Intersection (Kordugum) Tv Series

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Intersection (Kordugum) Turkish Tv Series


Original Title: Kordugum
English Title: Intersection
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 31
Broadcast Network: Fox Tv
Broadcast Period: January 7, 2016 – October 23, 2016
Production Company: Endemol Shine Turkiye
Director: Gokcen Usta
Screen Writer: Yigit Okan


Ali Nejat (Ibrahim Celikkol) is a young businessman who comes from a wealty family. Years ago, he was involved in a car accident due to his passion for high speed and caused the death of his little nephew. After this tradegy, Ali Nejat never forgives himself and cannot become close to his family ever after.

When Ali Nejat goes to Italy for a business trip, he meets a talented young doctor Naz (Belcim Bilgin) who saves the life of his close friend at the restaurant. Naz unfortunately misses her flight to Istanbul in order to take care of Ali Nejat’s friend and these two have to return to Istanbul together.

Naz is married to Umut (Alican Yucesoy) who is passionate about cars and works as a car mechanic. Umut has sacrified his life for Naz’s education and now, he deeply resents for being degraded and feels unhappy for disappointing his family. Naz’s acquaintance with Ali Nejat not only changes her life but also changes her husband’s life. Umut finally finds an opportunity to fulfill his ultimate goal of making his own automobile with Ali Nejat’s financial support.

Meanwhile, Ali Nejat learns in his birthday party that he is the father of a little child Kaan. While he tries to take care of this little child, he gets great assistance of Naz and becomes closer to her as time passes.

In intersection tv series story, you will explore a love triangle and the tragic life of a little child. Will Umut eventually manage to reach his aim of creating his own car? Will Naz continue to love her husband Umut and realize that she is so different from him?

Intersection Tv Series Cast

Ibrahim Celikkol as Ali Nejat Karasu
Belcim Bilgin as Naz Ozer
Alican Yucesoy as Umut Ozer
Rojda Demirer as Neslihan
Ege Aydan as Ayhan
Murat Daltaban as Oguz
Aybars Kartal Ozson as Kaan Karasu
Tulay Gunal as Feyza Karasu
Gozde Cigaci as Gokce
Mehmet Aslantug as Enver Eren
Saadet Isil Aksoy as Eylul Eren
Kaya Akkaya as Amir
Naz Elmas as Didem
Ferit Aktug as Genco
Ayda Aksel as Aysen Isleyen
Ali Tutal as Hasan
Sabriye Kara as Cahide
Tugrul Cetiner as Tarik Karasu
Tuncer Salman as Ibo
Serdar Yegin as Mert
Teoman Kumbaracibasi as Murat Seyhanli

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  1. The final 11 episodes of the show contradict the first 20 episodes. Disjointed storyline between the 2 parts unfortunately.
    My disappointment wasn’t killing the main female character to exit her role, it’s the disrespect towards the first 20 episodes of over 2 hour length each that felt a waste of time watching, for the fact that the first part of the series became meaningless after adding the rest of the finale 11 ep.
    The storyline towards the end with eylül wasn’t strong enough with very shallow background to it, couldn’t keep up.
    A conversation between murat and ali najat before the birthday party indicated that there was no existence of eylül and again between feyza and naz confessing that ali najat was never serious about anybody else before naz. how do you compare solid character as naz with …. eyloul?
    There was so much sadness, tears and depression, why?! Please cut it down, life is still beautiful.
    Remembering watching few scenes on my MacBook, one where the main male character standing in the hospital corridor where his face was bleeding after a fight earlier, his fiancé was concerned about his serious injury while the ex girlfriend was smiling over it and made a comment that she is used to this type of violence while she is next to him. Wow my face lit up and couldn’t stop laughing when my partner caught me and made a comment asking me if was watching another episode of How I Met Your Mother LOL.

    • It’s an escape especially during this lockdown.
      Beautiful homes and ok fashion – as an animal lover it hurts to hear poor dogs being chased off probably with stones or worse in the background – saw other Turkish soaps this year and their animal control method is primitive. Stray dogs and poor cats without any hope – AND those that keep dogs tie them outside with chains to their necks – let’s also mention the “festive animal sacrifices” they like incorporating.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the Series, but was very disappointed with Ali and Eiylu’s relationship. What he did to Naz was unforgivable and I’m grateful that you killed her character off before he called off the Wedding. I understand that Eiylu was his first true love but she should have boarded that Plane and left him be. She was also very spoiled and childish. I think Kasn had more intelligence than she did! I love, love, love Enver but I don’t know if Feyza deserves him. She was warned over and over again about Murat and didn’t listen, so she got what she deserved. And not once during their Courtship did Ali ever really kiss Naz passionately on the Lips…who doesn’t do that…even after you propose, nothing??? Very disappointed! While I do agree that Kaan was very spoiled, what an excellent Little Actor to have taken on such a huge role. My favorite Characters are Ibo, Enver, Naz, the 2 Maids, Aysen and Ali’s Best Friend, the Chef and Granfather Hasar. I hope you do better with the next Season and take all of these Comments into consideration, because Feyza shot herself EXACTLY the same way, same place that Didem did and she lived…how??? Oh well, maybe that will be explained.

  3. Watched it till halfway through the 2nd season can’t really imagine anyone who would be so ill fated in any lifetime and be surrounded by the cast who were equally in the same boat. To say it became depressing is an understatement. Not my idea of entertainment. Black dark dull depressing each episode becomes worse than the next. I read through quite a few reviews thankfully I didn’t waste the time to watch the 3 seasons…..worst show I think I’ve ever watched

  4. I’ve just watched this AGAIN, only because I just could not understand where it went belly up the first time I watched it. So here is my conclusion if it matters at all. Where it fails is Naz. She is this heroine.; Intelligent, a medical specialist. She falls in love with an egotistical millionaire playboy with a penchant for fast cars. He is looking for redemption from a very broken past and finds an anchor in this brilliant and caring doctor. This series starts out strong and promising with this duo at its core. All the other stories around this duo pale into insignificance whenever they appear on screen. The chemistry is undeniable. Naz then goes from this very promising strong character, to a whimpering, weak, needy, gullible idiot when she should have just stuck to what she is good at and that is saving young lives. Ali Najat turns into a near narcissist.
    If the producers were interested in creating a real strong series, they would have developed her character into someone resilient, defiant not beaten by a man with no real substance and his college exgirlfriend.
    Naz should have been given the chance to be with someone of her caliber. A specialist like herself. Someone she has a great deal in common with, someone who has far more substance than the indecisive character of Ali Nejat. It makes one wonder whether Turkey is interested in the elevation of successful women. If Ali Nejat is the epitome of a successful bachelor in Turkey then women take heed, death is evidently the result. Such a shallow man, no convictions, no backbone.
    The whole thing should be remade with a rewrite of the core characters.
    So much and yet such little delivery.
    Highly Disappointing.

