Love Wants Effort (Ask Emek Ister)

love wants effort (aşk emek ister) Turkish series

Original Title: Ask Emek Ister
English Title: Love Wants Effort
Also Known As:
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 11
Broadcast Network: Show Tv
Broadcast Period: April 14, 2013 – August 1, 2013
Production Company: MinT Yapim
Director: Hamdi Alkan
Screen Writer: Birol Guven

Demir (Furkan Palali) is a young and handsome guy who has graduated from an university in the U.S. He lives happly without knowing the hardships of the life. When he returns to Istanbul, he expects that he would be the boss at his family business. However, Demir’s father (Mazlum Kiper) wants him to understand how true life is. For this reason, his father asks him to be a simple worker at one of his factories and to learn the business from the start. If Demir does not accept that offer, his father would not give him any money and would not let him stay at his house or use his credit cards, cars, etc.

Demir has nothing to do but to work at the factory as an ordinary worker. He involuntarily accepts his father’s offer. He thinks that his father would change his mind after 2 or 3 days. But, he does not know that his father is really determined at this time.

The next day, Demir goes to factory and introduces himself as Emre. He never reveals that he is the heir of a rich family. He acts as if he is a poor guy. There, he meets Deniz (Ekin Turkmen) who is a young and beautiful girl. Deniz also works at the factory as an ordinary worker. She becomes the head of the family and starts to bring home the bread after her parents passed away. Now, she lives happly with her little sister Derya (Derya Beserler) and just wants that her little sister would have a good career.

Demir/Emre and Deniz fall in love at fist sight. In this story, you will explore pure love between rich guy and poor girl. Will Deniz bring happiness to Demir/Emre? Will anybody learn the true identity of Demir/Emre? What will happen when Deniz learn the truth about her first love Demir/Emre?

Furkan Palali as Demir/Emre
Ekin Turkmen as Deniz
Muge Boz as Leyla
Mazlum Kiper as Hikmet
Nihal Menzil as Gulsum
Osman Buyukercan as Bekir
Derya Beserler as Derya

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  1. Henedina Lagumen

    In what particular website can i watch Love Wants Effort with English sub titles?

  2. Va rog daca este posibil sa ne traduceti cate un episod cand se poate din serialul turcesc Ask Emec Ister.Cred ca este foarte bun si interesant, dar cel mai mult imi doresc sa-l vad pentru ca-mi plac serialele cu deosebitul actor Furkan Palali pe care il ador.Multumesc anticipat si doresc mult bine si sanatate persoanelor care fac aceasta frumoasa activitate,unele de drag , altele din pasiune.Toate cele bune.

  3. Me gustan mucho las series turcas, quizás pueden subtitularla al español. Gracias

  4. Plz give it to Pakistani Channel Urdu 1

  5. It is going on air through Indus Vision tv… Every Monday nd Tuesday at 8:00 pm

  6. where can i watch this drama in eng sub ?

  7. hey, do you know where I could watch this drama with english subtitles?

  8. ilove this drama plz is ko urdu 1 par dalk maine 1000 dafa kaha hai youtube par lekhen ab mujeh e mil gaya plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. ilove this ilove demir deniz and best drama ever plzz is ko urdu1 mai dalo pllzzzzzzz

  10. this is best drama and best jodi demir deniz plz is drama ko pakistan chamnels mai dalooo…….

  11. larka to bohat cute hai

  12. male head is awesome

  13. Ilove this drama…..plz is drama ko pakistan urdu 1 par dalo plz plz plz plZ…………..deniz from pakistan

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