Hekimoglu Tv Series

Hekimoglu Tv Series


Original Title: Hekimoglu
English Title: Hekimoglu
Also Known As: Dr House, House M.D.
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 13+
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: November 8, 2019 –
Production Company: Karga Seven Pictures Turkiye
Director: Hulya Gezer
Screen Writer: Lawrence kaplow, Peter Blake, Thomas Moran (original screenwriter);
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


This drama is a remake of American television medical drama House M.D. (2004-2012).

Dr. Hekimoglu (Timucin Esen) is a charismatic and successful doctor who is 40 year old. Even though he is a medical genius and head of the department of medical diagnosis, Dr. Hekimoglu is asocial, unconventional and misanthropic. Due to his personality, he investigates diseases without one-to-one relationships with the patients and he solves each case as a detective together with his team.

Dr. Hekimoglu leads a diagnostic team consists of Mehmet Ali (Kaan Yildirim), Zeynep (Damla Colbay), and Emre (Aytac Sasmaz). Mehmet Ali comes from a poor background whereas Emre comes from a wealthy background.

Zeynep, on the other hand, is a kind of balancing factor in the team. She is good at human relations and trusts Dr. Hekimoglu’s decisions no matter what. These three young doctors work together all the time and do their best to be recognized by Dr. Hekimoglu.

On the other hand, Dr. Hekimoglu does not care about hospital rules and procedures. For this reason, he always finds himself in conflict with his fellow physicians and even his boss, the hospital administrator Ipek (Ebru Ozkan Saban).

Dr. Hekimoglu and Ipek have been friends since medical school and even though they do not get along well with each other, they work together at the same hospital. Ipek knows Dr. Hekimoglu’s medical skills and respect him as a doctor. For this reason, she tolerates his tough character and tries to keep him in the hospital despite he is not obedient.

Dr. Hekimoglu’s only true friend is Dr. Orhan (Okan Yalabik) who also works at the same hospital as the head of the Department of Oncology. They have been known each other since high school.

Even though they have different characters, Orhan always understands Dr. Hekimoglu and becomes his inner voice. When they come together, they become a perfect doctor: one approaches the patients with his intelligence and the other approaches the patients with his common sense.

Hekimoglu tv series story is about Dr. Hekimoglu who is a medical genius and head of the department of medical diagnosis. Hekimoglu means “the Son of the Doctor”, as Hekim (Turkish) means “doctor” and oglu (Turkish) means “son”. Will Hekimoglu manage to work at the hospital despite he does not follow the hospital rules and procedures? Will Zeynep manage to get the approval and recognition of Dr. Hekimoglu? How long Ipek continue to tolerate Dr. Hekimoglu?

Hekimoglu Tv Series Cast

as Ates Hekimoglu
as Orhan
as Ipek
as Mehmet Ali
as Emre
as Zeynep
Esra Eron as Alya
Muhammed Dede as Muzo

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