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Love (A.Ş.K) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: A.S.K.
English Title: L.O.V.E
Also Known As: Love
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 3+
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: September 25, 2013 –
Production Company: Gold Film
Director: Omur Atay
Screen Writer: Evren Sit, Serdar Soydan

Azra (Hazal Kaya) is a young and beautiful girl who works as a tennis teacher at a famous sports center. She barely supports her mother and her little sister. Azra is in love with Kerem (Hakan Kurtas) who is a swimming teacher. They met in the Sports Academy and have never been apart since. The only precious thing they have is their pure love. However, they often feel the effects of being penniless. Especially Azra, who is an ambitious girl, often dreams about rich lifestyle, beautiful shore houses, expensive cars, and so on.

On the other hand, Azra’s mother does not want her daughter to see Kerem because she does not want her child to have a poor life just like herself. For this reason, Azra secretly meets Kerem and does not say anything about her relationship. When Kerem becomes a swimming teacher at the sports center where Azra works, they continue to see each other secretly. This is because, according to the policies of the sport center, the personnel are not allowed to have a boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship with each other. That’s why; Azra and Kerem do not reveal that they are in love with each other.

Although Azra and Kerem love each other to death, their lives dramatically change when Sebnem (Asli Tandogan) enters their lives. Sebnem is a young and beautiful girl who belongs to a rich family. She is one of Azra’s rich students at the sport center. When Sebnem meets Kerem, she is attracted immediately without knowing that he has a girlfriend. In order to be close to him, Sebnem becomes willing to be the student of Kerem although she is afraid of swimming.

One day, incidentally, Azra learns the truth about Sebnem who suffers from leukemia and has a life at most 6 months. When Azra learns that fact, she behaves as if she does not know anything. This is because; she plans to use Sebnem to realize her dreams. She wants to sacrifice her love to reach her goals: become rich and have lots of money. Azra wants Kerem to get married to Sebnem. She believes that they will a have happy ending after 6 months, when Sebnem dies.

In this story, you will explore what is love for different people. Will Azra really sacrifice her love, Kerem? Will Sebnem eventually learn the plans of Azra and Kerem?  What will happen if Sebnem learn the truth about Kerem and his true feelings?

Hazal Kaya as Azra
Hakan Kurtas as Kerem
Asli Tandogan as Sebnem
Kaan Urgancioglu as Can
Nebahat Cehre as Neslihan
Sevtap Ozaltun as Ece

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  • Farah Naz

    Assalam O Alikum
    i am seeing a turkish drama (MEENAY MY LOVE)in Pakistan tv channel (Express Entertainment)and in that drama there is a charachter of man named (TAIMUR)i want to know about that person…he is too much handsome and good looking…please help me to find him,in that drama (Hakan Kurtas) actor is also in that…please please please help me

    • admin

      The name of the drama is I loved a Child (Bir Cocuk Sevdim). The character Taimur (Timur) is Bulent Inal. I’ll write a post about this drama soon.

    • Kudzaishe Makoni

      Have you watched it till the end? If u have pliz tell me …I really have yo know♥♥

  • Cassius

    You will your required artist in new drama ( Tatar Ramadan) hope you gonna find & like it Love.

  • yo

    hey! i really like azra and kerem together. I was wondering if you could help me find a website which has this drama in English. Also when will the 13 episode air and is this the last episode?

    • niki

      viki.com/tv search for “love” —–> for English

  • niki

    viki.com/tv then search for “love” in the search box! you will find 13 episodes translated in English.

    • khush bakhat

      what is the end of the story

  • Dark

    This drama is coming soon in Pakistan!

  • june rajput

    can anyone tell me the name of the song that sebnem listens in her car plzzz….

    • Arman

      Please someone reply and let us know the name of the song Sebnem was listening in her car. Please,please and please. Thanks a whole bunch.

    • artin

      Artist name is : Emre Aydin

      song name is : Soguk Odalar

      Hop you enjoy!! 🙂

      • June Rajput

        thank you sooo much 🙂 😀

  • stitch

    i am a big fan of hazal kaya. i watched ask-e-memnu and adin feriha koydum and now am watching a.s.k. hazal kaya is in 3 dramas. love her

    • sema qazi

      she isnt only in 3 dramas .she is in 10 dramas on urdu 1

  • annz

    plz anyone tell the name of the song which sebnem was listening in car.loved it!!! plssss

    • Arman

      The song Sebnem was listening / singing in her car was really a Beautiful song. Wish I could help you, and hope you forward the song’s name to my box once you find out. Very nice of you to do that.

    • Nastaran

      Salam annz and the others who asked for the song which sebnem listened in the car . here it is Emre Aydın- Soğuk Odalar
      enjoy it

  • sema qazi

    i love this drama can u please write more about it and where can i find the last episode of ishq (ASK)

  • roula

    can help me someone to find this series (ask) with greek subtitles?

    • shadow dancer

      sto facebook psaxe turkish series greek subs

  • carol

    this drama is tension-causing
    i loveeeee it

    • Kudzaishe Makoni

      Yeah it is I realy wanna know wat happened at the end

  • Kudzaishe Makoni

    Love this series
    anyone knows what happens at the end I realy wanna know
    Today 15th may 2014 I watched the episode in which sebnem dies and
    orhan dies too…

  • Shirin

    Hi .. Can someone pleeeease pleeeeease tell the name of the song that will be played when azra was crying at the wedding night of kerem and sebnem ??? Pleaseee pleaaaaaseeee

  • Rahaf zoubi

    i love Kerem and Azra together and i just dont like Sebnem !!
    And Kerem became rude in the end and so selfish, he didnt even care about Azra’s feelings and that bothered me !
    Although it was a very good series <3
    i really wanna watch another season of it
    do u know if there's gonna be another seaso? Or just 13 serieses?

  • Kitty

    I just wanna say that Can and azra looks good with each other.want another series with both of them in lead.and I must say kaan is a good actor and hazel too a good actress.just loved them both.i pray for them daily for a good future ahead (ameen).

  • Taban

    Hey can anyone pls confirm if there is another season of ask planned? really want to watch another season of this drama to see everything settling btw azra and can

  • john-angad

    in which episode do kerem and sebnem consummate? does he love her ?

    i watched the dubbed urdu episodes till the epi which showed the wedding of kerem n shebnem and the epi i just watched showed that shebnem is pregnant and azra married can….what happened in the middle?!!

  • lala rukh

    The best turkish drama is ask e memnu.ever green drama.
    I watch ask i memnu on pakistani channel urdu1.nd i watch it again nd again .
    Nd now once again.beautiful love story.
    Butiful couple bhiter nd behlul.everyone play
    Wonderful role.i love ask i memnu
    Ask e behlul.

  • manahil

    I want her song of ask it’s turkish drama of hazal kaya plssss help me

  • manahil

    No actually i want music only

  • Hagar

    Can anybody help me, I’ve reached the 21th episode on dailymotion site but i can’t find the next episodes and i’m dying
    i need it with english subtitles as well.
    Can you guys help me?:(

  • v

    can anyone tell me where i can watch ep 4 onwards and how to search for it thx

  • Shasha

    Hello, I love this turkish drama!

  • Charity

    I have tried to download that beautifull song soguk odalar but i cant get it. Kenya

  • Sharon

    very unique and short. love the ending. Kenya

  • yusuf

    One of the best drama series i’ve ever seen, keep it up!, i’m Yusuf from DAR-ES-SALAAM, TANZANIA haryuskhan@yahoo.com

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