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Filinta Tv Series


Original Title: Filinta
English Title: Filinta
Also Known As:
Genre: Action, Crime, Mistery, History
Episodes: 56
Broadcast Network: TRT 1
Broadcast Period: December 23, 2014 – April 22, 2016
Production Company: Es Film
Director: Osman Kaya, Omer Gokhan Erkut
Screen Writer: ,


Filinta is the first Ottoman detective story in the history of Turkish television. The drama takes place between the years 1850 and 1900.

Filinta Mustafa (Onur Tuna) is a young and successful police officer in the 19th century Istanbul, in the Ottoman era. He and his teammates are working hard to keep the peace in the streets of the Ottoman Empire. They are trying to catch the leader of the gun smuggling and organize intelligent plans to disclose the identity of this leader step by step.

However, one day, Mustafa and his close friend Ali (Cem Ucan) find themselves in a big ambush planned by a wealthy merchant Boris (Serhat Tutumluer).

Boris, in fact, is the mafia leader who is behind these entire gun smuggling activities. But, nobody is actually aware of his illegal activities because Boris only works with his loyal men and kills others that know his identity.

Mustafa’s close friend Ali is killed in this ambush. While Mustafa feels sorry for not being able to save his friend, he finds himself in a desperate situation. Mustafa is accused of setting this ambush, killing Ali, and accepting brides from illegal activities.

A charismatic and successful Khadi (a high level judge) Giyaseddin Hatemi (Mehmet Ozgur) is assigned to proceed the case of Mustafa. Khadi Giyaseddin Hatemi is the tutor of Mustafa and knows his innocence but he has to prove Mustafa’s innocence with evidence.

On the court, many false witnesses give testimony against Mustafa and accuse him as taking bribes, oppressing the poor and so on.

Mustafa introduces one of his colleagues as his own witness in response to all these allegations. However, he is also betrayed by his close colleague and is eventually sentenced to death.

Despite all these allegations, Khadi Giyaseddin Hatemi knows that there is a big conspiracy against Ottoman police department and for this reason, he wants to save Mustafa. He cannot change his decision on the court because he does not have sufficient evidence. Thus, he talks with Ottoman Sultan (his former student) and explains the situation.

Ottoman Sultan gives an order that could be a solution for this problem: Filinta Mustafa will return to his position at the Istanbul police department, will work on this conspiracy and find the true culprits within 1 year; if he cannot prove his innocence within 1 year, he will be sentenced to death.

Mustafa starts to investigate this conspiracy but falls in love with the beautiful daughter of his enemy conspiring against him, Lara Zaharyas (Damla Aslanalp)

In filinta tv series story, you will explore an Ottoman detective drama during the years 1850-1900. Will Mustafa manage to prove his innocence within 1 year? What will Mustafa do when he learns that he falls in love with the daughter of his enemy? Will Mustafa manage to catch Boris and disclose his illegal identity?

Filinta Tv Series Cast

as Filinta Mustafa
as Boris Zaharyas
as Kadi Giyasettin Hatemi
Naz Elmas as Azize
Damla Aslanalp as Lara Zaharyas
Hakan Yufkacigil as Sansar Cemil
as Sultan
as Otto Petrovic
as Sureyya
as Farah
Asena Tugal as Leyla
as Sultan Abdülhamid Han
Hazim Kormukcu
Wilma Elles as Anita
Cem Ucan as Bicak Ali
Kayra Senocak as Hasan
Ebubekir Ozturk as Bekri
Yosi Mizraki as Esat Pasha
Kamil Guler as Abdullah
Reshad Strik as Zulfu
Kemal Zeydan as Zeyrek

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  1. I really enjoy the complexity of Turkish dramas.
    Currently watching Filinta for the 2nd time. Love it.
    I wish there had been a season 3, to further explore the relationship between Farah and Mustafa..could have been very interesting.

  2. I’m watching filinta s 2 episode 94, I’m very disappointed about Lara’s character, she disappear from the series, she was beautiful, helping the poor,the love that Mustafa and her had was so romantic and original.i thought she will appear again ,that she survived but no, it was totally change .those killers appear ,her father continue killing. She was not even remenber by her father or Mustafa anymore….don’t like the turn that was made. Sorry….

  3. Let me begin by saying: I love Turkish shows! I have not yet completed this series. I have no idea what Season I am on, as Netflix has all episodes listed as “Season 1”. Per Netflix, I am on Episode 39. I have to agree with some of the reviewers. I have been thoroughly put off by the “Lara” character. Thoroughly: shallow, pouty, spoiled, insipid. Is she like 15 years old? And to Mustafa wanting to protect her, I say “meh, get a woman like that wonderful nurse who had a mad crush on you.” The endless thuggery is tiresome, and at this point seems to have the winning hand. I find myself now fast-forwarding through a lot of the looong predictable scenes to catch up to my favorite characters who, at this point are the dear Cadi Efendi, and Abdullah, the very interesting photographer. Too, too many new characters are being introduced, and I am left wondering where some of the others disappeared to…or will they reappear, (spoiler alert) as has happened. Maybe this show is not conducive to binge watching. As far as a concern by a fellow reviewer, I get what you are saying about the history as portrayed. But realize this isn’t a documentary. I find myself on Wikipedia checking some of the interesting historical people, places and events which I have never heard of., but I allow for artistic license, it makes things interesting,

