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Serenay Sarikaya

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serenay sarıkaya turkish actress

Name: Serenay Sarikaya
Birthdate:  July 1, 1991
Height: 1.75cm

Notable Works
Tide (Medcezir)
Adanali (Adanali)
Lale Devri (The Tulip Age)
2017 Phi (Fi) (as Duru)

  • zamir

    i love you

  • anita

    i love you serenay most beautiful woman in Turkey!

  • yesimm

    love youuu <3

  • amani

    hi iam amani from saudi arabia
    i lave you serenay and lale devri story and I speak a little Turkish
    ben Seni çok seviyorum serenay

  • Hi beautiful, i love your figur. you are so deligate. all the best

  • Hi beautiful, i love your figure. you are so deligate. all the best

  • Massoud

    Hi,I am following the series Lale Devri and can say I have found it,a good series and very interesting!But the reason for my comment is the actress Serenay Sarikaya! She is a great actress and in my opinion has played her rule very strong…She has shown a charctor and a nature of a haughty,self enamoured,spoilt,selfish and destructive woman who will do anything to get her own way no matter how much she hurts and ruins the other peoples life,specially the people who she claims she loves so much!In reality such a charactor and nature of a so called human,if one can call them human,is the most hateful and resentful monster!Her act was so professional that everytime I saw her I forgot that she is acting and hated her so much! She was so resentful and I got so worked up about her animal like nature!Normaly in real life,I truely hate people like this and have no respect nor any time for them. However,I want to congratulate her in rendering such strong performance and act! As a actress,she has my biggest respect but if in real life she was truely like this,UGHS…I could have… Best wishes,Massoud.

  • MOSI

    You’re my love Serenay..

  • your fan

    I wish you have a long and long life.
    and I love you.

  • Sarah

    Watching Lale Devri just because of Serenay

  • Sarah

    Watching Lale Devri just because of Serenay
    Her clothes are Awesome

  • aysan

    i love serenay because she acts really strong and i love the way she dress and she is so beautiful and thats why she was miss turkey 2010

  • aysan

    plz say me where i can find other series that she has played

  • amir

    hi every body. i am from iran and the irannian people realy love lale devri and the best actrees on it sernay. i think she is the best miss i ever seen becouse she is a girl but she speack, think and decide like a man , in our country see see the forein movie and serios is forbiden and we should see them from net or reciver but with these problems we realy love the turkish serios . im so sorry about my misteks . amir

  • nigar

    serenay san cok guzalan ben seni cok cok seviyorom

  • nikoo

    hi serenay …
    i love you very much….kiss kiss
    i want to meet you in turkey soon… 🙂

  • nikoo

    hi serenay sarikaya i love you very much…

  • tania

    Im from america im iranian and watch lale devri i really love you serenay our my role model 😉

  • Hamda

    i love you so much serenay , i love your acting in medcezir keep going you have a beautiful face and a white heart, YOU THE BESTTT

  • junaid

    so beutifull girl

  • Wafiya ulusoy

    Serenay seni çok seviyorum betanem sen bena herşey benım aşkım benım canım seni çok amaa çok seviyorum my love my life my prınsess ❤️

  • Jan E Haider

    serenay sarikaya luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i can do any thing for u even i could run from for u but i am the most unluckiest boy in the world bczi am in pakistan,lahore i wish i could be in turkey my my every account contains ur name every password my facebook profice id all about u i saw u in medcezir then i fall in love plz plz plz meet me i beg u

  • Shamim

    HI serenay sarıkaya where you areI am your biggest fan plz plz tell me that where are you plz tell that where is your home address trust me I am your big is fan love you may Allah give you happiness of all world I you and miss you and remember that thing life is to short spend it happily bye bye ☺ see you soon sweetie I am from Turkey I am girl and 11 year old☺

  • zaryaab

    Hi serenay sarikaya i m zaryaab from Karachi Pakistan your acting was amazing I like you so much nd you are very beautiful, pretty, cute, gorgeous nd nd your smile 😚😙😘 i saw u in medcezir then i fall in love with you nd InshAllah I will meet you soon…. 😊☺☺
    There is only
    1 thing
    2 do
    3 words
    4 you
    I Love You 😚😘💋💞💘💓💖
    ☝👆 👉💌

  • ahmed

    You are beautiful gorgeus and pretty i like u u are my favorite tv show actress :-)=-OB-)=-O

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