    • Excellent synopsis. I was so invested in this series until the old girlfriend resurfaced and it didn’t fit the storyline. I knew things were going to go downhill, so rather than suffer through that, I googled responses to the series. I will not watch any further. What a shame to ruin such a beautiful beginning. The old girlfriend was an adolescent “first love” relationship. The relationship with Naz was an adult, meaningful, and deep relationship. They messed this up big time. It’s like a train wreck that I refuse to participate in. Tragedy indeed.

      • Hi Sheryl
        Thank you for your reply. I encourage you to watch Sadece Sen. It’s a wonderful compensation to the rubbish we’ve both experienced from the Erdrmol Shine production of Intersection.

    • Wow Maya- I was going to write something else but I rather just respond to your intelligent synopsis. I am a New Yorker and a Phd feminist Psychologist over 50. I deal with a lot of trauma, so this was a total escape for me. I loved the character of Naz and I also loved her mother and how strong she was as a single mom. Their relationship allowed us a glimpse of their closeness and
      and also some of their problems when her mother did not approve of her husband because he was not good to her, or appreciative of her. I loved the roles of women in this – there were so many !! I totally agree with you about Naz being the shero! I was so upset with the way that she became diminished – Also I wanted to see some passion from Ali because she is a beautiful vibrant woman. It wall went downhill for me when Ali’s x whimpering, shallow comes in and overshadows Naz. But in reflection I think that this was totally realistic – not sure if the writers were that deep in their intent. But what happened is real- he was a narcissistic playboy before and this deep, bright, wonderful woman could not change his core. A beautiful little boy could not either. He is a damaged man who looks outside himself for action and life. Naz we too deep and too consistent for him. I loved her character- I loved the lawyer in the third season. The third season wa a missed match and nonsense. But again it was an escape with wonderful acting – and dont get me started on Fazza-

      • Thanks Patti for your reply.
        I’m afraid there’s not enough therapy sessions for all involved, really, as you do aptly remarked. Especially for the child, Kaan. Who is destined to be a by product of this misogynistic environment. I myself feel like I need some therapy after watching this fiasco; The most put together man of the lot, is Genco. He was brilliant -and loved Umuts sister unconditionally.
        I also have a feeling that Naz was going through some personal hardship in her divorce at the time of the making of this series; and was restricted (perhaps by her spouse), to kiss Ali Nejat on the lips on screen, where other romantic liaisons it seems were permitted to express their passion one to the other. I feel Endemol Shine were under the pressure to tip toe around the problem. It seems to me, after some light research that Naz premature exit from the series had a great deal to do with her divorce.
        The series did one great thing for me. It opened up a whole new world of talent I was unaware of. I follow Belcim Bilgin (Naz) on Instagram. I hope she branches into international fame. I find her very engaging and extremely talented. All the actors on Intersection were quite brilliant it was the story writers, that let them down and perhaps too, off screen drama.

        • HI! Wow so interesting about the actress going through a divorce then- She is so lovely. From your recommendation earlier I watched the film Sade Senece and got my fix of these two getting their romance! What a heartbreakingly beautiful film. Presently I am watching GONUL and I really like it. It is pretty ridiculous, but I can not put on the news! xx

    • Maya,
      In your Dec. 10th post, you wrote that maybe the real-life spouse of Naz restricted her kissing on the lips. I was wondering the same thing because it seems like it would be difficult for any real-life spouse to watch even a pretend love affair.
      In your March 26th post, you wrote that Ali Nejat didn’t have backbone. The main reason that I disagree with that is that he pushed back against Murat and Tajik. He directly confronted both of them, saying specifically how he was displeased.

  5. Doreen Denice Syed

    I watched 2 other Turkish drama series on Netflix. Intersection was my third. I loved the series and was very upset when Maz was killed. She was a wonderful character. Towards the end of the second season I wondered if a normal family might be added to the group. Poor Naz, first dealing with her foolish husband, and then when everything looked perfect with Ali Nejat, he starts to lose his mind, and fall for his first girlfriend.
    I loved your entire show, and wonder if it will continue, or is Murat on the roof the last scene?
    By the way, the clothing design was fabulous, everyone looked wonderful.
    Best regards Doreen Denice Syed

  6. very addictive the first few episodes. Then down hill all the way.
    Kaarn cute for an hour or two, then send him to boarding school or to holiday camp.
    A freakish brat.

  7. It was going fine and then just lost interest at end of Season 1. Was hoping it would pick up all the important points. And MOVE. Lost all interest in Naz. There is something so unforgiving about all that pining about Umut. After the fight and the miscarriage. The lionizing of a bully was too much. And the Kaan script? It was cute with two episodes. So much of these episodes trying to pander to a spoiled brat’s whims? Here are things to appease you. It is too much attention where there needn’t be any. Put him in kindergarten and let’s move on. Let him evolve as any other kid does and should. I am sure the adult world doesn’t wait around to see 2 hours of this kid.

    There is drama and then there is real drama. This just sunk under character studies that are just flat and haven’t any growth. The intro of the villainous Murat can’t save it.

    • Wow! I loved Kaan. He was my favorite character and the only one I needed to know was always going to be alright. That little actor was outstanding.

      Regarding the leads Ali Nejat and Naz, I loved their chemistry and thought it really strange that the showrunners didn’t exploit it. Their relationship kept progressing yet we never saw them kiss each other on the lips. Very strange.

      The killing of Naz; the abrupt ending; the always-winning, slimy Murat; the entire storyline with the returning mother; and many, many loose ends left me feeling very frustrated. I think something happened behind the scenes of the show because the deterioration of the series on screen made no sense.

