Kenan Imirzalioglu

Kenan Imirzalioglu - Turkish Actor


Name: Kenan Imirzalioglu
Birthdate: June 18, 1974
Birthplace: Ankara, Turkey
Height: 191 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Education: Yildiz Technical University – Mathematics (Yildiz Teknik Universitesi Matematik)
Talent Agency:
Spouse: Sinem Kobal (m. 2016-present)
Biography: Kenan Imirzalioglu comes from Uzun Hassan’s state who was a sultan of Aq Qoyunlu dynasty. In 1997, Kenan Imirzalioglu joined Best Model of Turkey and had a 1st ranking. He also joined the Best Model of the World in 1997 and became the best model of the world. He became the first Turkish man who won the Best Model of the World.

Kenan Imirzalioglu Tv Series / Movies

1998 – 2002 Crazy Heart (Deli Yurek) (as Yusuf Miroglu)
2001 – Crazy Heart Bumerang Hell (Deli Yürek: Bumerang Cehennemi) (as Yusuf Miroglu) (Movie)
2001 – Hayat Baglari (as Kenan)
2003 – 2005 Twilight (Alacakaranlik) (as Ferit Caglayan)
2004 – Heads or Tails (Yazi Tura) (as Hayalet Cevher) (Movie)
2005 – 2007 (as Mehmet Kosovali)
2005 – Zagara ve Digerleri (as Police)
2006 – The Last Ottoman: Knockout Ali (Son Osmanli Yandim Ali) (as Ali) (Movie)
2007 – For Love and Honor (Kabadayi) (as Devran) (Movie)
2009 – Dragon Trap (Ejder Kapani) (as Akrep Celal) (Movie)
2009 – 2011 (as Ezel Bayraktar)
2012 – Long Story (Uzun Hikaye) (as Ali) (Movie)
2012 – 2015 (as Mahir Kara)
2017 – Cingoz Recai (as Recai) (Movie)
2018 – Mehmed Bir Cihan Fatihi (as II. Mehmed)
2020 – Alef (as Kemal)


2012 – RTGD – (Radio Television Press Association) (Radyo Televisyon Gazeteler Dernegi) – Best Actor of the Year (Karadayi) – Yilin Erkek Oyuncusu (Karadayi)
2012 – Local and Regional Television Foundation (Yerel ve Bolgesel Televizyonlar Birligi YBTB) – The Most Successful Actor (Karadayi) – En Basarili Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2013 – Antalya Television Awards (Antalya Televizyon Odulleri) – Best Actor (Drama Series) (Karadayi) – En Basarili Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2013 – Altin Kelebek Odulleri (Golden Butterfly Awards) – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2013 – Magazine Casusu – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2013 – 4th Ayakli Gazette TV Awards (4. Ayakli Gazete Televizyon Odulleri) – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2013 – Quality Awards (Kalite Odulleri)- Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2013 – Golden Lion Awards (Altin Aslan Odulleri) – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2013 – Bilkent Television Awards (Bilkent Televizyon Odulleri) – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2013 – GQ of the Year – Actor of the Year (Karadayi) – Yilin Erkek Oyuncusu (Karadayi)
2014 – 5th Ayakli Gazette TV Awards (5. Ayakli Gazete Televizyon Odulleri) – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2014 – Engelsiz Yasam Vakfi Awards – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2014 – Yildiz Teknik University Awards (Yildiz Teknik Universitesi Odulleri) – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2015 – Mersin Golden Palm Awards (Mersin Altin Palmiye Odulleri) – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2015 – 11th Communication Awards Istanbul Aydin University (11.Iletisim Odulleri İstanbul Aydin Universitesi) – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)
2015 – Golden Objective Awards (Altin Objektif Odulleri) – Best Actor (Karadayi) – En Iyi Erkek Oyuncu (Karadayi)


Body Type:
Star Sign: Gemini
Blood Type:
Weight: 80 kg


  1. I just watched Karadayi on Netflix. This was the first time seeing Kenan Imirzalioglu in any movies or TV shows. Thought he did a fantastic job playing Mahir. Believe me, when he sat in that chair and cried, I was crying right along with him and when he told Judge Feride that he killed the prosecutor, I jumped up and screamed NO. Loved the show and applause to Kenan for the good job he did. I will be looking for other projects that he has done in the future.

  2. I became a huge fan of Kenan from the first time I watched him. Karadayi will be one of my all time favorites. No one does drama better than you Turkish actors. I no longer watch American television, as it holds no comparison to the superior Turkish productions and writing. Kenan is a true pro at portraying a sensitive man, yet with strength and machismo. I will watch all of his new projects and wish him continued success. He married a beautiful woman and actress as well. I also find her work superior. Much happiness in your marriage.

    • I agree Deborah…I am watching Karadayi now and after Ezel, I have to say he is my number 1 favorite for all the reasons you list. I have watched hundreds of hours of turkish tv drama and can no longer watch American television because it seems like two dimensional cartoons with no depth of character. Instead the complexity of humanity through the Turkish writers is a breath of fresh air and I can’t get enough of it.
      Kenan, thank you. Teşekkürler! You exemplify the power of a smile, of a stern penetrating look, of a glance of inquiry all in a second. Everything has meaning. Life has meaning and your performances are alive with the entire spectrum of human emotion!


  4. Mr. Imirzalioglu I am an 80yr old woman in the United States. I was, in my younger years, an English teacher. I watched Ezel and got addicted to Turkish movies. I am disabled and I have the time to watch these long dramas. And my hat is off to the twisted plots, flashbacks and future forwards, can I say? I saw 4 different futures in about ten minutes and my head was reeling. And the villains. WOW. Fabulous. And you! Your tears are my tears, dear one. I am so disgusted at our American films who use so much sex to make up for plots and just plain good writing to make a film today. And the handling of modesty and respect for privacy of the human body is just unheard of today over here. I pray that your democratic state holds true. I read about those terrorists in your land (and ours) and we must stay courageous. Last, but not least, you are one hunk of a man. ?

  5. Mash’Allah Mash’Allah Mash’Allah!!!!

  6. im from WestAfrica…i was thrilled by your performace when i watched Ezel.I entreat you to keep rising in everything you lay hands on especially in line with ur career…You’re a GENIUS big bro.

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