Firefly (Atesbocegi)

Firefly (Atesbocegi) Turkish Drama Poster
Original Title: Atesbocegi
English Title: Firefly
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 17
Broadcast Network: Star Tv
Broadcast Period: June 29, 2017 – October 26, 2017
Production Company: Mia Yapim
Director: Baris Yos
Screen Writer:

Baris (Seckin Ozdemir) is a successful lawyer. He is 35 years old, single, and handsome. He thinks that he can understand each person’s personality at first sight because he has known many people thanks to his job. Baris feels that there is nothing in this life that can surprise him. However, his life changes dramatically when he accepts his last lawsuit.

Baris learns that his car has been involved in a car accident when it was borrowed by his nephew Hakan (Umur Yigit Vanli). Baris is blackmailed by his plaintiff with a video that shows that his car hits a little girl on the street and leaves the scene of accident without helping the injured girl. On the video, his car’s license plate is clearly seen but the driver who is driving the car is not seen. Baris and his family first suspect about Hakan but later on, understand that the accident was made when the car was stolen.

Hakan is a harmless guy who remembers that the car was stolen during his birthday party and was brought back in the next day. For this reason, he did not fill an official police report. However, Hakan does not remember with whom he spent his birthday party. Hence, he needs some time to remember all the things so that they can find the real quilty ne behind the accident.

In this context, Baris has two choices: he will either give up his case or he will prove Hakan’s innocence. It is clear that Baris cannot prove Hakan’s innocence without an official police report. For this reason, he decides to find the true culprit before his plaintiff makes the video public.

Baris and his close friend Teo (Cagri Citanak) first find the injured girl on the video. They want to talk with her family and explain the situation in detail. However, they learn that Asli (Nilay Deniz) who is the aunt of the injured girl has already been carrying out an investigation by herself in order to the find the car that hit her little niece and ran.

Asli is a clever young girl who works as a taxi driver to support her family. Her family and her friends call her as “firefly”. She is headstrong, full of life, and proud. Even though her mother wants her to work in an office just like other young girls, Asli continues to work as a taxi driver just like his father. Her mother tells that nobody wants to get married to a girl who does the men’s job, but Asli knows that she cannot work under the order of another person.

Asli is determined to find the culprit that injured her niece and left her strapped to a wheel-chair. For this reason, she has done lots of research by herself. She eventually reaches a number of license plates that could be one of the cars that hit her niece. When she meets Teo, she explains all of these and mentions that she is about to find the culprit.

With the fear of being caught, Teo makes a job offer: Asli will work as a private driver for Baris, and in return, Baris will get her case and finalize all the investigation for free. By this way, Baris and Teo want to watch Asli closely, control her search, and find the true culprit before she finds the car that was involved in a car accident.

The life of Baris and Asli changes dramatically after they come across to each other. Baris, who believes that there is nothing that could surprise him, enters in a loving adventure. He is attracted by Asli at first sight. At the same time, Asli starts to develop some feelings towards Baris even though she knows that they come from different backgrounds. However, Baris finds it hard to keep a secret from Asli as time passes.

In Firefly (Atesbocegi) tv series story, you will watch the love of two persons: beautiful girl Asli who is the driver of the luxurious car and handsome man Baris who is the passenger of this car. Will Baris manage to find the true culprit behind the car accident and prove his nephew’s innocence? Will Asli work successfully under the command of another person? Will Baris and Asli eventually find the true love? What will happen when Asli learns Baris’ secret?

Baris (Seckin Ozdemir): Baris is a successful lawyer who is 35 years old. He is handsome, self-confident, and ambitious. He never gives up and does his best for justice.

Asli (Nilay Deniz): Asli is a beautiful girl who is 23 years old. After her father’s death, she starts to work as taxi driver to support her family. She is clever, stubborn, and full of life. She is determined to find the car that hit her little niece and left her strapped to a wheel-chair.

Teo (Cagri Citanak): Teo is the best friend and driver of Baris. He is 28 years old and is grateful to Baris for saving his life.

Leyla (Seda Guven): Leyla is a successful lawyer who has some feelings towards Baris. She wants to work closely with Baris and for this reason, aims to be his business partner.

Hakan (Umur Yigit Vanli): Hakan is the nephew of Baris. He is 25 years old. His life goes around sport, girls, and music.

Metin (Durul Bazan): Metin is Asli’s brother. He is 40 years old. After his wife passed away, he dedicates his life to his daughter and starts to live together with his mother and two sisters.

Firefly (Atesbocegi) Tv Series Cast
as Baris
as Asli
as Leyla
Cagri Citanak as Teo
Durul Bazan as Metin
Derya Alabora as Cahide
Belma Canciger as Handan
Umur Yigit Vanli as Hakan
as Gul
Sebnem Dilligil as Nese
Berkay Tulumbaci
Alicia Kapudag as Arzu
Lal Tayra Bahar
Cigdem Aygun as Sidika
Asli Samat

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