Who Were We Running From? Tv Series

Who Were We Running From? Tv Series


Original Title: Biz Kimden Kaciyorduk Anne?
English Title: Who Were We Running From?
Also Known As:
Genre: Mystery, Crime
Episodes: 7 episodes (each episode is 45-50 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Netflix
Broadcast Period: March 24, 2023
Production Company: 1441 Productions
Director: Umut Aral, Gokcen Usta
Screenwriter: Ertan Kurtulan
Filming Locations: Antalya, Cappadocia, Istanbul, Turkiye


A young mother (Melisa Sozen) and her young daughter Bambi (Eylul Tumbar) live together and always run away from their enemies. They try to be safe and do anything to protect themselves.

They live in luxury hotels. They sometimes go abroad and spend some time there. They do not stay at the same hotel for more than two months. They convert the hotel rooms into their own homes. They decorate as they wish and spend most of their time in their hotel rooms. When mother says “it is time”, they leave everything behind and go to another place.

Mother and Bambi are always on the run. They do not have any financial problems. Mother spends money which is inherited from her parents. Due to this reason, they can afford to stay in the most beautiful hotel rooms in luxury hotels.

During their stay, they try not to get attention. Mother always wears black to hide her feminine side and Bambi wears childish clothes to seem little. Even though they aim not to get attention, they end up getting other’s attention.

Mother does anything to protect her daughter. She sometimes punishes others without any fear.

As the story develops, the luxury hotels get replaced with cheap motels and the police become closer to them. Mother tries her best to make their lives as a fairytale but she turns her daughter’s life into a nightmare.

Who Were We Running From? (Biz Kimden Kaciyorduk Anne?) tv series story is about the mysterious life of a mother and her daughter who always run away from their enemies. Will Mother and Bambi find peace in their life? Will Mother and Bambi manage to escape from the police? Why are Mother and Bambi running from others? Where does their money come from?

Who Were We Running From? (Biz Kimden Kaciyorduk Anne?) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Hakan Emre Unal as Tough Commissar
  • Meric Rakalar
  • Emrah Kolukisa as Chief
  • Kubilay Tuncer as Hotel Manager
  • Isik Naz Ozedgu as Young Mother
  • Cem Uslu as Estate Agent
  • Ada Sahin as Child Mother
  • Sena Pehlivan as Servant
  • Devrim Kabacaoglu as Deputy Commissar of Tough
  • Elit Andac Cam as Interpol Police
  • Deniz Karaoglu as Doctor
  • Kenan Kilavun as Father’s Chauffeur
  • Deniz Turkali as Distant Relative
  • Ozlem Zeynep Dinsel as Security Manager
  • Denizhan Akbaba as Yellow Head
  • Wilma Elles as Hollywood Creature

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Who Were We Running From? (Biz Kimden Kaciyorduk Anne?) Tv Series Trailer (with English Subtitle)

Who Were We Running From? | Official Trailer | Netflix

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