Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil) Tv Series

Muhtesem Yuzyil - Magnificent century tv series

Original Title: Muhtesem Yuzyil
English Title: Magnificent Century
Also Known As: Suleimán – El Gran sultán, Hareem al Sultan, حريم السلطان (Hareem Elsultan), حرم سلطان (Hurrem Sultan), Sulejmani i Madhërishëm, El Sultán, Σουλεϊμάν ο Μεγαλοπρεπής (Souleiman o Megaloprepis), Szulejmán, HaSultan, Hürrem Aur Sultan
Genre: History, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 139
Broadcast Network: Show TV & Star Tv
Broadcast Period: January 5, 2011 – June 11, 2014
Production Company: Tims Production
Director: Yagmur Taylan, Durul Taylan
Screen Writer: Meral Okay, Yilmaz Sahin

Suleyman (Halit Ergenc) is a young man who is very handsome and fond of study. He learns the death of his father while he is hunting with his close friend Ibrahim (Okan Yalabik). Upon the death of his father, Suleyman enters Istanbul and accedes to the throne as the tenth Ottoman Sultan. His life changes radically, he becomes the tenth and longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, from 1520 to his death in 1566. Also, he will be known in the West as Suleiman the Magnificent and in the East, as the Lawgiver for his complete reconstruction of the Ottoman legal system.

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Menekse and Halil (Menekse ile Halil)

Menekse and Halil (Menekse ile Halil) Turkish Tv Series Poster

Original Title: Menekse ile Halil
English Title: Menekse and Halil
Also Known As: Mirna & Khalil (Arabic), Miran wa Khalil (Arabic), Menekse si Halil (Romania)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 36
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: September 7, 2007 – May 24, 2008
Production Company: Ay Yapim
Director: Uluc Bayraktar
Screen Writer: Melek Gencoglu, Ece Yorenc

Menekse (Sedef Avci) and Halil (Kivanc Tatlitug) work at the same patisserie and love each other. Their love is so profound, strong and pure. Halil is a Bosnian young man who has a secret that he cannot tell even Menekse about. This secret has haunted him for most of his life and is a heavy burden on his shoulders.

Menekse, on the other hand, is a 20-year old Turkish girl who lives with her family. Menekse conceals their relationship from her family because her father is very conservative. Her father, Hasan (Mehmet Cevik), uses forces her to marry one of their fellow citizens, Mustafa (Hasan Kucukcetin) who offers a lot of money in return.

Menekse and Halil don’t give up their love, even if they are separated from each other. They escape to Istanbul leaving everything behind. However, their story becomes more complicated when Menekse’s husband Mustafa and her brother Kadir (Caner Candarlı) arrive in Istanbul too in order to find them.

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Moment of Farewell (Elveda Derken)

Elveda derken - Moment of farewell tv series

Original Title: Elveda Derken
English Title: Moment of Farewell
Also Known As: A Farewell Moment (English), Lahzat Wadaa (Arabic), Înainte de sfarsit (Romania), Sylzi nad Bosfora (Bulgarian)
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 51
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: March 21, 2007 – June 18, 2008
Production Company: Yagmur Ajans
Director: Hilal Saral
Screen Writer: Ozgur Evren Hepturk
Lale (Ece Uslu) is a pediatrician and has a very happy family. She deeply loves her author husband Ege (Sinan Sumer) and her two little daughters. But her happy life changes when she is diagnosed a deadly terminal disease, a tumor in her brain. She thinks that the best thing is leaving her family behind before her illness relapses. Therefore, she secretly leaves, files for divorce and keeps away as a sick woman while she is under treatment from doctor Ates (Gokhan Tepe) who is her close friend. Ege doesn’t understand what is happening and thinks that Lale leaves him because she loves Ates. For this reason, he immediately marries Zeynep (Burcu Kara), the house teacher of his daughters.

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My Fair Lady (Gonulcelen)

Original Title: Gonulcelen
English Title: My Fair Lady
Also Known As: Heart Stealer 
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 56
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: February 25, 2010 – June 24, 2011
Production Company: Sis Yapim
Director: Cevdet Mercan
Screen Writer: Sertac Ergin, Nilgun Ones, Kerim Ceylan, Gul Dirican, Dilek Edwards

Murat (Cansel Elcin) is a young but a successful musician. After spending many years in abroad, he returns to Istanbul where he was born and raised. One day, while he is wandering around with his friend Levent (Onur Saylak), he comes across a young girl who makes her living by selling flowers and occasionally singing in a band. Murat hears potential in her untrained voice and takes a bet that he can transform this unrefined, flower girl Hasret (Tuba Buyukustun) into a lady. This bet changes not only the life of Murat but also that of Hasret. While Murat is trying to turn this gypsy girl into a lady by teaching her to speak, sing and act properly, he encounters with the other side of Turkey. During the process of transformation, both Murat and Hasret discover a love and a different world.

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Night of June (Haziran Gecesi)

Original Title: Haziran Gecesi
English Title: Night of June
Also Known As: Havin (Romania), Havin – Doua vieti, o dragoste (Romania), Iunskaya Nochi (Russia)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 62
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: September 13, 2004 – February 20, 2006
Production Company: Gold Film
Director: Andac Haznedaroglu
Screen Writer: Mahinur Ergun
Havin (Naz Elmaz) is a 23-year old girl who goes to university. She lives with her friend but they struggle for money to pay the rent and other expenses. Therefore, Havin accepts to be hostess at a party. In the party, she comes across Baran (Ozcan Deniz) who turns her life upside down. Havin and Baran fall completely into each other. They become very close together and plan to be married. However, as they are on the way for the wedding, they have a car accident. Both survive the crash but Havin is injured badly. Baran’s mother Kumru (Nebahat Cehre) makes a deal that she will save Havin if Havin leaves Baran and goes away from his life. Havin is hesitant but she accepts. On the other hand, Baran is told that Havin is dead. After mourning for Havin, Baran marries Duygu (Burcu Kara) who is his psychologist. Years later, Baran has three children and he is happy with Duygu. But then, he out of pure coincidence sees Havin after so many years. Now, Havin is back but she acquaints herself as another woman, Sibel. 

