Karadayi Tv Series

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Karadayi Tv Series


Original Title: Karadayi
English Title: Karadayi
Also Known As: Zware Fuhn, القبضاي, Karadaji, Справедливостта на Кара, Časni ljudi, Prateria Mudo
Genre: Drama, Action, Romance
Episodes: 115
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: October 08, 2012 – June 15, 2015
Production Company: Ay Yapim
Director: Uluc Bayraktar, Cem Karci
Screen Writer: ,
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Trabzon Turkey


The story takes place during 1970s.

Mahir (Kenan Imirzalioglu) is a young and handsome guy. He works as a shoe repairer and has a comfortable middle-class life. He lives happilly with his family, father Nazif Kara (Cetin Tekindor), mother, two sisters and one brother. On the day of his engagement with Ayten (Melike Yalova), his perfect life turns upside down.

His father, Nazif Kara is blamed for a murder. His father is convicted of murdering a successful judge and he is sentenced to death after the trial. The witnesses see Nazif Kara on-scene of the murder with the murder weapon in his hands.

Mahir never believes that his father is guilty. He tries to prove the innocence of his father and wants to give him his freedom. However, finding any evidence to save his father would be too hard for him.

Therefore, Mahir gives up himself, his life, and his love. He makes a plan to work with the judges of his father’s trial. By this way, he aims to investigate the case in more detail and to find the true murderer. He creates a new identity and acquaints himself as Salih, who is a law apprentice.

Mahir starts to work with Feride (Berguzar Korel) who is the attorney general for Nazif Kara’s trial. Feride is a young and beautiful woman who comes from a rich family. She is so succesful on her work.

Mahir/Salih starts to give assistance to Feride while she is doing research about the murder. Mahir/Salih tries to give another perspective to Feride. He always wants to protect his father and for this reason, most of the time he expresses his positive views about Nazif Kara.

As time passes, Mahir/Salih and Feride fall completely into each other. However, Mahir/Salih knows that this is impossible love thus, he tries to hide his love.

In karadayi tv series, you will see the story of Mahir/Salih and Feride who love each other to death but their love is impossible. Will anybody recognise that Salih is actually Mahir in disguise? Will Mahir/Salih live the rest of his life peacefully with Feride? Will Mahir/Salih manage to find the true murderer and save his father?

Karadayi Tv Series Cast

as Mahir Kara / Karadayi
as Feride Sadoglu / Kara
as Nazif Kara / Kibar
as Yasin Ulutas / Kibrit
as Ayten Alev
as Vehbi Duru
as Turgut Akin
as Necdet Guney / Barut
Civan Canova as Cetin Hunkaroglu
as Songul Kara
as Orhan Kara
Elif Sonmez as Ilknur Kara
Cenan Camyurdu as Erdal Engin
as Osman Guney
Deniz Sen Hamzaoglu as Bulent Tiryaki
Ozan Agac as Ismet Ertekin
Murat Agac as Ismet Ertekin
Murat Mastan as Kemal
Perihan Erener as Zehra
Irem Kahyaoglu as Suna Demir
Ugur Aslan as Ismail Gun
Kerem Firtina as Adnan Tok

External Links
Official Site: https://www.ayyapim.com/en-us/karadayi
Official Site 2: https://www.atv.com.tr/webtv/karadayi/bolum
English Wikipedia:
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTQ6d7W2JRulB1Pd-9wCsAw

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Karadayi Tv Series Trailer (Eng Sub)

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Robert Kitts
February 26, 2022 11:44 pm

I’m using filmbox+ subscription that has complete series with English subtitles

T. Abazie
April 6, 2021 12:18 pm

I ve come to love Turkish series…wish DSTV continued Karadayi and allowed us see the end of the series. So loved the old times setting and the love story line.. where can I get d full video for buying?

Virginia Young
August 15, 2018 3:49 pm

I want more Kenan

August 10, 2018 2:03 pm

Why is Netflix abandoning Turkish TV? Karadayi vanished to my horror, as did Ezel, and Godul. Turkish TV series on the whole are the best I’ve ever seen.

Judy Ellison
August 5, 2018 10:25 pm

I just finished watching season 2 and season 3 of Karadayi. I had to find the episodes on YouTube which were in the Turkish language with no English Subtitles. Therefore, I had to scramble around trying to find English translated summaries of the episodes so I knew what was happening but even with all this effort, it was worth it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED KARADAYI! I thought it was a fantastic drama. The love story of Feride and Mahir was beautiful. Kenan and Berguzar did a fantastic job. I was cheering for them the entire time. All of the actors did a good job. The man that played Turgut was outstanding. How he played this sleazy, psycho, evil, killer was beyond me. I actually clapped my hands when they put that rope around his neck. LOL I enjoyed every minute of this drama. My hat is off to the actors, writers, directors, producers. Great Job!!!!

rachel dietzel
August 4, 2018 5:53 pm

what hapined t o karaday 1001 nights love and punishment on Netflix want them back. with English sub littles

Judy Ellison
July 10, 2018 10:46 pm

Just finished watching episode 93 of Karadayi and discovered that Netflix has done it again…..did not give us all of the episodes in the show. I am about ready to scream bad words at them!!!!! Why do they keep doing this? I guess I will be out on YouTube trying to find the remainder of the episodes of Karadayi. I have learned the Turkish words for Mom, Dad and Welcome so maybe I can figure it out when I cannot find English Subtitles. ANYWAY, I LOVED KARADAYI! There was intrigue, excitement and of course Romance. I was surprised to see that a Turkish man finally figured out what a woman’s lips were for. They always kiss them on the forehead or cheek. You go girl….Feride!! Big fan of Berguzar Korel. What a beautiful and talented woman she is. One thing I can say is that these Turkish writers know how to create horrible, evil characters in these shows. I am not a violent person but I really wanted to get a ball bat and hit that evil prosecutor, Turgut, in the head. What a sniveling, greasy, horrible, evil person he was. You guys did a good job creating him. LOVED IT! Now, I will go see if I can find the ending to this story. I hope it has a happy ending because I do not like endings that make me feel sad and disappointed.

June 25, 2018 2:03 pm

Turkish TV you are AWESOME!!! (spoiler alert about one scene, sorry fans)
Can you imagine how many times at age 65 I have seen a shooting get filmed (including the one of Lethal Weapon 3 I saw on location) and WOW…the Ibo shooting of Mahir is the best filmed shot I have ever scene…you guys are so amazing…the camera, the special effects and let’s not ever forget the music…wow your music is key to the suspense in this tv show…anyway I had to stop what I was doing and brag about how this is filmed…

June 16, 2018 11:54 am

Once again the music is so beautiful and meaningful in this Turkish drama, and once again we know little about which pieces are used here. I know I have heard some of the same themes in other shows, maybe in Son or maybe Ezel, and found that the music director is Toygar Isikli. Does he compose his own? Can we learn more about the music and musicians in these Turkish dramas. I found him on facebook and IMDB and on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmdI3Gg_M8E&feature=youtu.be
I look forward to you adding a musicians page. Thank you. Teşekkürler.

May 14, 2018 6:54 pm

Love the show now hanging for season 2&3 to be in English subtitles please. It’s not good business or fair to leave people who love the show hanging.