love some Turkish films & t.v. series & the tremendous talent so many seem to have there.. Give us more Netflix please–and please finish this story. For a long time I was a streaming holdout–shows like this would convince me to stay. God bless to the cast wherever they may be!

    • Hello Karen. Go to ENGELSIZTRT.TV (type this to your search bar) / Go to the top right it says “Dizi seciniz”(pick your tv series) click arrow .You will see “Baba Candir” (father is a life) 17 th option from top to bottom.
      Click ” settings” then click “subtitles” click “options” right top hand side. choose your preferred language and enjoy:)
      There is a commendatory for blind folks,you can not deactivate that but it does not bother me or my wife.

    • I also would like to add one more thing. Once you do everything above mentioned,you also change the episode box because it directly takes you to final episode so click the box says “final 66.bolum” and bring it back to 42.episode which is the first episode of second season.
      Good luck everyone!
      Please pray for me and for my wife.

    • We just finished epi 41 and are wondering the same thing

  11. I tried in YouTube settings it would not give me a choice for english subtitles. only turkish

    • Me too. I tried everything suggested by you Praveena… are you sure?? I selected the Baba Candir TV Series from the top menu, then selected episode 42. Then selected bottom right corner menu of: No Subtitles, Automatic or Turkish only!!! There is No English!!! Where did you see the English Option??? Many of us followed your advise but it is not available. Is it available maybe on only a Computer maybe NOT an iPad or iPhone??

    • You have to go to the setting on the right bottom corner. Select subtitle, then auto-translate, and that will give you an option for different languages.
      I just tried and it worked for me.

  12. Go-to http://engelsiztrt.tv and watch it with English subtitles. Open the baba chandir drama in you tube from that site and click on the settings on the you tube vedio (bottom right). In the settings enable the subtitle and set it to auto translate. Youtube translates to any language you choose. For English choose English.

    Hope this helps. Happy time watching.

    • English speakers! If you want to watch Season 2 (starts at episode 42), Pravenna’s instructions work great: Click on the link she put: http://engelsiztrt.tv. From there, you have to click on the Youtube icon on the bottom right hand corner to open it up in Youtube. You can’t stay on the original site. Once you are in Youtube, click on the settings. Under subtitles, it offers Turkish or Auto-translate. Choose Auto-translate and then scroll down to English. The English subtitles appear and you can still hear the actors voices speaking Turkish. This version has the lady in the corner doing sign language but it’s a minor distraction compared to trying to understand it in Turkish.

      • You were spot on Rachel. Thank you. Really appreciated your help. Its great now.. and I agree the commentary is a bit annoying but better that than having no English subtitles. Thanks again Rachel.
        Wollongong Australia.

    • Thank you Pravenna. Your instructions were spot on & right. I kept missing that on step….. switching back to YouTube. Really appreciated your help too – as did Rachel. So thanks Pravenna. Regards
      Wollongong Australia.

    • Great. Just tried that link and it worked for me. Thank you so much! I love this show. It make me laugh and cry and can’t imagine not finishing it.

  13. When will season 2 be available on Netflix??

  14. NETFLIX WAKEUP!! Don’t you hear your users? Do you want us going to outside sources? This is 3rd series we’ve watched & left hanging.

  15. Suffering through season 2 on you tube with no subtitles-it’s better than nothing, at least I can see what happens even if I don’t fully understand it. Maybe I will start to learn turkish from this process! When is netflix going to get it together and get us season 2 with subtitles???

    • I agree with you. This is the 2nd Turkish Drama I have watched and they end abruptly. Seems like the writers and actors are phenomenal, so I don’t know what is happening. I loved lovebird, but also it ended crazy. I am finding things on You Tube, but they mean little to me without translation. Why can’t Netflix get their act together and finish what they start! I have tried Hulu but they do not have it either. Why can’t the Turkish TV station have them translated on their website? They have them in Turkish for viewing. Please help…..Want to see and UNDERSTAND the remaining episodes.