  8. I really enjoyed reading Joan’s comments, especially the bit about predictions. As for the English subtitles I agree, some editing wouldn’t hurt. We all make mistakes but ‘stuff’ like he vs she, its vs it’s (this one is so frequent some people who misspell it don’t even realise, right, Joan?:-) is not hard to spot.
    I was so shocked to see how quickly and suddenly Ali Nejat forgot about Naz, which only reinforces a stereotype about men. He seemed so sweet, well-mannered and considerate. One message that is pervasive through the film is slapping their sisters is not a pretty sight. Naz not doing much about being pushed and then losing her baby. Hmmmm. I’m worried about all the emotional ups and downs and how that affected the child who played Kaan’s part. Lastly, many actors in the film deserve lots of praise, but I found Eyluul’s part very fake, unnatural and childish. I watched the whole series and hope there is more but better, with a better script, plot, less crying,better acting and more humane characters.

    • Thanks for your reply to my comment Amalia…I forgot to mention one major fact of importance: This drama is written, directed and acted by Turkish professionals whose culture and religion differ from mine and perhaps yours too; Especially re: Western Europe and North America. Unfortunately, most brothers don’t slap their sisters in my culture and don’t care enough to beat up their wayward boyfriends…Personally I found such concern refreshingly admirable even though a bit out of hand!
      There are many differences between Modern Turkey and a more Western culture with room on both sides for an exchange of Positive customs re: family unity through Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding…So Far I am learning the Turkish language watching Turkish Dramas! Oh and don’t forget those marvelous fashions plus the glowing fusia colored Bosporus Bridge!

      • PS: I didn’t mean that I support an older brother slapping his grown sister!!! However, Umut stood in for his deceased father and took family responsibility to discipline his younger sister and punish her boyfriend according to his culture and religion…If you recall, the mother did not interfere as Turkish Muslim society is patriarchal where men rule their family until they pass away when their older son takes over. Also, you will note that it is very common for single Turkish men and women to live at home with their family until they marry; Contrary to Western culture where as soon as young men and women turn 18 or graduate University, they rush to live on their own…Not all but most! This has led to loss of family unity which contributes to too many dating and marrying for all the wrong reasons; Especially because they marry to avoid the stress of dating…And Ali should have used my favorite 4-letter word=
        N E X T ! Which would prevent him from proposing to a woman he didn’t realize he didn’t want until something better came along in the form of Eyul with their heavy kissing scene on the beach where Eyul looked as if she hadn’t eaten for a week as she hungrily devoured Ali with her mouth! And then he decided to opt out the night before the wedding! Conveniently, beautiful Naz was murdered which saved Ali from looking like a complete Cad!!!! ( I am sure that the actor portraying Ali in real life is a charming, nice guy as well as the actress playing Eyul is a very nice person in spite of looking as if she has an eating disorder !). All-in-all, I love Turkish Drama and think that Turkey has beautiful scenery and beautiful people!

  9. I just finished viewing series 1-3 and was mesmerized throughout. The acting and plot is fantabulous keeping me thoroughly entertained; However…there are a few irritating and highly predictable points that should have been edited, rewritten and directed for an intelligent national and international audience.! For instance, Naz, Eylul plus Neslihan we’re all physically very similar except that Eylul looked as if she was anorexic and actedvery childish! What happened to Ali Nejet’s sudden fluff of blond hair and that unkempt beard that has no sign of blond in it? He Can’ t carry off such a wild beard that does not enhance his appearance plus, He does not have the skin tone for light hair which transforms a very handsome man into something ridiculous. Also Fayza looked as old or older than her long lost mother; And was anything but the great beauty she was made out to be; Especially next to such an Elegantly handsome man who, with his wonderful gray hair still looked way above her league as bony females are not healthy, appealing features. There is nothing personal in my opinion but I am certain that every normal individual would agree. Murat resembled the walking dead and the end of season 3 ( episode 5) putting Murat in that wheelchair on top of a heliport brings to mind the obvious corruption that seems to be a way of life in Turkey where so many trained, educated law enforcers did not have a clue and kept arresting innocent people…And it took an unknown female pro bono lawyer to solve the case which, against all odds, freed AliNajat and his long lost mother plus found who murdered Naz! I am not a Turkish citizen and nor do I claim Istanbul residency…But…It is a fantasy or a sham, to have so many inadequacies within your Turkish Government agencies…And then put them on film! Now for something that is insulting to all English speaking peoples…Your English subtitles are for the most part, grammatically incorrect ! I am sure you must have an American born editor? I am a professional writer and English teacher to foreign students and companies. English is the most difficult language of all the Romance languages. You write “ he” for both a man and a woman instead of He or She….Since the subtitles are not in slow motion, as they go by so quickly to give way to the next one…it’s a bit perplexing until you look up and realize what gender is being discussed and meanwhile I must press “replay” to read the rest of the translation! Also the repeated use of the word “stuff” is not what educated adults express to describe their belongings! The correct words is: “Things”. “ stuff is usually used by young teeens and a mother entering her child’s messy room with clutter everywhere as she says: “what is all this stuff?” You will have my E-Mail address where you may (means permission not can which means ability) ask for my English expertise re: editing skills. All-in-all I love the concept of your story as the acting is superb and I love Genco who we first see as a big, bulky, good natured mechanic; Who turns out to be a genuine, loyal, good, kind and decent man that all women want; Yet not until after their hearts are broken and when they finally mature to appreciate what’most Important for happiness! I’m eagerly waiting to see season 4 and hope the opening scene shows a big serious windy storm that literally pushes Murat in his wheelchair, plunging off the heliport to his death! ( Or a helicopter upon it’s landing creating enough wind to achieve the same effect!) I would also love to see Enver fall in love with the beautiful lawyer and remain just friends with Fayza and her exceptional diamond ring! Also to consider his daughter he never knew he had. I would also like to see Genco marry Gochi. And what happened to the mother of Naz? I would love to see justice for Tarik… perhaps he returns to the top of the heliport attempting a second injection for Murat when the helicopter is landing, creating cyclonic wind, and he is pushed off to his death with Murat as due to his loss of balance in his attempt to steady himself, the unshielded injection he was holding in his unsteady hand accidentally pushes Into his own body and both plunge to their death together! I have so many more ideas but I’ll leave that to you! Thank you for allowing me to post my comment and in closing, I wish all of you connected to INTERSECTION A “HAPPY NEW YEAR”…