  4. I just finished watching season 1, 2 .. Never knew how Strong character Turkish folks. I loved every suspense each episode..when can we expecT season 3 please ? couldn’t wait to see all. but I had to admit so many cruel people in this show..but wonderful story I learned about the some of Turkey culture and character of their.
    I admire strong personalities they posses. hope Netflix will show us season 3.. I never knew much about the Turkey.. but WOW to their TV programs.. best story and actors strong performance.. from USA

    1. FORGET TO mention ” FILINTA” the show name and wonderful/ strong character actors of Onur Tuna ( Mustafa) and Cem Ucan( Blazer Ali)..

  5. I am an American who has recently started watching the Turkish Dramas that are being shown on Netflix. This is the fifth drama that I have watched and up to this point, I have loved watching them. As an American born and raised, I knew nothing about your country or your people. I began to learn about your country and its people by watching these dramas. I realized that in many ways, we are the same in that we love our families and we love our country. However, I began watching Filinta and stopped after 8 episodes. Then, I decided to try it again and see if it got any better. I watched season 1 and 2. I don’t even know what to say about this show! Other than, it was pure SHOCK AND HORROR. Was this based on your country’s history or was it pure fiction??? I truly hope that it was not based on history. I found it hard to take that you portrayed your countrymen in such a bad light. I did not see a single normal family or person in this show. They were portrayed a gang members, thugs, assassins. All of them were on the take and would slit a man’s throat for a coin without conscious. The series was so convoluted with all the countries and spies that were trying to take your government down. The constant killings were so much that I wonder how there could be a single Turkish person still alive at the rate of murders that were going on. Onur Tuna is an extremely handsome man but he really did not do this character justice. He was COLD. I saw no emotion from him except when a fake tear would run down his cheek. He was suppose to be the HERO?? But, he fell in love with a spoiled, childish, irritating girl child? Then, he married a woman he did not love because his father told him to marry her????? UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Then, he fell in love with a bad-ass woman reformed killer???? AND, They all died????? SORRY, but I did not believe half this stuff that you crammed into this series. It was so unbelievable that I kept watching all this shock and horror just to see what was going to happen next. THEN, to top off all this unbelievable stuff, you bring in the fact that the top person leading the secret society to take your government down is an AMERICAN????? Wait a minute. I draw the line right there!!!! My country – the country that I love – would not have some crazy man with a hood on his head sitting in a chair plotting how to take your government down. Who ever wrote this T.V. Drama needs to have their heads examined. I think you get the point. I really did not like this show and I hope that children were not allowed to watch it. Too much blood and guts!!!

    1. Watch Behzat Ç…it has deep emotion, complex characters…no cartoon versions…really complicated story line, great writing…maybe not fancy cinematography but it is what made me fall in love with Turkish TV.
      Thanks for the heads up on the Filinta show..I will pass…I saw enough evil coldness in Ezel to last a lifetime.

        1. You are welcome…I am watching my 4th time through…The 1st episode sets up the characters in such a great way and yet, keep in mind the sound quality isn’t always spot on…it is not about camera shots on this, but character driven…

    2. Totally agree about Filinta’s blood and guts . We are in Season 2 and it is getting worse, but you have warned me! We check out the shows on Netflix and only watch the ones that are complete with all of the Seasons. We did start Ertugral , but that was before we realized that not all the seasons were available. We really enjoyed The End. So far we are on our 9th series and Turkish tv shows are so much better than what is available in the states! Hope Netflix gets the ball rolling and adds Seasons to various series so that we can watch them all . (-:

    3. sadly there are facts in the history, if you havent read history just go through it and please do read the role of lawrence of Arabia in breaking down the ottoman s empire.

  6. I have enjoyed series 1 and in to series 2. The trouble is I have to keep googling the history at the same time because my Turkish history is scanty except from a Western European viewpoint. Who did you base the secret brotherhood on? Are they Jesuits? Illuminati? Purely fictional?
    Like Judy E. I found the female lead irritating. Mustafa’s character would have demanded a much stronger woman rather than a simpering schoolgirl. Maybe that’s what Turkish men admire? Perhaps it’s a cultural thing.
    The comic cops I enjoyed though as light relief. Was Istanbul really that thuggish?
    Lastly, Queen Victoria as a constitutional monarch would have had no part in the spying and international politics with the British portrayed in series 1. Get the facts right fellas.
    Have watched as many Turkish movies as I can find. Love them and have improved my knowledge of Turkish history at the same time👩🏻‍🎓

  7. After watching 8 episodes, I had to stop watching it. It was not my cup of tea. The whole story was not even believable. Onur Tuna is one fine looking man with the most beautiful blue eyes but he did not make this character believable. The young girl that played his love interest irritated the daylights out of me. Her irritating little voice drove me crazy. I cannot figure out why you would try to do a historical detective story which should be serious and then add two lunatics trying to play two comic policemen in the story. It just did not go together. Sorry, fellows. I usually love the Turkish Dramas but this was a bummer for me. I give you about 2 stars for this effort.

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