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1001 Nights (Binbir Gece) Tv Series


Original Title: Binbir Gece
English Title: 1001 Nights
Also Known As: A thousand and one Nights (English), Wa Yabka Al Hob (Arabic), 1001 Nok (Republic of Makedonia), 1001 Noshti (Bulgaria), 1001 de nopti (Romania), Hilies kai mia nyhtes (Greece)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Family
Episodes: 90
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: November 7, 2006 – May 12, 2009
Production Company: TMC Film
Director: Kudret Sabanci
Screen Writer: , , ,


Sehrazat (Berguzar Korel) is a talented architect who works in a construction company owned by Onur (Halit Ergenc) and Kerem (Tardu Flordun). She loses her husband and is devastated once more when she learns that her five-year old son suffers from leukemia and needs an urgent and very expensive surgery.

Sehrazat finds $50.000 by her effort but still needs another $150.000 to afford her son’s very costly surgery, bone marrow transplantation. Although she knows that she is an unwanted bride, she desperately asks for her father-in-law but is rejected cruelly.

As a last chance, Sehrazat tries to receive $150.000 in loan from her boss, Onur who is secretly attracted to her. Onur accepts to give her the money on the condition that she spends one night with him. This indecent offer, which turns the life of Sehrazat upside down, becomes the beginning of everything.

In 1001 nights (binbir gece) tv series story, you will explore a love story which has a dark night in the past. Will Sehrazat forget about her dark night, the one night stand for money compensation? Will the secret between Sehrazat and Onur be revealed? Will indecent offer shade true love forever?

1001 Nights (Binbir Gece) Tv Series Cast

as Sehrazat Evliyaoglu
as Onur Aksal
Tardu Flordun as Kerem Inceoglu
as Bennu Ataman
as Eda Akinay
Tomris Incer as Nadide Evliyaoglu
Metin Cekmez as Burhan Evliyaoglu
Meral Cetinkaya as Peride Aksal
Melahat Abbasova as Mihriban
Yonca Cevher as Fusun Evliyaoglu
Ergun Demir as Ali Kemal Evliyaoglu
Aytac Oztuna as Seval Inceoglu
Suphi Tekniker as Yalcin
Sevda Aktolga as Nurhayat
Ismail Duvenci as Ismail
Sendogan Oksuz as Mr. Dovlet
Metin Osmanoglu as Ercan Demir
Umit Bulent Dincer as Doruk
Bartu Kucukcaglayan as Gani
Nihan Durukan as Aysen
Erdal Bilingen as Hakan
Nilufer Silsupur as Jale
Fusun Kostak as Cansel
Hilal Ozgu as Irmak
Ayla Algan as Betul

34. Golden Butterfly Awards (2007): Best Actress (Berguzar Korel)
34. Golden Butterfly Awards (2007): Best Actor (Halit Ergenc)
34. Golden Butterfly Awards (2007): Best Drama (Binbir Gece)

Main Characters’ Other Popular Dramas
Berguzar Korel: Endless Song (Bitmeyen Sarki)
Halit Ergenc: Zerda (Zerda), Aliye (Aliye), Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil)

External Links
Official Site: https://www.kanald.com.tr/binbirgece
English Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binbir_Gece
Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0905574/

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1001 nights (binbir gece) tv series trailer (English Subtitles)

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  1. I don’t understand why the Turkish studio who owns this won’t make it available to English speakers with subtitles for purchase? They are missing a big potential market here. I would certainly buy the whole series, seeing as Netflix seems unwilling or unable to continued beyong the first season. BOOOO!

  2. I think most of the music is horrible – too loud and seems inappropriate too often. It overrides scenes and dialog. Am constantly muting until it goes away. Other than that, am enjoying it.

  3. AFTER Seven kids 76 show booth able to bench watch now and then I cant finish watching 1001 nights , you tube is very hard to follow , such a Beautiful series ,

  4. I’m in the middle of the first season and want to slap that girl for being so unforgiving to both the father in law and her boss.. is that a cultural thing or what ?

  5. After binge watching the first 49 episodes of this excellent film on Netflix in English, I am dismayed that it ended at a crucial point in the story, and there is no sign that the second series will follow soon. How can us non-Turkish viewers be left in the lurch like that after having spent so much time watching the first series? It is extremely frustrating, and I hope a solution with be found soon, so that English-speaking viewers can enjoy the rest of this fabulous story!!