    • PS…Naz did not fall for Ali And suddenly dump her husband for him…If you recall, Naz was a victim of her husband’s uncontrollable, jealous temper and he shoved her while pregnant, when she fell and suffered a miscarriage! This is the 2nd time Naz lost her baby with her husband. Such things in anyone’s life and marriage even without the trauma of discord, is all too often, a cause for divorce! When Barris died in the auto crash, Enver and Faysa’s marriage was doomed to end! I think Naz’s actions we’re misinterpreted
      as “ bitter” when she stood up for herself to Fayza; Especially with Fayza’s bad taste to argue with Naz at her hospital workplace which could be heard by staff, patients and visitors alike! Also…Fayza shot herself exactly where Kaan’s Mother shot and killed herself and Fayza lived which is very unrealistic and the writers should have had her attempt to shoot herself but had someone grab the gun away from her before she could pull the trigger! And too, Naz could easily have been knocked unconscious instead of killed and the wedding could have been postponed temporarily until Naz recovers. Ali would say goodbye to Eyul as she returns to Germany and in this way Ali would look like a man and not an overgrown spoiled little boy in long, ill fitting pants! Teeth whitener would work wonders on most of the actor’s teeth where mellow yellow is not In vogue! Kaan is an adorable, extremely confused, neglected and friendless little boy whose repeated whining began to become upsetting. I understand his abnormal living conditions but what I don’t understand is why Kaan was not in school before he was 7? He spent 1 day in preschool and didn’t want to go again and was allowed to dictate his fate to sleep in eveyone’s house as if playing musical chairs?… And what a ridiculous, ugly, unsafe all glass house where anyone can enter at will? Such a house could never be a proper home for most anyone; Especially a small child… When a man loves a woman…he shows his emotions beyond a peck on the cheek or a kiss on the forehead. Nothing like that was seen in this series except with Ali and Eyul which looked like a scene out of the movie: “Lolita!”

      • Joan I liked reading your review of the show. It made me realize why I can’t go back and watch it again. I liked it because it was one of the first shows I watched in Turkish and liked how each character got a theme song. Genco and Kaan especially. I however can’t go back and rewatch it for all the reasons you named. I liked Naz’s Mom, and Alinejat looked like he was cast wrong for the part, I wish Enver hooked up with the lawyer too…I wonder how a child like the actor for Kaan is affected…and Fayza shot herself too well to recover. I have watched so many excellent shows since then with better writing and better pronoun distinction in the subtitles. But because the subtitles were SO messed up on the Behzat Ç show I had to watch it a second time since I missed all the clues of the murderers because of the pronouns. Thanks for your thoughts. Turk TV is awesome!

        • I totally agree with you Jaine..that Ali
          Was most definitely miscast. The actor portraying him, I thought, would look much better in the part of a Shiek in the desert ; Wearing traditional Arab garb while riding his trusty horse instead of driving fast cars! Also…instead of an outlandish glass house, he would live in his more functional luxurious tent! And…Regarding women….when his moody disposition
          forces him to act stupid… he always has his horse! 😇

  10. Luis C. Fernández

    You left me in the air! Is there season 4 or not??? There are a lot if unfinished topics!!!

  11. Are there only 3 seasons? It cant end with Murat on the roof. Loved the whole series, but if Netflix is going to show a series, pkease show the entire series.

  12. I had to watch Sedace Sen to get closure on Ali Nejat and Naz. Absolutely preposterous proposal scene. No kiss on the lip abandon ship! Forget about watching the rest. That was a real sign for me.

  13. All the assessment was correct and more. A very bad series compared to other turkish productions. Actors were very superficial and the worst is Eylul, is she truly an actress?! Senario is totally primitive. and not worth spending more for an additional season. Totally commercial, I am really sorry for such evaluation.

  14. Just I like to say that the translations to Spanish was excellent. We are Cubans Refugee, we live in Miami for the last 45 years and the best series for me, was Intersection, muy only complint is the final.
    Any way, the Turkish series in Miami, for the Spanish people, is incredible. By the way a family relatives to me is in traveling to Istanbul, because we can see in the series how beautiful is this City.

    My only consent is that we don’t have another movie, like that Saudence On, with this two Actors (Ibrahim and Belgin) they are together the BEST

  15. Que pena, tan bonita serie y la terminaron muy fea…todos los actors son divinos. Como se exlica que de un amor tan grande a Naz y de pronto todo se queda en el aire….la escritora de la serie no calculo bien el effect negative de ese final…

  16. The whole reason for watching the show was Naz and Kaan. I wanted to see if Ali Nejat would ever realize what he did to Karan’s mother. Now all my reasons for watching the show are over. I like the supporting cast but why I kept watching episode after episode was to see more of Naz. If she’s truly dead. I’m beyond upset and finished watching the show. I have nothing left to root for. I agree with the other comments regarding the changes in the show. Why Eylul?? When the show started with Ali Nejat having a heart of stone. I could never get into that storyline. If it would have had Ali and Naz come out stronger I would have loved it. Now it’s like why break up her marriage. Have her care for Kaan Just to kill her. To me the main interest for the show is over. Feyza can be shot in the chest and live but Naz can’t? This turn of events makes no sense.

    • You are right. What I can think is the actress was unable to continue. Was she pregnant? Looked like. Would like to know the reasons behind.

    • I very much agree M.Gabbard . I watch the series until Naz was murder,then I lost the interest in the series. I thought Naz and Ali will reunite and there will be happy ending. I do not understand how storyliners drags story. I like the supporting cast and Feyzal acting.