  16. Ellie Tuite

    Another lets go up the garden path by Netflix, yet another series, Season 2. Not getting this simple reality makes Netflix look like a broken train, stuck nowhere for who knows how long. Granted are reasons not connected to Netflix as to why series end abruptly. So already high possibility of abrupt ending. That has to be accept as possible, when go international tv watching. But no excuse for netflix forgetting their offerings and follow up in timely manner. At this stage starting to wonder if go back to books and live theater, tired of it now. How hard can it be to get some sort of efficiency and connected delivery, call Joe or Julie Do you speak fluent Turkish or French Great we have a few days work to translate voice over etc. Season 2 Call my Agent French stuck somewhere up Mount Blanc in Netflix land. Lot a rubbish on offer not their fault either, they should be really really happy there are good TV options,they can get to show, given the collapse of standards in english speaking industry. If it happens again, I’m off, I’d rather spend time learning Turkish and French than the start stop, fine if have it within 6 months, but its all in the who knows, que sera, that makes it totally pointless. That said, they forget compromising, not going back to watching drivel for sake of it, already hardly watch tv series, Netflix brought this activity back in opening up options by subtitling. Rant done.
    Love the Series. Love the live and energy, Love the sense of humour, Love the ease between the Actors or so it looks Well done

  17. Cute movie. I believe the whole cast except the cute little boy used Gods name in vain. Totally unnecessary! I won’t recommend this movie to family or friends, because of that reason. It’s a shame that a lot of Turkish movies feel the need to do that!!!

  18. The movie was cute, except for using Gods name in vain. Everyone took turn cursing God. I’ve noticed a lot of Turkish movies and series do that. I don’t get why the writers think that’s necessary or funny for that matter. I would love to recommend some of these to my friends and family, but I don’t think I should, because of the language. They do usually have a good story line aside from that.

  19. I feel the same way as Natalie…I found season 2 of what happens to my family but can’t understand with no subtitles on YouTube I have tried to find out when it will come to Netflix.

    • first go on help.netflix.com to get the 6 digit work order # that will automatically show. then call Netflix at 866-579-7172. tell them you’d like to see the last episodes of series 1 and see all episodes of series 2 of Baba Candir (or What Happens to My Family). they submit the request for you. i just called and asked if it helps if there are multiple calls. she said ‘yes’.

  20. There are numerous season 2 full episodes on Youtube and the first one is very confusing b/c the dad is looking at the wedding pics and he is in them. I can’t figure out if the writers want us to think that everything just resolved. There are lots of trailers as well for other episodes that show the dad alive, well and in a relationship, so I think the illness must resolve somehow. Anyway- the youtube versions don’t have subtitles, so unless they push out season 2 to Netflix I will be in the dark. That said, I do like looking at a few clips and seeing that for the most part, one and all are married, have babies and are happy!

  21. So upset by the ending. It also left a lot of supposition as to how everything turned out. We were robbed of the weddings and of the possibility of the doctor and his wife possibly reconciiling but the most disaapointing was how you left the Dad out just wandering around and wondering “Who am I”? What? That was so cruel. Was he diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and how could he just pass all of his physicals without that being noticed. His son is a doctor for heavens sake. So sad because I absolutely loved this drama up to the end. What happens to Ruzgar? What happens to the Aunt and her daughter. So much possiblilities thrown away

    • Are you kidding me? I watched 41 episodes and now feel part of their family and that’s how season 1 ended? I watched and waited for the weddings enduring wayyy too many breakups only to be cheated out of enjoying the weddings minus the endings drama. I was really hoping to be rewarded with a satisfying day of wedding celebration and happiness. I can’t believe I can’t even find Season 2 in English. How disappointing.

      What a great cast though and I enjoyed Haluk the best! He got funnier with each episode. Boo on episode 41 though and I guess I will never see the rest unless Netflix runs it.

    • This is just the end of season 1. Just wait and see how season 2 develops.

      • I called your department and they were absolutely no help. Is there any indication there will be a season 2 with subtitles? Really would like to see this ending.

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