    1. I agree I was just going to write th same comment. I have enjoyed all 49 episodes, except the last one was a bit ridiculus, I was waiting for him to tell her it wasnt true and expected her to question it. oh well. I am hoping they are working on the second season.

  6. I discovered that there is a second series to 1001 Nights. However, I had to go to YouTube to view. I finally discovered that the episodes are not in order and your must click on the title 1001 Nights to see the English version. However, it was worth it all. I am finally satisfied that Turkish writers do know how to end a story with a happy ending. LOVED THE ENDING TO THE STORY!! Halit Ergenc and beautiful wife did a great job.

    However, why is Netflix buying only the first series of these Turkish Dramas? This is very frustrating to the viewers. Can somebody talk to these people?

      1. Jaine:
        Go to YouTube. Type in 1001 nights English subtitles – The episodes are not numbered as on Netflix. I believe that if you start with episode 17, it has the ending of episode 49 and begins the second part of the story. Good Luck. Loved this story.

  7. Just finished watching 1001 Nights on Netflix – Great Acting, Good story, Beautiful country, interesting culture, handsome men and beautiful women. Loved it all until I got to the end….what in the world is going on. I do hope that there is a second series. These ending to these Turkish Drama Series is crazy. This is my fourth Turkish Drama that I have watched and they all end like this….just crazy. I want to just scream when the last episode is over. Why in the world would you end a story like this???? Please tell me that there is a second series and it will be shown on Netflix???

  8. I just finished watching 1001 nights season 1 and now can’t find season 2. Netflix has done this on previous series Karadayi. it is very frustrating.

  9. Hello- I fell in love with love & punishment and 1001 nights, but now I can’t find the seasons 2&3 with English subtitles. I binge watched both and it’s driving me crazy I can’t finish them. So disappointed in Netflix, why would you offer only one season.. for shows that have been out over 10years?! I looked everywhere, can anyone help me find seasons 2&3 with English subtitles. I’ve already finished Ezel and am trying to watch Karadyai, however it I isn’t the same.

    Thank you,

    1. You can find them in you tube, I do not know why Netflix didn’t transmit the full series with all the seasons

      1. the english sub named 1001 nights is cut not complete episodes… the story not comprehended at all. if there is any place other than youtube cos i’ve looked everywhere.. no english subs for season 3.. there is tons of events seriously HELP

    2. I’m in the same boat. It’s not the same watching them on You Tube. It’s driving me crazy.

  10. Netflix,
    I have never binge watched any tv show on regular tv or in Netflix but I did with Magnificent Century and 1001nights and now I am stuck why are the rest of the season,s and episodes not there I have not cared about watching any others series this much please please get the rest of the season and episodes with English subtitles I need to finish this !!!!! A very very very stricken viewer from the USA I understand other countries are having the same problem Susan

    1. You can find them in you tube, I do not know why Netflix didn’t transmit the full series with all the seasons

  11. Maybe if we all stop watching Netflix they will start to give us complete series and not just partial ones, who does that, I guess profits come before customer satisfaction and they need profits believe me. Look how many other stations you can get great movies and TV shows.for a while Netflix was all we had now look at all the other options. Hitting them in their bottom line hurts them more than us missing our shows and being ignored

    1. I need Season 2 and 3!!! Unbelievable! I love this show!!! Netflix please help! I tried to find the DVD to buy for 2 and 3 can’t find it anywhere with English subtitles.

      1. You can find them in you tube, I do not know why Netflix didn’t transmit the full series with all the seasons

        1. Thanks Rita, Which episode on youtube picks up after the 49 on netflix? I started looking through the yt ones and can’t figure out where to go…I did that with Kaçak too because netflix stopped 2 episodes before the end of all things…and yt didn’t have subtitles so I had to guess…again thanks in advance for any help finding this…

    2. I agree with this…I have watched many Netflix series only to be disappointed that the additional seasons are not available. I am so disappointed that I can’t watch season 2&3 of 1001 Nights. Don’t bother adding only one season it is just so annoying to say the least.

  12. If you cannot provide english subtitles to more than one aired season, then best not air any of them. It is frustrating trying to find seasons 2 and 3 for Karadyai, Ezel, and 1001 night. Some of us study and compare TV dramas and if no English subtitles are available it is difficult to do so.