  17. I am hypnotized by all the eastern Europe TV Netflix has come up with. Probaby have watched 250 episodes. Modern and ancient. Was troubled when Karadayi ended mid story. Same with Intersection. I found Naz silly, shallow and annoying. First, she dumps Umut emotionally as soon as she meets Ali Nejat. Then she goes all jealous when Eylul shows up for solid reasons. Eyliul and Ali amd Umut are all dreamers. Kaan became such a brat by midseason that I skipped over his scenes, although after he hired the lawyer to defend his father, I started following him again. Everyone loves everyone else forever and will never leave there side only to be gone shortly theresfter when trouble arrives. I like the more natural settings of the early episodes and those of S3 less. It seems that Turkey has s problem (and we do too) of the arch villain being almost comoletely obscure and I don’t mean our presidents. I was starting to skip over Naz’s scenes by the time she was removed. I would think many would tire of her just adoring all that passed by. Her mother was awful and showed where Naz got her near-surface bitterness. I would like to see this story carry on although considerably more new and varied themes would be needed,


    • I found Naz character is annoying as well and glad she was removed. Her mother character qualms as annoying. I still think Kaan is the star of this soap opera. I love the chemistry between Ali Nejat and Eylul, they make such good couple together

    • Robert …Your comments expressed your point
      of view which is shared by many. However , I
      Can’t comprehend why you saw fit to mention
      “Our Presidents” in the context of being obscure;
      Which is not relavent to anything regarding Intersection! I honestly doubt if you are aware of the fact that politics (political comments) has no place in your personal review; Especially when you are commenting online about a Turkish drama, to a foreign Turkish company. With much hope, Joan

  18. Find a way to bring Naz back. Her and Ali Nejat made a good looking couple. I writing dose not work. I have scene the same type of writing change in another TV Show. The show ended for lack of viewership interest.

  19. intriguante Neslihan, Umut and Genco are my favorite characters. And Kaan of course- he is a real STAR of the entire show. Neslihan facial expressions are priceless. “Umut” acting was great. Genco is the man of the show.
    I did’t care for Naz or Ali Nejat. Naz was irritating me through season 1, both, her “character” and Belçim Bilgin acting. It got better in Seasons 2 and 3. Ali Nejat had one sulky facial expression through all episodes. He couldn’t even express his love for Kaan. He is a miscast for the leading role. Ibrahim Celikkol (Ali Nejat) is better suited for the roles of Gladiator or some dumb criminal. All he is capable of is sulking and lips tightening.
    Murat is another interesting character. Feyza drove me nuts.
    “Death” of Naz didn’t ruin the show for me.
    Too bad Netflix stooped the series mid season 3.

  20. All I read here is true. To much tragedy. Actors are good & very well dressed, but please clean & fix their teeth. Very good views, but to much tragedy. We all like a well done final.

  21. I just finished watching season 1-3 of Intersection on Netflix. My introduction to the country of Turkey and it’s people has been through watching these Turkish Dramas on Netflix. This is # 6. I was thrilled to see a series that showed modern day Turkey and people. Up to this point, most of what I have seen has been historical. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful city of Istanbul and all the views. I loved seeing the average Turkish family and their interaction with each other. The beginning of this series was wonderful. I was glued to the T.V. waiting to see what was going to happen next. The first two seasons were wonderful. The love story between Ali Nejat and Naz was keeping my attention. This smart, beautiful, professional woman with beautiful heart was turning this rich, wounded, playboy into a man. He pursued her and she fell in love with him. They were a good match. He wined and dined her and ask her to marry him. He looked into her eyes and told her he loved her and when she said “yes”, he kissed her on the forehead! WHAT?? He began to turn into a DOG at that point. What handsome, virile, hot, man is going to kiss her on the forehead? That was as bad as shaking her hand. Then, the ex-girlfriend came into the picture and this DOG became a UGLY DOG when he asked her to stay in Istanbul. This wild-eyed ex-girlfriend was too young and stupid. She was definitely not a match for this handsome man that had become a UGLY DOG. He was playing them both…shame on this UGLY DOG. THEN, NAZ IS KILLED!!!!! This UGLY DOG OF A MAN was messing with the ex-girlfriend immediately after her death. For all the crying and whining he was doing, he had no heart. He was a self centered man and he did not deserve this fine woman. At this point, I did not want to watch anymore of this show. However, I did watch the third season. I cannot figure out what happened. The show changed and became stupid after that. The shock and awe that was written into this series did not make the show. The woman that the writers killed in this show ended this show for many watchers. I don’t quite understand why Turkish writers always kill the women in the shows. Do these male writers have a hatred of women??? I watched Filinta and all three of the lead women in that show were murdered. Now, in this show – Intersection – the lead woman is murdered. You always write about hate and misery in the lives of these characters but I never see any real happiness. People have enough misery in their everyday lives without constantly watching it on T.V. Why can’t you allow your characters have a little bit of love and happiness once in a while? I loved this series at first but in the end, I felt sadness, frustration and wished I had not watched it. Which was a real shame as it could have been a real hit!!!

    My congratulations to the actors and actresses in this show. They were all fantastic and did a great job. I loved Genco in the show. He was the REAL MAN! The young boy that played Kaan did a good job.

    RIP, NAZ!!!! That dirty dog that did you in should get his due…..and I am not talking about her real killer… which had to be the nasty, rotten, grandfather that turned out to be the devil.

    LOL…These Turkish Dramas really get my dander up…I think that is what you are trying to do. If so, you have been successful.

  22. So who actually killed Naz? I mean the actual gun man? Was it the father who got outta bed and killed her? When she saw the gun man she had said “oh it’s you”?

  23. ***spoiler alert***
    Thought show was excellent ! Totally lost interest when they killed off naz ! She was very important and her love for Ali nejats son was incredible ! Not finishing show ! Just lost interest! I really can’t believe they did away with her character!

    • I agree with you. I definitely lost interest when they killed off Raz. Very disappointed. She always there for the boy.

    • It was so disappointing and shocking to have watched Naz’ character killed off in Season III, episode I. I have no desire to continue this series. Naz was the center of the entire series. Her love, intelligence, good sense, compassion and loyalty was admirable. Then they brought this new girl (Ali’s former girlfriend) into the series, which ruined the lives of Ali and Kaan. And, why did this third season jump so far ahead. Season II finished with Naz and Ali having separated. Then Season III begins with them preparing for their wedding, but Ali is acting wimpy and whiny about it. (He was the one that pursued Naz and loved her so much, until the old girlfriend suddenly came back.) Also, Feyza kills herself at the end of Season II. but is now alive and fine in Season III. This first episode of Season III makes no sense at all. And, other than Naz’ mother, most of the other characters in this series hardly seemed upset that Naz was gone! And why weren’t Mr. Hasan and his wife at Naz funeral? Also, why were her co-workers from the hospital there? Ali was acting so weird, and moving out of Turkey and starting over were his ideas. He got Naz to quit her job and make all these arrangements for nothing. Ali has turned out to be a very disappointing character, in my view! Season III is just plain wrong!!!

