Sarp Akkaya

Sarp Akkaya - Actor


Name: Sarp Akkaya
Birthdate: May 13, 1980
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 183 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts School (Mimar Sinan Universitesi Devlet Konservatuvari)
Talent Agency:
Spouse: Sinem Yalcinkaya (m. 2017-present)
Biography: Sarp Akkaya graduated from Mimar Sinan University in 2001. He took part in various theatre plays such as Chaos (Kaos) and After (Sonra) at Studio Drama Theatre Community (Studyo Drama Tiyatro Toplulugu) and 6th Day (6. Gun) and Devenin Horgucu Yamuk Olur at Alchera Theatre Community (Alchera Tiyatro Toplulugu). He started his tv career with his role in turkish series Our Family (Bizim Aile). Sarp Akkaya became very popular with his roles in popular Turkish dramas Valley of Wolves Ambush (Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu) and Karadayi. Sarp Akkaya’s elder sister Esra Akkaya is also an actress. Sarp Akkaya has a twin brother named Kaya Akkaya. Together with his siblings, Sarp Akkaya founded Academia Theatre (Akkademi Tiyatro).

Sarp Akkaya Tv Series / Movies

1995 – Our Family (Bizim Aile)
2004 – Ah Be Istanbul
2006 – Don’t Forget Me (Beni Unutma)
2007 – Valley of Wolves Ambush (Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu) (as Servet)
2007 – Postponed Lives (Ertelenmis Hayatlar)
2007 – School of Fame (Sohret Okulu)
2008 – Exiled Lives (Surgun Hayatlar)
2008 – The Market: A Tale of Trade (Pazar: Bir Ticaret Masalı) (Movie)
2009 – Night Daytime (Gece Gunduz)
2009 – 2011 (as Tevfik Zaim)
2011 – 2012 Blue Butterflies (Mavi Kelebekler)
2011 – Labyrinth (Labirent) (Movie)
2011 – The Escape (Firar) (Movie)
2012 – 2013 (as Sari)
2012 – One Day or Another (El Yazisi) (Movie)
2012 – February (Subat)
2013 – 2014 (as Atmaca)
2015 – Racon
2015 – Incomplete (Eksik) (Movie)
2015 – (as Murat)
2017 – (as Damir)
2017 – The Lord of the Seagull (Martilarin Efendisi) (Movie)
2017 – Bad Boy (Kotu Cocuk) (Movie)
2018 – Oath (Soz) (as Dragan Rathovic)
2019 – (as Aydin Kara)
2019 – Miracle in Cell No. 7 (7. Kogustaki Mucize) (Movie)
2019 – Ferhat and Sirin (Ferhat ile Sirin) (as Cemal)




Body Type:
Star Sign: Taurus
Blood Type:

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  1. im from WestAfrica…i was very impressed by your performace when i watched’re one of my favourite in the industry.keep shinning big brother

  2. hi,i love your role in seem so good-heart.
    i love you.

  3. i love him he has good looking.

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