Unforgettable (Unutulmaz)

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Unforgettable (Unutulmaz) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Unutulmaz
English Title: Unforgettable
Also Known As: Zaboravi ako mozes
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 90
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: July 1, 2009 – June 29, 2011
Production Company: Stil Medya
Director: Cem Tabak
Screen Writer: Haldun Ünsal, Ihsan Aydın

Harun (Serhan Yavas) is the son of a rich businessman and manages the family business with his father Feyyaz (Fikret Hakan). He has an affection for Melda (Sinem Oztufan) who works at their company.

Melda is a beautiful young girl who is very reasonable and idealist, for this reason, she is appreciated by Feyyaz. However, Harun starts to see another girl, Eda (Ozlem Yilmaz) whom he coincidentally acquaints with. After a few romantic weekends, he leaves Eda because his father, Feyyaz, wants him to marry Melda. Therefore, Harun decides to marry Melda whom his father approves.

When Harun and his family go to ask for the hand of Melda from her family, a very bad suprise awaits Harun there: Melda and Eda are sisters. Eda remains silent and behaves as though nothing has happened between them. Although Eda tries to burry her pain deep inside and camouflage her true feelings towards Harun for the sake of her sister’s happiness, the pair finds themselves growing closer as time passes. Now, Eda carries the burden of her sister on one shoulder and her love for Harun on the other. However, the story becomes more complicated when Eda finds out that she is pregnant with Harun’s child.

In unforgettable (unutulmaz) story, you will explore a love triangle which will make two sisters turn into enemies. Will the past be forgotten? Will Melda discover the truth about Harun and Eda? Will Harun go back to Eda or stay with Melda?

Unforgettable (Unutulmaz) Cast
Serhan Yavaş as Harun
Sinem Öztufan as Melda
Özlem Yılmaz as Eda
Bugra Gulsoy as Tolga
Fikret Hakan as Feyyaz
Deniz Kurt as Gulay
Ahmet Uz as Cemil
Aliye Uzunatagan as Turkan
Deniz Gokcer as Saadet
Mert Yavuzcan as Batu
Huseyin Erkanli as Metin
Ozlem Karatas as Burcu
Roksen Lulu as Seval
Ceren Canakci as Gozde
Hakan Vanli as Burak
Anil Celik as Kerem
Aylin Arasil as Isil
Didem Yalinay as Ferda

External Links
Official Site: http://www.atv.com.tr/webtv/unutulmaz/bolum
English Wikipedia:

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Unforgettable English Trailer

unforgettable (unutulmaz)


  1. O link do adoro filmes não funciona

  2. Some genuinely nice and useful info on this web site, besides I conceive thhe style has fantastic features.

  3. where can i find arabic plz

  4. ***** spoiler alert *****
    oooohhhh……..i know this movie as i dont know my self yes eda is with harun they are having a baby girl called yalmur and then harun is gonna take ede and go to london where i am and then eda is gonna find them but after that edje starts lying that there was something bitwin harun and her and eda gets really upsad and she is gonna be pregned and she is gonna lose her baby that was going to name her denis and they do evrything to make yalmur happy but they are trying to act like they dont care about each other and yamur gets to meet edas family but it looks like her dad and mum are not together ferda her eldest sister is pregned and i cant tell you any more go to youtube and see by your selfs is my all time favourite movie i knmow evry series i love this movie.hope you enjoy this movie too.

  5. Hi the music in the end of the film it says San ban gashta. …….. I want to know the name of singer and the song

  6. Sorry to say that although the story is attractive, the artificial acting of Mr. Yavas and Eda makes the viewer disappointed. Honestly they are not actors.

  7. This Series in now available with Greek Subtitle, but I need it with English sub. The Turks can make a fortune by including English subtitle on their productions; it is easy to achieve, yet they ignore.

  8. Very poorly produced and written. They dragged the series way too long for the actual storyline. The background music was always running louder than the actors voice which was so annoying.
    I always thought turkish series were much better than bolywood movies or series but this one was far worse than any fake bolywood movies.
    This series drama was made for teenagers.
    Overall one star out of five.

  9. the sisters turning into enemies because of [HARUN]

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