  24. Where can we watch the rest of season 3 with English subtitles

  25. I enjoyed the whole series, but was disappointed when they killed off NAZ, so had to keep watching until the end so to find out who killed her and why? And it all happened after she went to visit that woman at that institution who was obviously being imprisioned and no one was allowed to talk to her !! The climax towards the end and also when Ali was released from prison- thanks to his incredible lawyer who fought to seek justice on behalf of is lovable son Kaan – and that she pursued this case relentlessly that made my interest see this series to the end. Good that Murat got his just deserves for being the disgusting man he was even though it was in the hands of that devil Tarik who eventually turned out not being the father of Ali and fehza’- and than he was a disabled patient at home – obviously the new nurse and doctor was in fact his aides – I liked his old girlfriend – even though her role changed and soon became his girlfriend again – just really disappointed why the script writers changed the story line – killed her off – ali becoming a walking sad misfit but soon changed when his mother made a final debut to reveal why she was imprisioned for so many years/ Will there a series 4 ???

  26. Was obsessed with this until they killed Naz .she made Ali grown up and be human>i cant believe he starts living with his first love like in 3 days after naz was killed .WHERE CAN WE SEE REST OF INTERSESSION ? It just ended on 5th episode

    • It is clear that the showrunners took fright when Belcim Bilgim left the show. (Debate around the reasons why….) They panicked as ratings collapsed and made it ridiculous. The ‘old love’ didn’t exist until the change in the 2nd season – look at the early frequent grayscal flashbacks of the Baris car-crash. She wasn’t in them!! I hated that they re-wrote Alinejat from being a good, growing adult/father falling mutually in deep love with Naz. All of a sudden he turns to this ‘old love – retro-fitted in’. His character became a total jerk; his deep love for son Kaan was kicked out as well. Also the final episodes didn’t make sense. Loving engagement was broken off, yet she was in the end preparing for her wedding. What the ????? I got a very poor opinion of TV ‘drama’ screen-writers after this silly re-write. If they wanted a turned-story, they could have sent her off to study abroad but allow for a return later.

    • Youtube, also you ca se season 4th.

  27. I don’t think I ever cried this much in a movie when Naz was killed ! That shouldn’t have happened !!! Bring naz back if there will be a 4th season. And the ending was so bad !!! Too many unanswered questions. Winter sun had an amazing ending !!!!

    • I feel the same way. I am checking on YouTube and It shows there are four seasons. I think Netflix for some reason does not have the rest of the episodes. This happened with Loce ans Punishmne . I checked youtube and they finally put the remainder of the episodes and I could finish the story.

      • Sorry the series was Love and Punishment.

      • I loved this series and could not believe how the showrunners ended it. The gossip through viewers’ comments is/was that Belcim Bilgin pulled out of the production. We will never know if she as an avowed feminist objected to the writers’ intentions. I’d say to anyone, view only to Ep 20 (I can’t understand people believing in this story after the writers manufactured the ‘old girl-friend/1st love’ to get themselves out of a hopeless hole. There were other options around Belcim leaving the show. Maybe leave a break then bring in a later series? They even inserted awful Eylul into the many replays of the Baris accident!! The dizi began with the makings of a reckless young man Alinejat through the love of a good woman, and the treasuring of a lovely young late-found son – maturing and believable – to be a show that would warm hearts and give story resolution. But what a disgrace! For those who did watch through after Naz’s murder – I never got to understand how it was after a broken engagement they got to be planning the wedding!!! And Alinejat being written in as wanting to cancelling the wedding the evening before. Ridiculous!! And add the fact that they altered his appearance to be a loser and a jerk. No thanks. I advise – just love it until the roses-in-the-office scene. Then Finito!!

  28. All I want to know is…. is there going to be a season 4!!!! The series can’t end that way.I was upset when I was left hanging about lovebird and how that series ended.

  29. I am at S3E5, not quite through it all. My feeling about Naz was that she was quite a selfish person, having put Umut in a position to postpone his dream while she pursued hers, belittling him for wanting to pursue his car designing. Then, she later supported and withdrew support for Ali Nejat’s same car pursuit. For me, it’s not sexual chemistry I’m missing here, but that she was a very cold character — except for tenderness toward her patients and Kaan. Maybe the writing for this character falls short? Even though the young actor is good, the character of Kaan gets way too much adult attention. Genco and Umut are my favorite characters. I think Rojda Demirer (Neslihan) is a very beautiful woman. I’m hoping things between she and Umut become better. I hate Murat (I know, we’re supposed to). And where is Enver? I can’t believe Enver brought Murat into his little scheme to win Feyza back, and is NOT keeping an eye on this evil man!

    • Umut was abusive and impulsive. I cannot for the life of me understand any defense of this character. I could not stand him nor Murat.

  30. If you want to actually see what chemistry looks like between the actors that play Naz and Ali Nejat watch the movie called “Only You” on Netflix. She plays a young blind woman and he is an ex boxer who meets and falls in love with her. It was a wonderful film and they made it in 2014 before Intersection. There is some violent fight scenes but the love story itself is lovely and I enjoy the actors together very much.

    • Lovebird was ambivalent. He smiled (sort of?!) in the last scene. Audience totally deflated!
      Winter Sun is an answer to the too-often Turkish showrunners love of sad endings. Do they like buckets of sad tears in their audiences? Beats me! (Yes I know tears can be of warm heartfelt possitivity, also.)

  31. Thanks to this series which I watched on Netflix, I’m now cured of my desire to watch soaps. this thing made me lose over 60hrs of my life which I will never get back because it had a great storyline at first but wrecked my soul in the end. I was mad by mid-season 2 when the romance and chemistry between Ali and Naz wasn’t developing. I was even more mad, when they tried to bring an even younger beautiful competition to the picture which was insanely unfair. And finally what put the last nail in the coffin, was Naz being killed off as if she was nothing in this series. I would advise Netflix not to air such plotless series which leave you broken hearted and broke for no reason (ps: no hate for the actors even Ali, I know they did what they were told).

