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Nihal Koldas

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Nihal Koldas Turkish actress featured

Name: Nihal Geyran Koldas
Birthdate: 1956
Height: cm

Notable Works
1989 Cahide
1997 Innocence (Masumiyet) (the movie)
2007 Knife Edge (Bicak Sirti) (as Gonul)
2009 Guldunya (as Safiye Guclu)
2009 Envy (Kiskanmak) (as Nuriye)(the movie)
2009 Game of Justice (Adalet Oyunu) (as Gulcan) (the movie)
2010 Majority (Cogunluk) (as Nazan) (the movie)
2010 Intersection (Kavsak) (the movie)
2012 Co-wife (Kuma) (as Fatma) (the movie)
2013 L.O.V.E. (A.S.K.) (as Sirma)
2014 Spirit of Dust (Toz Ruhu) (as Suzan) (the movie)
2015 A Sea Story (Bir Deniz Hikayesi) (as Sidika)
2015 Mustang (the movie)
2015 Motherland (Ana Yurdu) (as Halise) (the movie)
2016 Inside (Icerde) (as Fusun)


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