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Balkan Lullaby (Balkan Ninnisi) Tv Series


Original Title: Balkan Ninnisi
English Title: Balkan Lullaby
Also Known As:
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 9 (each episode is 150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: TRT 1
Broadcast Period: 21 June 2022 – Present
Production Company: Nebula Film Yapim
Director: Dogan Umit Karaca (episodes 1-4); Volkan Kapkin (episodes 1-4); Serdar Akar (episodes 5-)
Screen Writer: Ugur Uzunok, Nurullah Sevimli, Abdulhamit Isik, Esma Koc
Filming Locations: Skopje (North Macedonia)


Ertan (Emre Bey) is a young and handsome Turkish guy who lives in North Macedonia together with his big family. He has been raised in Turkish culture so that he would not forget his roots.

Ertan lives in Istanbul for four years apart from his family in order to study at the university. He aims to become a radio programmer and for this reason, he studies radio and television in Istanbul. However, his family thinks that he has been studying architecture in Istanbul.

After four years, Ertan returns to Skopje, North Macedonia, and reunites with his family. Since he has not studied architecture, he cannot build a mosque that has been dreamt of his family for a long time.

Out of pure coincidence, Ertan bumps into a beautiful Macedonian girl Jovanka (Merih Ozturk). Jovanka has also studied radio and television in Istanbul and she wants to work in the entertainment sector.

The lives of Ertan and Jovanka intersect even though they have totally different families. Ertan’s family, particularly his uncle Suleyman (Erdal Ozyagcilar), is attached to Turkish culture. They want to keep a Turkish legacy alive which was destroyed after the Ottomans left the Balkans. On the other hand, Jovanka’s family, particularly her mother Elena (Suzan Akbelge) is attached to Macedonian culture and has prejudices toward Turkish people.

The story becomes more complicated when Ertan and Jovanka come across on different occasions and everyone assumes them as lovers. Even though Ertan and Jovanka try to keep away from themselves, they find themselves closer and closer.

Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby) tv series story is about the lives of two different families who live in Skopje, North Macedonia. Will Ertan become successful at radio programming? Will Jovanka manage to work in the television sector even though her mother wants her to work in the public sector? Will Ertan and Jovanka start to develop some feelings for each other even though they come from very different families? Will Neriman and Suleyman accept a Macedonian girl as a bride? Will Elena accept a Turkish guy as a groom? Will Ertan’s family and Jovanka’s family eventually get along well with each other?

Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby) Tv Series Cast

Additional Cast Members

  • Erman Saban as Zafer
  • Kaan Turgut as Pavel
  • Emine Halil as Aysen
  • Süleyman Kara as Mustafa
  • Burak Rahman as Luran
  • Deniz Gürkan as Gülbahar
  • Can Kolukısa as Zübeyir Dede
  • Mustafa Yaşar as Ahmet
  • Bedia Begovska
  • Elyesa Kaso
  • Filiz Ahmet
  • Slađana Vujošević
  • Firdaus Nebi
  • Selviye Inci as Güldaniye
  • Tolga Ortancıl as Irfan
  • Cenap Samet as Cemail


Ertan (Emre Bey):

Ertan is the son of Neriman. He is a Turkish boy who lives in North Macedonia. He lives in Istanbul for 4 years apart from his family in order to go to the university. Even though his family thinks that he has been studying architecture, he in fact has been studying radio and television. After returning to North Macedonia, he bumps into Jovanka and starts to have feelings toward her.

Jovanka (Merih Öztürk):

Jovanka is a Macedonian girl who lives in North Macedonia. She studies radio and television just like Ertan and wants to work in this sector even though her mother wants her to work in the public sector. After returning to North Macedonia, she meets Ertan out of pure coincidence and starts to have some feelings toward her.

Suleyman (Erdal Özyağcılar):

Suleyman is the uncle of Ertan. He has a meatball restaurant. He is stubborn and reliable. He cares about Turkish traditions and cultures a lot and wants to keep a legacy alive which was destroyed after the Ottomans withdrew. Suleyman does not forget the past and has prejudices toward Macedonians. He even does not cross the Vardar river in order not to be on the side where Macedonians live. He wants Ertan to become an architect and build a mosque in Skopje.

Neriman (Özlem Türkad):

Neriman is the mother of Ertan and the sister of Suleyman. She wants to live happily together with her children and her family. She does her best to raise her children by herself with the help of his brother. After her son Zafer leaves her family behind in order to get married to a Macedonian girl, Neriman gets afraid of losing her younger son Ertan too. For this reason, she wants Ertan to get married to a Turkish girl.

Elena (Suzan Akbelge):

Elena is the mother of Jovanka. She is very attached to Macedonia. She is dominant, strong, and stubborn.

Daniel (Hakan Boyav):

Daniel is the father of Jovanka. He is easy-going and friendly. He is interested in antiques.

Zafer (Erman Saban):

Zafer is Ertan’s older brother who has left his family behind in order to get married to a Macedonian girl.

Gulsum (Gözde Çığacı):

Gulsum is Ertan’s older sister who is married to Arif. She is a genius computer engineer. She is silent and mature.

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Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby) Tv Show Trailer (with English Subtitle)

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