Intersection (Kordugum) Tv Series

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Intersection (Kordugum) Turkish Tv Series


Original Title: Kordugum
English Title: Intersection
Also Known As:
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 31
Broadcast Network: Fox Tv
Broadcast Period: January 7, 2016 – October 23, 2016
Production Company: Endemol Shine Turkiye
Director: Gokcen Usta
Screen Writer: Yigit Okan


Ali Nejat (Ibrahim Celikkol) is a young businessman who comes from a wealty family. Years ago, he was involved in a car accident due to his passion for high speed and caused the death of his little nephew. After this tradegy, Ali Nejat never forgives himself and cannot become close to his family ever after.

When Ali Nejat goes to Italy for a business trip, he meets a talented young doctor Naz (Belcim Bilgin) who saves the life of his close friend at the restaurant. Naz unfortunately misses her flight to Istanbul in order to take care of Ali Nejat’s friend and these two have to return to Istanbul together.

Naz is married to Umut (Alican Yucesoy) who is passionate about cars and works as a car mechanic. Umut has sacrified his life for Naz’s education and now, he deeply resents for being degraded and feels unhappy for disappointing his family. Naz’s acquaintance with Ali Nejat not only changes her life but also changes her husband’s life. Umut finally finds an opportunity to fulfill his ultimate goal of making his own automobile with Ali Nejat’s financial support.

Meanwhile, Ali Nejat learns in his birthday party that he is the father of a little child Kaan. While he tries to take care of this little child, he gets great assistance of Naz and becomes closer to her as time passes.

In intersection tv series story, you will explore a love triangle and the tragic life of a little child. Will Umut eventually manage to reach his aim of creating his own car? Will Naz continue to love her husband Umut and realize that she is so different from him?

Intersection Tv Series Cast

Ibrahim Celikkol as Ali Nejat Karasu
Belcim Bilgin as Naz Ozer
Alican Yucesoy as Umut Ozer
Rojda Demirer as Neslihan
Ege Aydan as Ayhan
Murat Daltaban as Oguz
Aybars Kartal Ozson as Kaan Karasu
Tulay Gunal as Feyza Karasu
Gozde Cigaci as Gokce
Mehmet Aslantug as Enver Eren
Saadet Isil Aksoy as Eylul Eren
Kaya Akkaya as Amir
Naz Elmas as Didem
Ferit Aktug as Genco
Ayda Aksel as Aysen Isleyen
Ali Tutal as Hasan
Sabriye Kara as Cahide
Tugrul Cetiner as Tarik Karasu
Tuncer Salman as Ibo
Serdar Yegin as Mert
Teoman Kumbaracibasi as Murat Seyhanli

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  1. Beautiful show with beautiful cast and unfortunatelly catastrofic ending. They had great material to made easily 4 seasons and had great ending. Episode 5 looked like somebody cut funding end ended show prematurely! So sad for that! Total dissapointment!

  2. I was suspecting a bad ending so, in order not to get really pissed off, I watched the last 15 minutes of the drama to realise that the end was a real mess, after all those hours watching faithfully what was a pretty good drama, I would have hated seeing such a bad ending. They should have kicked out the authors.

  3. Agree with the other viewers who wrote that the ending of the show was a total disaster. Just plain silly and unnecessary. Tarik not being a father ar the end of the series is a weird twist since the past two seasons showed his slow human reform towards his kids and grandchild. Then all of a sudden he’s capable of killing Naz?

    We never find out who exactly shot Naz? She had recognized her killer yet the finale does not bring closure on any of their plot twists. Enver’s illegitimate daughter as a side twist is so unbelievable and totally useless in the plot. And evil Murat does not get to face Feyza or anyone else he’s destroyed. And why did they bring Eylul into the second series without any reference (if she was so connected to Ali Nejat and the fatal accident)?

    Finally what was the point to also bring in Ali Nejat’s missing mother Sureyya? She looks younger than her own daughter by the way so the casting was way off on that character. I think the writers of the final season were too busy smoking too much hashish for their own good. Brilliant acting from most of the cast but sadly they couldn’t save the awful finale.

  4. That was the worst ending in the history of TV shows I have ever seen. How disappointing!!! After two weeks of neglecting my children to get through this series, I am not only disgusted and disappointed but my children will never get that quality time back with me.

  5. That’s a shame!!! I think the writer forgot why he wrote the scrip, lack of continuity…I am wondering what was this story really about🙄🙄🙄🙄

  6. After viewing this series with its 2-1/2 hour episodes!, I’m still wondering why I spend so much time on it. Seasons 1 and 2 were fine. It explored Turkish cultural and romantic relationships that are not familiar with western societies, especially the Americans. Very little is know about modern Turkish society in America. On the relationship between Naz and Ali, did anyone see them passionately kiss? So we have Turkish TV standards and social norms that, quite frankly, at least for Americans, are found to be quite refreshing.

    On plot development, not so good. And character development over plot timeline, not so good either. The last half of the series seemed forced and the plot rather disconnected as the various mini-plots weaved in and out. The last season was a complete re-write of the series previous two seasons with its own plot development that didn’t support the first two seasons’ main plotline.

    For example, the character, Naz, was almost seared into the viewer’s consciousness. What value to the previous two seasons does her character’s death have? If she had been, say, a soldier and in the third season, she was killed, yes, there’s a connection that supported the viewer’s concern that she could die. But Naz’s death, on the eve of her marriage, connected to a new character that suddenly was thrown into the plot mix, was a prime example of poor script development abilities. Reading the comments testifies to this.

