50M2 Tv Series

50m2 Tv Series


Original Title: 50M2
English Title: 50M2
Also Known As:
Genre: Comedy, Thriller
Episodes: 8 episodes in Season 1
Broadcast Network: Netflix
Broadcast Period: 27 January 2021 (season 1)
Production Company: BKM Film
Director: Selcuk Aydemir
Screen Writer: Burak Aksak
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Golge (Engin Ozturk) is a hitman who seeks answers about his parents. He does not know anything about his past. Throughout his life, he has been trying to find where he comes from and what has happened to his family.

Golge has been raised by a wealthy businessman Servet (Kursat Alniacik). He becomes a right-hand man of Servet, handles his dirty businesses, and takes the name of Golge (meaning “shadow” in Turkish) until he figures about his true identity.

While searching for his identity, Golge comes across to a journalist named Adem. He goes to the journalist’s house and learns a dark truth linked to his long-time custodian Servet.

Golge is betrayed by his long-time custodian Servet and manages to survive out of pure coincidence. The journalist Adem, on the other hand, is killed right away.

Meanwhile, two men come to Adem’s house in order to inform that his father has just passed away and left a tailor shop as an inheritance. These two men mistakenly assume that Golge is the son of the late tailor shop owner.

Golge has nothing to do but to hide in a vacant tailor shop until he puts everything in order. He takes the identity of Adem, pretends to be the son of the late tailor shop owner and starts to live in a cozy neighborhood where everyone knows each other.

Golge/Adem starts to have a new life in a vacant tailor shop while hiding his past as a hitman. The tailor shop is about 50 square meters. There is a small tailoring area and also a small room where Golge/Adem can sleep.

Golge/Adem tries his best to hide his true identity. However, he understands immediately that hiding something from the people living in the neighborhood is not easy at all.

Muhtar (Cengiz Bozkurt) is the headman of the neighborhood who has been living in the neighborhood throughout his whole life. Three generations of his family have been serving as a headman of the neighborhood. Thus, he knows everyone in the neighborhood.

Muhtar easily embraces Golge/Adem as a new member of the neighborhood. He is a very optimistic person who does his best to support anyone in need. He has a modest life together with his mother and his beautiful daughter Dilara (Aybuke Pusat).

After Golge/Adem moves into the neighborhood, he starts to discover more things about his past. At the same time, he enjoys helping people in the neighborhood and turns into another person as time passes. Eventually, a hitman becomes a neighborhood guardian.

50m2 tv series story is about a hitman who hides in a vacant tailor shop and pretends to be the son of the late tailor shop owner. Will Golge/Adem manage to hide his true identity from the people in the neighborhood? Will Golge/Adem find answers about his past? Will Golge/Adem takes a revenge from his long-time custodian Servet? Will Dilara accept Golge/Adem as a new member of the neighborhood?

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50M2 Netflix Tv Series Trailer (English Dub)

50M2 Netflix Tv Series Trailer (English Dub)

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