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Rebellious (Asi)

Original Title: Asi
English Title: Rebellious
Also Known As: Rebel (English), Asi. Impotriva Destinului (Romania), Gordata Asi (Bulgaria), Assi (Arabic), 3asi (Arabic)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 71
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: October 26, 2007 – June 19, 2009
Production Company: Sis Yapim
Director: Cevdet Mercan
Screen Writer: Gul Dirican, Nese Cehiz, Bilal Babaoglu, Sebnem Citak, Sertac Ergin

After years of absence, Demir (Murat Yildirim) heads back to his hometown Antakya, as a businessman. In Antakya, he remembers the death of his mother who drowned herself in the river after losing her job. Demir holds Kozcuoglu family responsible for the suicide of his mother. Kozcuoglu family owns a prominent farm in Antakya for three generations. The owner Ihsan Kozcuoglu (Cetin Tekindor) and his daughter Asi (Tuba Buyukustun) do their best to keep their farm alive. When Demir encounters Asi, he is immediately drowned to her without knowing that she comes from Kozcuoglu family. He decides to move his business to Antakya and then the story begins.

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Remember Darling (Hatirla Sevgili)

Past Times - Remember Darling (Hatirla Sevgili) Tv Series

Original Title: Hatirla Sevgili
English Title: Remember Darling
Also Known As: Past Times, Stormy Love (English)
Genre: History, Romance
Episodes: 68
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: October 27, 2006 – June 6, 2008
Production Company: Sis Yapim
Director: Ummu Burhan, Faruk Teber
Screen Writer: Nilgun Ones, Sebnem Citak, Aylin Aliberen

Sevket (Avni Yalcin) and Riza (Engin Senkan) are childhood friends but they develop opposite political views as they grow up. Sevket becomes a public prosecutor who supports the leftist Republican People’s Party whereas Riza becomes a member of a right wing Democratic Party. This situation results in an animosity between them although they are childhood friends and close neighbors.

Sevket’s son, Ahmet (Cansel Elcin), who is a young, handsome and well-educated lawyer, heads back to Turkey after studying abroad. Ahmet meets Riza’s older daughter, Yasemin (Beren Saat) after years of absence and falls in love with her who has a crush on him for years. Their tender love story turns into a tragic love story when both of their families disagree for their relationship.

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Second Spring (Ikinci Bahar)

Second Spring (Ikinci Bahar) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Ikinci Bahar
English Title: Second Spring
Also Known As:
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 37
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: October 29, 1998 – January 2001
Production Company: Erler Film
Director: Ugur Yucel, Orhan Oguz, Turkan Derya
Screen Writer: Sulhi Dolek
Ali Haydar (Sener Sen) is a kebab-master from Antep which is a city in the east of Turkey. After losing his wife, he gives all his attention to his three daughters. He has a simple life with his kebab-restaurant. One day, he meets Hanim (Turkan Soray) and reluctantly hires her as a dishwasher. Hanim is a tough, stubborn and forceful woman. She is a widow too and has a daughter and a son. A profound love story begins in the kebab restaurant. Although there are many obstacles in front of their ways, Ali Haydar and Hanim show us that hope does not end.

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Silver (Gumus) Tv Series

gumus tv series poster

Original Title: Gumus
English Title: Silver
Also Known As: Noor (Arabic), Perla (Bulgaria), Lubire de Argint (Romania), Dashuri e Vertet (Albania)
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 100
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: January 20, 2005 – June 16, 2007
Production Company: Ans Production
Director: Tarik Alpagut, Kemal Uzun
Screen Writer: Eylem Canpolat, Sema Ergenekon

After the apparent death of his girlfriend in a car accident, Mehmet (Kivanc Tatlitug) becomes weary of life. In order to make him forget that terrible accident and bring him back to the real world, his grandfather Mehmet Fikri (Ekrem Bora) encourages him to marry Gumus (Songul Oden).

Gumus is a simple girl and loves Mehmet since her childhood. Therefore, she becomes very happy when she learns that Mehmet is willing to marry him. However, things get complicated when she realizes that she will not have a real marriage with Mehmet.

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Love In Exile (Aska Surgun – Slave to Love)

Love In Exile - Slave to Love (Aska Surgun) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Aska Surgun
English Title: Slave to Love
Also Known As: Love In Exile
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 53
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: Marc 7, 2005 – June 5, 2006
Production Company: Sis Yapim
Director: Cemal San
Screen Writer: Deniz Sertbarut, Baris Pirhasan, Cüneyt Bolak

Azizoglu family migrates to the big city of Istanbul from the village of Eastern Turkey because of the blood feud with the Sahvar family. Thanks to this migration, Hazar Azizoglu (Mahsun Kirmizigul) has been raised as a Westerner and has lived his life according to Western tradition all his life. However, the life of Hazar changes radically when his brother is killed by Sahvar family.

The two families have decided to put an end to the feud and it is the Sahvar family’s turn to pay blood money to the Azizoglu family. According to tradition, it is decided that the price is to be the beautiful daughter of Sahvar family, Zilan (Beren Saat).

In order to end the blood feud between two families, Hazar accepts to get married Beren Saat whom he doesn’t know. This arranged marriage brings new hopes as time passes. Hazar (Mahsun Kirmizigul) and Zilan (Beren Saat) find an unexpected source of happiness in this marriage.

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