Peace Street (Huzur Sokagi)

Peace Street - Huzur Sokağı Turkish Series

Original Title: Huzur Sokagi
English Title: Peace Street
Also Known As: شارع السلام, Gang Damai
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 67
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: September 7, 2012 – April 18, 2014
Production Company: Set Film
Director: Senol Sonmez
Screen Writer:

Bilal (Kutsi) is a young guy who was raised in a religious and conservative family. Feyza (Selin Demiratar), on the other hand, comes from a rich and modern family. She is beautiful but at the same time spoiled. Feyza and Bilal goes to same university and study at the same department. Their lives are totally different, they do not have one common thing but one day, a new page opens in their lives. While hanging out with her friends, Feyza says that she can seduce Bilal. In order to reach her goal, Feyza starts to do everything to win Bilal’s heart. But this little game turns into a love story. Their fates come to an intersection when they develop a deep love for each other.

However, their love is not easy at all, they have lots of obstacles in front of their ways. For instance, there is Sukran (Sinem Ozturk) who is secretly in love with Bilal and has been dreaming to get married him since her childhood. Sukran also comes from a conservative family and for this reason, Bilal’s mother wants to see Sukran as her daugher-in-law.

As time goes on, the story becomes more comlicated. At first, Bilal pays no attention to Feyza. This is because, he considers her just a spoiled rich girl. But in the course of time, he starts to love her. At the same time, Feyza starts to pay attention to Bilal just because she wants to win the bet. But in the course of time, she gets through a big transformation. The she become closer to Bilal, the more she dedicates herself to religion.

In this story you will see that love does not look for any difference. Will Bilal and Feyza manage to become together despite the differences in their lives? How will Feyza’s family react when they learn that Feyza is in love with a conservative and poor guy?

Peace Street Cast
Selin Demiratar as Feyza
Kutsi as Bilal
Guven Hokna as
Sinem Ozturk as Sukran

Peace Street Tv Series English Trailer

Peace Street (Huzur Sokagi) Tv Series English Trailer

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  1. would u know were i can see the series Huzur Sokagi with english subtitiles ? thank you for your time
    christina filippas

  2. Horrible ending to a great story line! 🙁

  3. TERRIBLE ENDING to a great story line!

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