    There’s an unwritten rule in the entertainment industry that you keep the viewer’s trust and best interest at heart when telling the story. It may be a surprising tragedy that pulls at the hearts of the viewer but that trust is there and the viewer carries on. If the storytelling suddenly harms this trust, the viewer’s feelings will be anger directed towards the storyteller…. not the villain. This is not a skill set a writer wants to be remembered by.

    First and foremost, this is a story to entertain the viewer, be it a comedy or a Shakespearian tragedy. The comments certainly don’t reflect entertainment. It reflects a cheap shot at the viewers’ expense.

  7. It was never about Ali Najet and Naz. Naz was a married woman who was attracted to Ali Najet and left her husband for him. When she was pregnant she was not that thrilled about it because it would mean she would have to remain with Umut, however, she lost her child and she found a great reason to reach out to Ali Najet who really needed her because of his son Kaan.

    Naz was awful, self centered and totally un-supportive. She made Ali Najet give up his dream of building a car, watched him farewell his staff and closed his business; she was totally unaware of the magnitude of what she desired and what she made Ali Najet do; she was a bully.

    However, Ali Najet’s real love was Eylul. This love story is between Ali Najet and Eylul. Their love story, their break up and their hearts that never stopped loving each other. Eylul had been living overseas with the guilt of her dead nephew and it was her brother who asked her to return to Turkey.

    It was obvious at their first meeting that Ali Najet and Eylul still cared for each other and as the series continued with Eylul in it, she was the caring and sensitive one, she did not want to hurt Ali Najet or Naz, she didn’t play any childish games and was thoughtful in her actions by making sure her presence was not going to cause any problems and she was going to leave; not once did we see her trying to break up Ali Najet and Naz.

    As for Ali Najet, Eylul was the woman he needed to fight for him and understand him; support him and be on his side. All Naz wanted was for Ali Najet to forget about helping his family and forget about his sister’s troubles with Murat and forget about everything he cared about and just concentrate on her and Kaan.

    There was not a lot of story about Naz as a doctor; it would have been good to see her strength in that field but she was made to look less attractive as the series went on, she looked dull and frumpy esp the scene outside the manor when Eylul was there to see Fayzer and Naz was waiting outside with Kaan. Eylul looked tall, slim and elegant while Naz looked short, frumpy and tired.

    It was inevitable Ali Najet and Eylul would get back together; it was love torn apart by tragedy and why would Ali Najet go to the airport and begged her not to go if he did not love her. And the kiss on the beach, it was a beautiful scene, he still loved her, she still loved him; there was pain in-between their love but the attraction was still there; that is their love story.

    As for Murat, he made the series and so did Feyza, they were both wonderful in agitating the hell out of me; many times I wish I could slap Feyza.

    And in the beginning of the third series I was sad to think Ali Najet was marrying Naz and the scene with Eylul crying in the woods was the most heartbreaking scene of the series, she really did sacrifice her love not just for Naz but also for Kaan.

    Ali Najet did not love Naz; but was marrying her for the sake of Kaan but at the last minute he just couldn’t do it, he didn’t want the risk of losing Eylul again

    As for all the other characters, they were all brilliant in their own stories, loved it all, the overwhelming love and sadness of Naz’s mum when Naz died, the sensitivity of Genco for the baby and Gorche and I love it that they named her Naz (because she was their family first when she was married to Umut) and of course Kaan, who never actually grew up in the series, he remained immature, failed to comprehend what had happened and just loved Naz and Eylul in the same way.

    Even the staff at the manor were lovely and sincere, good to see some storyline around them and their lives blended in the series and as for the father that wasn’t, the mother who returned, the daughter who appeared out of the blue and disappeared again…it all remains in our imagination what happened next.

    The death of Naz in episode three proved my point that the love story was not about Naz and Ali Najet but between Ali Najet and Eylul…remember the scene after he broke up with Naz where he ended up at the same place as Eylul? That was no coincidence, he went where his heart was and how did he know where to find her? well, it’s called love.

    That was a great show, loved it.

    • Obviously you are one of the writers and you needed some type of justification for a total character and plot assassination.

      • Wow!! I should take that as a compliment; the truth of the matter is that the show was so enjoyable and whoever wrote the subtitles did a fantastic job, and this is the first time I’ve reviewed a series because I was just blown away with the actors, story and everything in-between and literally did a standing ovation. Thanks for your comment, thrilled to gauge a response and no, I’m not one of the writers but they are brilliant don’t you think?

        • I am not a writer of the show…lol…. but i also found Naz’s character to be quite self centered. YES she supported one man with his dream that didn’t pan out but that doesn’t mean you destroy another man’s dream. the start of the show was really good. Also i don’t understand why EYLUL got so much hate. Initially the characters were well rounded even with all there flaws. But god knows what happened in season 2 and 3, it felt like completely different people. I mean if they had just stuck to the amazing chemistry and story of growth between a father and son (kaan and Ali nejat) and (Ali nejat and tarik karasu) respectively. The show would have been a great watch but instead all this unnecessary scheming and twists!!!

        • My wife and I watched this series and found Naz to be the opposite of what you described. And your last comment about love?… this was a drama series that was badly written. I don’t think the writers had any idea about an ending until they got there and the twist with killing Naz off was, frankly, unnecessary.

        • Ali Nijat turns out to be a wimp. Ill kempt and totally confused towards the end. He makes sure Naz marriage breaks , uses her as a surrogate mother to Kaan and then , is all set to dump her unceremoniously. And Eylul gets on your nerves. She walks in to ali Nijats life like a breeze unmindful of his engagement to Naz and Ali Nijat displays classic lack of character in getting back with her. The last 5 episodes were a mishmash. Kaan and Umut stand out with their performances and it’s Naz who walks away with the viewers sympathy

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