    This suckked bad but changed my life. Never ever will I ever waste such amt of time in my life, Never

    • dee – Thank you for your post. Your comments are accurate to a Tee. The thought of Naz dying makes me not want to watch either. I’m in Season 2 and now officially DONE! However, there is ONE Turkish series with a happy ending , BURNT COCOON. Try it.

      • I am also finished with these series that always make one person get away with everything. So disappointed they killed Raz off and did not get married. She was so good and were good together . Loved her ! Did not like Eylul. She was a backstabber. Why did they kill her. Very upsetting.

    • Dee I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!

    • Yes I am a Naz fan. She helped Ali develop as a man. Hated the fact he went to old girl friend before wedding and the childhood relationship was introduced. Hoped she was the killer so we could get rid of that character. Didn’t like him invite if her into their life.
      Enjoy Turkish tv and liked this series but will probably not watch next season because I dont want Ali going backwards to old car dream enough with Baris already.
      Loved were Musrat ended up. In the grip of the devil.

      • It probably made some sense that amidst all the lovely things about Alinejat growing as a person in his love for Naz (watch the first few episodes – he was so struck with her!) – that the car obsession wouldn’t die easily. But inventing Eylul was awful. Notice the scene in the hospital corridor when Alinejat has a punch-up (shows his deteriorating persona) and she giggled as if it was a joke. A shallow air-head woman she was – and how could the show-runners think that we would think Kaan was realy going to be cared for by undone Alinejat and this silly woman?

    • Dee, your comment is hilarious! I feel your pain. Having devoted many hours myself, this show left my mouth agape yet cursing at the same time. Couldn’t take my eyes of Ibrahim Cellikol, but in my real life he would get kicked to the curb so fast!! Grow a backbone!

  32. I just finished watching the last episode of series 3 on Netflix. Killing off Naz was a terrible mistake and the little boy who played Kaan was the star of the whole show! I do believe that the last episode, final scene was worth hating the actor that played Murat through the whole series!!! Finally seeing him get what he had coming to him was well worth it. Even though Tarik (the Father) walked off (who didn’t see that coming lol), it was still worth the cost of admission – grin!!! Eylul seemed like a child compared to Naz and getting her together with Ali Nejat so soon (after Naz died) was just WRONG. I was frustrated that the chemistry between Naz and Ali Nejat was never developed. Even the virgin Gokce got more action than Naz did and she had a baby out of wedlock! The scenes between Ali Nejat and Eylul showed some steam but with Naz, he kissed her like his sister. Get real! I realize that Turkish series can be conservative but Ali and Naz seemed ultra conservative for no reason. I would love to see more of this series, there were so many plot lines left unfinished.

    • I’ve seen a lot of Turkish dizi after this one, and it seems that while its okay for people to pull out of a gun in passion and kill someone (Yes, even ‘nice’ characters!) but wanting to properly kiss someone you love is thought of as BAD! That is happens in many dizi, unfortunately. View Merhamet (Mercy) and you will see the wonderful Ibrahim Celikkol show his ability to screen-kiss with the best. He knows how to play the lover. Sadece Sen film shows he and Bilgin were lovers. It’s easy for a director to fade and cut for the audience to know they are lovers for real. No need for explicit filming. Adults can ‘read’ if there is good direction. That didn’t happen in Kordugum. Sister got the same embrace and kiss as the woman he loved!

  33. The show portrays life as it is. I love the view of the Bridge over the Bósforo.
    Netflix has only 5 episodes of the last season. Hope they will show the last ones

  34. I agree please bring Naz back!!

  35. An absorbing story that meandered onto a rather weak conclusion. The initial interesting plot development and sympathy with the main characters descends into apathy as they are put through inconsistent and inexplicable behaviours. That may be the reason for Ali Najat’s monolithic expression throughout the 3rd season

  36. terrible end! I hate Ali Nejat ! I hate the end! Please be creatie and realistic!

  37. Loved this series and so many other Turkish series & movies. More please. However, it is difficult not to be critical about the inconsistencies in series 3. Apart from those mentioned by other viewers, what happened with –
    1. The great shipping auction conspiracy
    2. Murat’s devious plans for revenge on the Karas family
    3. The reason for Ali Nejat’s mother being locked away for decades

    Has the series finished or will these questions be answered?

    Inconsistencies include –
    1. Ali Nejat’s total change in behaviour towards Naz
    2. Kaan’s change in behaviour towards Ali’s girlfriend for no apparent reason and him putting Naz aside so easily.
    3. So much occurring within such a short time frame from Naz’s death to Ali being released
    4. We left season 2 with Naz giving back her engagement ring & start season 3 with her getting married with no explanation for her change of heart, especially when Ali’s girlfriend was still on the scene
    5. Ali’s girlfriend was not believable. She was too young & immature to consider a viable marriage prospect let alone a mother for Kaan
    6. The great shipping auction conspiracy went nowhere! We were led to believe it was designed to bring down the Karas company. What happened?
    7. Why was Murat in contact with the man who planned the car crash that killed Baris when the whole thing was orchestrated by Tarik & he & Murat hated one another?

  38. it made no sense why the character role of Naz had been eliminated and killed off. .It didn’t sit well with most viewers. Was she asking for higher pay?! Usually they kill off characters by sheer politics and giving influence and/or preference to award the role by the one with strong connection within the production. Too bad!!

    • Hi Myrna,

      Belcim Bilgin left the following message on Instagram just before she left the Turkish drama Intersection (Kordugum):

      A farewell which says “this was how everything thing had begun”, may be my dear friend had written for a new beginning..It was a new beginning we had set off the journey with a lot of dreams and I met Naz in Italy and this was how everything had begun…Nice weather, Italian gelato with the most delicious taste, the incredible excitement of breathing life into a new character! !!But things didn’t work as we “dreamed” of them and the story of Naz headed to a deadlock which upsets us all, the creater crew and me…So instead of pushing it, we decided to put an end to it for this project, keeping the respect for each other…What is essential is my respect to you, to myself, my colleauges…I can’t wait to meet you with other projects, with all my respect and love!

    • Let’s give more and more encouragement for film-making. I am concerned that many Turkish people seem to think of TV dizi (soaps really except they’re only seasons-long; the Anglo versions are long long running. I love Foreign film festivals and am disappointed that few come from Turkey. Sadece Sen was wonderful, but borrowed froma Korean story! A film requires much more precise skills; it has a beginning, a development and and ending….. all in 2 hours or so. Let’s push for this please Turkey viewers. You have vast numbers of gorgeous, some very talented, actors. (use that word for both male and female please). Use them better!

