Inanc Konukcu


Name: Inanc Konukcu
Birthdate: November 10, 1985
Birthplace: Ankara (Bala), Turkey
Height: 180 cm
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Education: Ankara University Faculty of Languages History and Geography – Theatre (Ankara Universitesi DTCF Tiyatro Bolumu Oyunculuk Ana sanat Dali)
Talent Agency: Abdullah Bulut Management
Biography: Inanc Konukcu started his career on TV with his role in Turkish drama Hope at the Night (Karanliktaki Umut). He became very popular with his role Hayalet at popular Turkish drama Behzat C. He took part in various theatre plays such as William Saroyan’s theatre play The Time of Your Life (Hayati Yasamak), William Shakespeare’s theatre play Bir Yaz Masali, Jez Butterworth’s theatre play Mojo, and Samuel French’s theatre play Jerry and Tom at Ankara State Theatre and Lost Hand (Kayıp El) at DasDas Theatre.

Inanc Konukcu Tv Series / Movies

2005 – Hope at the Night (Karanliktaki Umut)
2010 – 2013 Behzat C. (Behzat C.: Bir Ankara Polisiyesi) (as Hayalet / Sabri Ozay)
2011 – Behzat C.: I Burried You in My Heart (Behzat C.: Seni Kalbime Gomdum) (as Hayalet) (Movie)
2012 – Leyla and Mecnun (Leyla ile Mecnun)
2013 – Behzat C. Ankara is Burning (Behzat C. Ankara Yaniyor) (as Hayalet) (Movie)
2013 – 2015 The Fugitive (Kacak) (as Doctor Nazmi Konukcu)
2015 – Wedding Dance (Kasap Havasi) (as Ahmet) (Movie)
2015 – Weird Times (Tuhaf Zamanlar) (as Haydar) (Short Movie)
2016 – Tight Dress (Dar Elbise) (as Nazmi) (Movie)
2016 – Don’t Run Away Brother (Kacma Birader) (Movie)
2017 – Swallow Storm (Kirlangic Firtinasi) (as Hikmet Turaboglu)
2018 – Adi Zehra (as Kadir Keltikli)
2019 – Vurgun (as Kayhan)
2020 – Nasipse Adayiz (as Naci) (Movie)
2021 – My Home My Destiny (Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir) (as Metin)
2021 – Hukumsuz (as Sami Oren)
2021 – Heart Wound (Kalp Yarasi) (as Sinan Sancakzade)


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  1. As Hayalet in Behzat Ç, his focus, because he pays such close attention to everything, and his smiles in response to Harun’s idiotic antics, whining, slobbering, and oafish inadequacies are a gift for us! He is our representative and witness into each scene where we wish we could be standing there. He chuckles for us. Brilliant writing! Inanç brings balance when the group winds out of whack, and he brings calm when the emotions run too high. He brings joy every time he laughs at Harun. He laughs for us! Thank you for a great show. I am at the end of watching it for the 4th time (over the past 3 years) and even though I tried to watch Inanç in Kaçak, we didn’t get to enjoy any subtitles after the first season so I can’t rewatch that one but he is brilliant in that as well. (I have probably already commented on that). Thanks Turkishdrama for including this wonderful actor in your lineup! (P.S> Harun, (Fatih) you are a heart warmer for an American gal who grew up on Jim Nabors, “Gomer Pyle” who you remind me of.)

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