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Elif Dogan - Actress


Name: Melis Elif Dogan
Birthdate: September 6, 1994
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 170 cm (5′ 7″)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Education: Istanbul University Faculty of Education and the Musical Department of the State Conservatory (Istanbul Universitesi Egitim Fakultesi Ingilizce Ogretmenligi Bolumu, Istanbul Universitesi Devlet Konservatuari Muzikal Bolumu (Yan Dal))
Talent Agency: Talento Cast Agency
Biography: Melis Elif Dogan was born on 6 September 1994 in Istanbul. She continues her university study at Istanbul University Faculty of Education and the Musical Department of the State Conservatory. Elif Dogan has been studying singing for a long time and has worked in musical plays. She made her debut in 2016 with turkish series Hayat (Ask Laftan Anlamaz) which aired on Show TV.

Elif Dogan Tv Series / Movies

2016 – Hayat (Ask Laftan Anlamaz) (as Suna Pektas)
2016 – Lost Pearl (Kayip Inci) (as Inci Alike)
2016 – 2017 Bittersweet Life (Hayat Bazen Tatlidir) (as Zeynep)
2017 – Bezmi Ezel (Movie)
2017 – 2019 The Pit (Cukur) (as Hale Atik)
2018 – The Wedding Planner (Darisi Basimiza) (as Oyku Tekin)
2019 – Rich and Poor (Zengin ve Yoksul) (as Aleyna Erdemli)
2020 – Gencligim Eyvah (as Azra Bozoglu)
2020 – Love Loves Coincidences 2 (Ask Tesadufleri Sever 2) (Movie)
2021 – Aynen Aynen (as Simge)


From an Interview with Elif Dogan

  • Who was the first celebrity you admired?
    Justin Timberlake
  • Do you like cats or dogs more?
  • Who’s the person you’re texting the most during the day?
    My sibling.
  • Is there any television show that you could watch over and over again?
    Yes, I can watch Friends over and over.
  • What is the latest television show that you have watched?
    Brooklyn nine-nine
  • Do you prefer Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
    Lord of the Rings.
  • Are you a day person or a night person?
    Both. It changes from time to time
  • What are the three things you do the most during the day?
    Eating, mumbling to myself, watching out the window.
  • Do you prefer to call or text?
    I prefer to call.
  • Do you prefer to sing or dance?
    I prefer to sing.
  • Who makes you laugh the most?
    My sibling.
  • What is the application you use the most on your phone?
  • Which account you look at the most on Instagram?
    Morgan Harper Nichols
  • What do you do when you feel unhappy?
    I meditate and sing
  • Do you like shopping?
    I hate it when I waste so much time in the cabin. But, I give 10 points to online shopping.
  • What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
  • Is there any book that you could read over and over again?
    My Sweet Orange Tree by Jose Mauro de Vasconcelos
  • What is the first thing you pay attention to in the other person?
    Hands and fingernails


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mselifdogan/

Body Type:
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type:

Elif Dogan Gallery

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