    1. Agreed. This TV series ended almost 9 years ago and todate Netflix only offers up to episode 49. Where’s season 2 and 3 for Bonnie Gece? We’re anxiously awaiting it.

  13. I binged watched magnificent century and 1001 nights on Netflix and waited and searched and ended up purchasing one on a movie site. Very expensive. No need paying for both.

  14. I too watched the series on Netflix well watched the half that is available. Very disappointing that they haven’t made all episodes available. Great cast and the main leads married in real life!!

  15. I am so disappointed I cannot get to watch the completion series of 1001 nights and Love and Punishment . I have now watched 4 Turkish Series and they are simply awsome. My mum who is 87 started me watching then now were addicted but considering not watching anymore due to lack of following series.
    Please Netflix try you best. Im obviously not alone here

    1. You know on netflix, when you click the down arrow (before you click to start a show) there is the detail section and people can leave comments there…that is where I beg them for more episodes…I too am hooked on turkish tv…it represents life like I thought we were going to have as I grew up, (I’m 65 now) and it feels like watching this stuff gives me a feeling of belonging…

  16. Has anyone found a qay to watch after episode 49? The ending seriously cant be like that! I have searched days and nights on youtube google etc to find another way but nothing.. will netflix know ?

  17. Very disappointed in ending for this beautiful best series. This was better than Intersection which has not returned also. Seriously considering not watching anymore of these series.

  18. would love to continue this series it was really good how could Netflix leave a person hanging like this. I have searched all through the internet could not find it; someone/anyone please if you have the complete season post it so I can know where to purchase them

    1. I can’t find it with English script on screen. If anyone does let me know, I am willing to pay.

    1. I have watched 3 Turkish series and none of them have the follow up season. I wrote to Netflix and they didn’t even have the curtesy of replying.

  19. I’ve called Netflix customer services and they are putting in a request for season 2 – if you can all do this we might get lucky! It is so amazing and best thing ever. Apparently there are 71 episodes in total they said…

  20. I have looked on loads of sites but cannot see how to continue watching 1001 nights with English subtitles, after season 1 on Netflix. Can anyone help? It is amazing.

  21. 10001 nights(binbir gece) english subs please. the show is 10 years old now… and we are just seeing it now.. there are new people in season 2…. don;t know who they are. trying hard not to watch finale. why is the DVD so hard to get?

  22. I feel you – it is very confusing- I watched some in Spanish with episodes starting in 50 to 150 but some I couldn’t watch because of copyright issues. The Turkish version the epidodes go up to 90. I have my husband and sons searching for the dvd-
    I’m planning to visit Turkish stores in PA and NJ and see if they sell the dvd or direct me to where to buy it.

  23. I know Youtube has he episodes with English subtitles. The only problem is I have watched season 1 on Netlix and the episodes are titled differently. I am trying to find out what episode Youtube would be if Netflix ended on episode, I believe 49. So what episode would youtube continue where I left off on Netflix. So confusing….

    1. I also watched 49 episodes and would love to watch the next season but Netflix is notorious in not getting the follow up seasons. I had this problem with 3 other Turkish series…

  24. I’m also looking to purchase – but can’t find it with English subs. I speak Spanish so I was able to watch some episode in Youtube in Spanish but I would really love to buy it…. love this series!!! So in love with Turkish series that I’m even considering learning some Turkish!!!!!

  25. Has anyone been able to find the whole series with English subtitles. I would buy it, but can only find a DVD with Greek subtitles, so it’s not really helpful. Thanks, great series.

  26. I watched 1001 Nights on Netflix (subtitled in English) and really enjoyed it. Quality storylines and acting. BUT, there are only 49 episodes translated into english? Ugh! That is very unkind to your viewers. Why not translate all episodes? I wish turkish drama series was available on DVD in english. I would buy the DVDs and share with family and friends.

      1. thank you but I don’t know enough turkish to figure out how to see it for free….I will wait, or if someone wants to post what happens to Ahmet’s family, mom and dad and brother, which is not on the youtube version at all…would you let us know? thanks

        1. çok güzel!!! I love that Hadide narrated the end. I found Binbir Gece – 90. Bölüm (Final) on youtube with no subtitles, but I figured out most…(I missed episodes 50 -89). Kim, who is the mother of Onur’s girl, which actor was the mom? Did Cansel die in childbirth? Teşekkürler

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