Onur Tuna


Name: Onur Tuna
Birthdate: July 2, 1985
Birthplace: Canakkale, Turkey
Height:  1,95 m
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Education: Dokuz Eylul University – Economics (Dokuz Eylul Universitesi Ekonomi), Ege University State Conservatory – Art Music (Ege Universitesi Konservatuvari Sanat Muzigi Ses Egitimi)
Talent Agency: Black Listt Management
Biography: Onur Tuna was born in 2 July 1985 in Canakkale. He got his bachelor degree in economics from Dokuz Eylul University. After then, he studied Art Music education at Ege University State Conservatory. Onur Tuna, whose height is 1.95 m., played professional basketball and volleyball since secondary school. while he was going to secondary school and high school, he took part in theatre plays. While he was studying at university, he worked as a model for 4 years. After graduating from university, he took acting lessons from Izmir Mujdat Gezen Art Center for 2.5 years. After then, he took acting lessons in Istanbul from Uc Mota, Ayla Algan, Craft and Saim Guveloglu. In 2011, Onur Tuna started his acting career professionally with his role in Turkish drama Life Goes On (Hayat Devam Ediyor). Besides acting, he is interested in music. He plays guitar and piano. He also writes songs and has EP consisting of 4 songs.

Onur Tuna Tv Series / Movies


  • 2012 – Doruktakiler – Fen Bilimleri Okullari Yilin Basari Odulleri – Yilin En Iyi Cikis Yapan Erkek Oyuncusu (Hayat Devam Ediyor)
  • 2016 – Cekmekoy 2023 Dergisi 1. Sosyal Farkindalik Odulleri – Yilin En Iyi Erkek Dizi Oyuncusu (Filinta)
  • 2016 – KKTC Magazin Gazetecileri Odul Toreni – Yilin En Iyi Erkek Dizi Oyuncusu (Filinta)


Instagram: Instagram – onurtuna
Spotify: Spotify – Uzay Misali

Body Type:
Skills: Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type:
Hobbies: Basketball, Football, Table Tennis
Languages: English (Advanced), Turkish
Weight: 87 kg

Onur Tuna Gallery

Bi’ Hicmisim Gibi (Official Video)

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  1. Wow,.. don’t know what to say. I’m speechless about Filinta of a very handsome “ Çok Güzel” character Mustafa. I’m watching it right now on Netflix USA. I’ve been watching many of popular Turkish services. Even though I have Turkish back ground l didn’t know Turkish language. Because of their film I forced myself to learn the language with the help of goggles translation. Onur Tuna is very talented, brilliant, & handsome actor which he was dashing on entire episode of Flinta. As others mentioned his beautiful blue eyes 👀 he is so gorgeous. I’ve seen many actors struggling to be perfect, but #OnurTuna is gifted actor with a great performance. I believe top producers such as Kerem Catay of ayyapim can offer him a series with all kinds of genres which he is very skillful on romantic, action & mistry he will stir the universe & we love to see him more.

  2. Just now started watching FILINTA. WOW! I have never seen a man with such BLUE EYES. Where in the world do these Turkish men get these blue eyes???? Makes me want to update my passport and head for Turkey. Haven’t got into FILINTA just yet. Opinion is still out? Let you know later.

  3. Mr. Tuna after my discovery of FILINTA now I am a lover of Turkish series. I love Turkey. Istanbul,Bursa, al the places that are fabulous. I dream to be there,in front of the Bósforo, visiting Historical places. I am planning to go..

    I want to learn Turkish. I am a fan of your performance. Want to see more done by you. Good luck And God will bless you.

  4. Mr. Tuna has the charisma of the Hollywood actors in the 30’s and 40’s, I wood say the same for Mr Kivanc T..There blue eyes are certainly wonderful. I live in the USA. I would like to say I would love to see more movies and TV series with these gentleman and many more of the talented actors from all the international community. There are many interesting cultures in the world to be celebrated and shared, we do not need to all be the same, that would be very boring! But through the Arts like movies, music and literature, food and more, we show we can get along and if only this could be realized by all!

  5. My name is Esther born in St. Marc, Haiti. I do not watch TV but I pick and choose the movies I watched. I must say to you that I have watched “Filinta” over and over again it is one of my favorite Turkish movies. Despite of the length of time I watched all and enjoyed each episodes. In case you wondering of my language, I leave in America so I speak English, French/ Creole, some Spanish and now I’m learning Turkish. I am a believer in Christ Jesus, this movie open my eyes and help me to recognize the evil behind the government, people in power and authority. You and Ali are great together. May God bless you and grant you your heart desires and take you to the greatest paths of your future.

  6. Handsome looking man. What beautiful blue eyes. Excellent acting as well. Absolutely loved him in “Filinta”. Similar background to Kivanc Tattilug, played basket ball, is tall, beautiful blue eyes and was a model before acting.

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