  39. I am so cross that Naz is dead, I am in Season 3 Episode 2 ; how they can put a child to suffer so much??? and that behaviour of Ali Najak ???? the frog is the one that should have been killed

    • I am really upset that Naz died and who was that immature girl they threw ? Terrible ending!!

      • I am also upset they killed Raz. I wanted them to get married This was a big mistake. So many viewers are upset with this. The writers need to be fired.

  40. I’m watching this on Netflix. I’m addicted to the show, I try and see an episode everyday. Not an easy thing to do as each episode is 2 hours long! Last night I saw the episode where Naz returns the ring back to Ali Najat. I agree with alot of those who commented here about the show starting out really well and then turned into a big disappointment. I’m still half way through and even I’m begining to find the show is becoming more and more disappointing. Ali Najat and Naz don’t even have much screen time now. The other characters who were supports are now becoming main characters. Hate how Ali Najat is behaving towards Naz. I’ll finish watching the remaining episodes (although I’m gutted that Naz is going to die soon) but I don’t know if I’ll want to watch any new seasons unless they bring Naz back.

    • I tell my friends to enjoy it all and the lovely leading characters until partway through Ep 20 and the roses filling her office scene! Then sign off people. The whole thing becomes ridiculous.

  41. A série inicialmente me fascinou. Mas, os últimos capítulos foram decepcionantes, o enredo se perdeu e ficou desconexo. Uma pena…no entanto, as séries turcas me fascinaram e as assistirei com frequência.

  42. Please stop putting Ali in such disabilitating and crass positions. He has been positioned to be an honourable, beautiful, man with integrity, and these last episodes disregarding Naz and acting like a spineless love struck kid with his past love is crushing. He cannot be so small.

    • Great comment. Yes Naz was good for Ali becoming a great man. Hatred him sliding backwards. ESP on the eve of wedding. Won’t watch 4th season I do like Enver & would like him to be good friends with Feyzna. And she become a strong CEO to head that company.

  43. I watched all 31 episodes great series I hope there is more episodes ?

    • So unbelievable that at least one person liked it. I’ve actually never seen such an appalling team of writers, who will have panicked when Belcim left; she wrote a kind message (above) but there must have been politics in there. The fact that she and the wonderful Ibrahim worked so beautifully as lovers in film Sadece Sen, then in this he can’t kiss her except as if she’s a sister!! What was that about.?Ridiculous that a man developing in maturity and trying to be a good man despite his sad childhood under his tyrant father – would turn into a jerk and a scowling loser. Worse insult was that we saw for everyone else, there’d be a visit to a gravesite in which that past loved one can say a few things that help the story along. Writiers didn’t even spare Alinejat 5 minutes screentime for that which might have made the re-direction more acceptable. Ridiculous! Eylul was obviously manufactured to be retro-inserted in the narrative. A waste of space. When she giggled at Alinejat losing his temper in the hospitable she showed as a total air-head. Naz was wise in that she knew that Alinejat could not pursue his car dream forever without destroying himself and the people he (was supposed to) love. I loved Alinejat character (and Ibrahim Celikkol!). Awful, awful decisions by the show-runners after all of 2-and-half long episodes. The captive viewers were gutted. Is this part of today’s ratings wars between the huge screen industry in Turkey/Istanbul. PLEASE writers/directors – do TV as well your film cinema counterparts show how.

  44. I saw all 31 episodes on Netflix. My question is, is this the last series? Or more to come?

    • I tell all of my friends to view as far as Episode 20 and the roses-in-the-office scene. Enough already. Don’t wait for awful Eylul to appear. Everything “goes pear-shaped” as we say in my culture – after that.

    • I loved this show until Naz was killed off. And I didn’t like when Ali Nejet we off to the airport to beg his ex. not to leave when he was supposed to be engaged to NAZ. There was a episode missing when they got engaged for the second time what lead them to try again & why did he get engaged to NAZ if he knew he wanted his ex. back. NAZ been beside him all this time and yet when his ex. Shows up now he have strong feeling for her. And why did NAZ have to die. I am very upset about how this show turned out . Also I noticed that Ali Nejet always kiss NAZ on her forehead or a kiss on her hand ; But, with Eylul he kissed her passionately

    • What in the world happened to the direction of the series. It seemed as if Ali would not grow up and truly only thinks of ali. Kaan will never have stability in his life and all Nas good for was to 🚼sit. The ex was miscast and acted the a spoiled privileged immature child. Come on now how old were these characters. Loved Ibrahim, genco, and kaan.

  45. Naz …please come back!

  46. So disappointed with this show, they decided to kill off the star and most lovable personality in this series. How could they kill off Naz and replace her with that new character? I stopped watching after Naz died, the show died for me too.

  47. So disappointed how Intersection has developed, the show is about 3 main characters and they killed off the best character and replaced her with someone else who is less lovable. Thumbs down.

    • The end did not make any sense. It was almost callous the way Ali Nejat moved on to the next lady. His behaviour matched how he was first portrayed at the start of the show. The careless playboy. And he needs to work on his facial experession. It was the same through out the whole show. His son was a pleasure to watch. And our lovely Nas didn’t have to die at all…..Hated the way the show ended.

    • 👎i don’t like the writer 0f this series… no compassion at all. So disappointing😥

  48. please tell us where we can buy the full first season with English subtitles — either digital streaming/download, or a DVD set. I would be willing to buy either, today, but I cannot find where to do so! It is not on, where I usually look, and I was only just introduced to this TV show via Netflix. I binge-watched the first 13 episodes, and now I am addicted. I must find out what happens next!!

    Please post a link where I may purchase the remaining episodes. Thank you!

    • I just watched both episodes on Netflix about 2 weeks ago.

      • Don’t bother. It suffered a dreadfully misguided re-write after Episode 20. Hopeless and incompetent after such a great start.

        • Like many others was disappointed in 3rd series. Loved the accompanying music, is it available for sale anywhere? I’m in Scotland and becoming hooked on Turkish drama and all the fabulous leading male characters have restored my opinion of Turkish men in general. Hope to find more to watch and enjoy.

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