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Heart Wound (Kalp Yarasi) Tv Series


Original Title: Kalp Yarasi
English Title: Heart Wound
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 19+
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: 28 June 2021 –
Production Company:
Director: Yildiz Hulya Bilban
Screen Writer: Sema Ali Erol, Mahir Erol and Turkuler Ozgul Akad
Filming Locations: Antakya, Turkey


Ferit (Gokhan Alkan) is a young guy who comes from a wealthy and well-known Sancakzade family. He lives in Antakya and works at his family business instead of becoming a lawyer after graduating from law school.

Ferit is about to get married to Hande (Merve Cagiran) who also comes from a wealthy family. Ferit and Hande have known each other since their childhood and decide to get married after getting their parents’ approval.

3 days before the marriage, the life of Ferit turns upside down. He sees that his childhood friend Yaman (Toprak Can Adiguzel) is kissing his wife-to-be Hande. Ferit is shaken by the betrayal of his lover and his childhood friend.

Ferit has nothing to do but to leave the city as soon as possible. He goes to Istanbul in order to have some time by himself. Ferit cannot accept the fact that he has been betrayed by the people whom he has known since childhood.

When Ferit arrives at Istanbul, he bumps into Ayse (Yagmur Tanrisevsin) out of pure coincidence. Ayse is a beautiful and strong girl who works at the coffee house. She cares about street animals and does her best to take care of them.

When Ferit accidentally injures a street dog, he comes across Ayse and gets a chance to know her. They get along well at first sight and have a nice chat.

Ferit comes with an unexpected idea. He thinks that he can go to Antakya with Ayse and makes a white marriage with her in order to cancel his wedding with Hande. He understands that he cannot get married to Hande after her betrayal even though everyone in Antakya is waiting for that. He also knows that Hande cannot live with honor and dignity in Antakya if he ever tells anyone about her betrayal.

If Ferit makes a white marriage with Ayse, he can persuade his parents that he is in love with another woman. His mother Azade (Senay Gurler) is a dominant woman who wants to control everything. She considers Hande as a perfect bride for Sancakzade family and wants to do anything to see the marriage of Hande and Ferit. For this reason, Ferit has nothing to do but to bring another bride for Sancakzade family.

When Ferit mentions about this marriage game, Ayse does not accept this offer at first. However, her close friend goes to jail for injuring someone. In order to find money for a good lawyer, Ayse eventually accepts Ferit’s offer.

Ferit and Ayse make a deal. According to their contract, they would be married for 6 months and persuade everyone that they are in love. After 6 months, they would get divorced and resume their ordinary lives.

Meanwhile, Hande tries to do her best to set the things right. She does not say anything to her family and her mother-in-law. She wants to speak with Ferit before the marriage and explain that her kissing with Yaman is a misunderstanding. However, she does not have chance to speak with him properly.

When Ferit calls Hande and cancels the wedding, Hande cannot believe that. She learns that Ferit would be returning to Antakya on the day of their wedding. She believes that she can prove her innocence just before the wedding. Thus, she continues to wedding preparations as if nothing has happened.

On the wedding day, Ferit comes to Antakya with her new bride Ayse. Everyone gets surprised all of a sudden. Ferit and Ayse get married even though Ferit’s family and Hande’s family do not approve the marriage.

The story becomes more complicated when Azade does not approve this marriage and Hande does not give up easily.

Heart Wound (Kalp Yarasi) tv series story is about Ferit and Ayse who find themselves in a difficult marriage game for 6 months. Will Ferit forgive Hande? Will Ferit and Ayse persuade everybody that they are really in love with each other? Will Ayse get used to living in Antakya together with Ferit’s family? Will Ferit and Ayse become successful at their marriage game?

Heart Wound (Kalp Yarasi) Tv Series Cast


  • Ferit Sancakzade (Gokhan Alkan): He is the heir of Sancakzade family. He is young, handsome, kind, and generous. He works at his family business instead of becoming a lawyer after graduating from the law school.
  • Ayse Yilmaz Sancakzade (Yagmur Tanrisevsin): She is a strong girl who does her best to survive by herself after her parents passed away while she was a little girl. She does not have a chance to finish her college education and graduate from the university. She works at a coffee house in Istanbul. Her biggest dream is to open her own coffee house.
  • Hande Varoglu (Merve Cagiran): She is the only child of Varoglu family. She gets whatever she wants easily. She works at her family business after studying industrial design in the New York City. She has known Ferit since her childhood and known that she would get married to him. She dreams to create a well-known international brand through her designs. She does not want to be local.
  • Yaman Ozturk (Toprak Can Adiguzel): He is young, ambitious, and persistent. His parents have been working for Sancakzade family as a loyal worker for a long time. Even though Yaman comes from a poor family, he gets a chance to go to same school together with Ferit and Hande. Yaman also works at the factories of Sancakzade family but he wants to get more and more. He has been in love with Hande for a long time even though he know that Hande is going to get married to Ferit.
  • Azade Sancakzade (Senay Gurler): She is the mother of Ferit and Sinan. She is a strong woman. She wants to control everything in Sancakzade family. She considers Hande as a perfect bride for Sancakzade family and wants to do anything to see the marriage of Hande and Ferit.
  • Adnan Sancakzade (Mahir Gunsiray): He is the father of Ferit and Sinan. He is tired of Azade’s control and jealousy. He has furniture factories in Antakya and hotel investments together with his business partner Huseyin.
  • Zumrut Varoglu (Meltem Gulenc): She is the mother of Hande and the childhood friend of Azade. She comes from an ordinary family.
  • Huseyin Varoglu (Riza Akin): He is the father of Hande. Even though he comes from a poor family, he works so hard and becomes a wealthy business man after getting married to Zumrut. He is so fond of his daughter Hande.
  • Sinan Sancakzade (Inanc Konukcu): He is the eldest son of Sancakzade family. He studies business administration in order to take over the family business. He does not oppose to his parents and does according to their wishes. He even gets married to Leman just because Azade approves her.
  • Leman Sancakzade (Burcin Abdullah): She is the wife of Sinan. She comes from a wealthy family. She is easily controlled by her mother-in-law Azade. After graduating from high school, she gets married to Sinan.
  • Ihsan Sancakzade (Nail Kirmizigul): He is the brother of Adnan and husband of Vedia. He is the head of logistics department of Sancakzade Company.
  • Vedia Sancakzade (Yonca Sahinbas): She is the wife of Ihsan. She meets Ihsan when she works as a singer in Adana and gets married to him. She is cheerful and outspoken. She does not get along well with her sister-in-law Azade.

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