Forevermore (Vermem Seni Ellere) Tv Series

Forevermore (Vermem Seni Ellere) Tv Series


Original Title: Vermem Seni Ellere
English Title: Forevermore
Also Known As: I Don’t Let You Go
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 9 (each episode is 140-150 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Atv
Broadcast Period: June 18, 2023 – August 13, 2023
Production Company: AKN Film
Director: Ali Balci
Screen Writer: Sehrazat Tunus Tasci, Damla Gucer, Samed Aslan, Veli Kaya
Filming Locations: Ordu, Turkiye


Mehmet (Emre Bey) is a young guy who comes from a wealthy family in Ordu (a city in the Black Sea region). He is the most popular and handsome guy in the city. He cannot live without adrenaline and adventure.

Mehmet is engaged to Hande (Ilayda Ildir) who comes from a wealthy family. He has a wedding ceremony even though he does not love Hande and does not want to get married. He accepts this marriage due to the pressure of his family.

At his wedding ceremony, Mehmet finds a way and escapes from the wedding. He knows that he has done the right thing. This is because, he considers this marriage as a funeral.

Mehmet wants to ask forgiveness from Hande and her family but he does not want to get married. His father, on the other hand, forces him to marry due to his relationship and friendship with his in-laws.

On the other hand, Zelis (Buse Meral) is a clever young girl. She wants to help the villagers sell their products in a more competitive market. She dedicates all her effort and time to the producers so that they could sell high-quality products including butter, honey, jam, and hazelnuts. Zelis takes the initiative, takes all responsibility, and contacts a businessman in Istanbul.

Zelis and her people from the village start their journey to Istanbul in order to sign a contract and sell all their products there. However, on their way, they make an accident and ruin all their products.

Out of pure coincidence, Zelis comes across Mehmet. While Mehmet is paragliding outside of the city, he crash-lands in Zelis’ car and causes her to make an accident.

After the accident, Mehmet gets injured and they go to the hospital. Zelis becomes so mad due to the fact that they have incurred a huge loss. She asks for money from Mehmet in order to compensate for their damages. However, Mehmet says that he does not remember anything, and even he does not know his name.

Mehmet pretends to lose his memory. Thinking that he is saved, he falls into another captivity. He becomes now a prisoner of Zelis and starts living in her village.

Zelis is determined to make Mehmet pay for all the damage he has done to the village. She is so determined and stubborn. She makes life difficult for Mehmet and makes him regret his birth. Thus, Mehmet tries to escape from this captivity whenever he finds a chance and looks for ways to get rid of Zelis. His only way out is to return to the life he has left behind.

Forevermore (Vermem Seni Ellere) tv series story is about two young persons who fall in love with each other even though they come from different backgrounds and their parents disapprove of their marriage. Will Mehmet escape from Zelis’s captivity? Will Zelis manage to get compensation for her damages from Mehmet? Will Mehmet and Hande get married? Will villagers manage to sell their products in Istanbul?

Forevermore (Vermem Seni Ellere) Tv Series Cast

  • Emre Bey as Mehmet
  • Buse Meral as Zelis
  • Ilayda Ildir as Hande
  • Fatih Al as Sakir
  • Filiz Ahmet as Peri
  • Cihat Tamer as Idris
  • Bulent Alkis as Akif
  • Goncagul Sunar as Emine
  • Burak Can as Ugur
  • Sina Ozer as Kivanc
  • Seyma Pece as Asli
  • Bahtiyar Engin as Turgut
  • Meric Ozkaya as Fikret
  • Ipek Ozagan as Nazli
  • Kayhan Acikgoz as Soner
  • Esin Gundogdu as Husne
  • Duygu Kum as Seval
  • Berk Artiran as Durmus
  • Selen Polat as Hasibe


Mehmet (Emre Bey):

Mehmet is the most popular and handsome guy in the city. He has the Black Sea stubbornness. He cannot live without adrenaline, without adventure. However, what he needs to get his feet off the ground and touch the sky is neither a pair of wings nor a parachute. He falls in love with Zelis at first sight.

Zelis (Buse Meral):

Zelis is a cheerful, hardworking, creative, and fearless Black Sea girl. She is very knowledgeable about various things from agriculture to general culture. She wants villagers to sell their products in Istanbul and for this reason, works so hard. However, her plans are ruined by the accident. Zelis falls in love with Mehmet at first sight. Zelis makes Mehmet a slave and then she becomes a slave of his love.

Sakir (Fatih Al):

Sakir is the father of Zelis. He has raised her daughter by himself.

Peri (Filiz Ahmet):

Peri is one of the villagers. She is in love with Sakir. She thinks that she has come to the village due to a disaster but soon after realizes that her arrival is the best thing that ever happens to her. As an orphaned woman, she suddenly falls into the middle of the crowd and receives the support of a lot of people while she is thinking about how to raise her child alone.

Idris (Cihat Tamer):

Idris is Mehmet’s grandfather. He is a retired businessman. He has lived according to his own truths all his life, but when he gets older, he questions his truths one by one and starts correcting his mistakes of the past.

Hande (Ilayda Ildir):

Hande is the bride whom Mehmet abandons at their wedding ceremony. She is in love with Mehmet. She comes from a wealthy family and has been raised as a princess. She is cool, stylish, and selfish. Her only goal since childhood is to marry Mehmet. When she is abandoned at her wedding day, she faces with her dark side: angry, dangerous, ambitious and ruthless girl.

Asli (Seyma Pece):

Asli is the best friend of Zelis.

Kivanc (Sina Ozer):

Kivanc is a close friend of Mehmet. He is friendly and emotional.

Ugur (Burak Can):

Ugur is a close friend of Mehmet. He is disciplined and reliable.

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