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Game of Silence – Sleepers (Suskunlar) Tv Series


Original Title: Suskunlar
English Title: Sleepers
Also Known As: Game of Silence (Usa), Silence Game, Tihi momci
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 28
Broadcast Network: Show TV
Broadcast Period: January 07, 2012 – December 02, 2012
Production Company: Tims Production
Director: Umur Turagay, Cagatay Tosun, Cagri Lostuvali
Screen Writer:
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Ecevit (Murat Yildirim), Bilal (Sarp Akkaya), Zeki (Tuncay Mercan), and Ibrahim (Guven Murat Akpinar) are four young boys who are close friends and are living in the same neighborhood. There is also a beautiful girl, Ahu (Asli Enver), who is in love with Ecevit.

These four boys have a normal life just like any other child. They have dreams and at the same time, they have the ambition and energy to fulfill these dreams. However, one day, their lives turn upside down. One tragedy changes everything and ends their happy lives.

During the circumcision ceremony, Bilal really scares and asks his friends for help. They decide to escape from the house and hide for a while until Bilal calms down. However, they are accidentally involved in a car accident. They kill an old man while driving a car and this one mistake transforms their lives.

Because of this tragedy, they are sent to a children detention center for 6 months. They just think that after 6 months everything will be same again. However, their days in prison become a nightmare for them. They are brutalized by some of the children in the prison.

Unfortunate and devastating events never end until the day they are free again. While they are leaving from the prison, they also say goodbyes for their childhood.

They make a pack that they will not see each other again and they will remain silent. In order to forget the things in prison, they promise each other.

They keep their promise for years. They never see each other and they try to forget their pasts. Ecevit leaves his neighborhood and becomes a successful lawyer.

Zeki also goes another place and becomes a driver for a successful businessman. Bilal and Ibrahim try to handle this tragedy by helping each other, for this reason, they continue to live in their neighborhood but they never become normal again. Only Ecevit becomes successful in life.

Years later, these four men become together again. They break their pack and return to exact their vengeance.

In game of silence (suskunlar) tv series story, you will watch a revenge of five men while exploring mystery, twisting events, love, friendship, and hatred at the same time. Will revenge fill the emptiness in their hearths? Will they forget about their past and live the rest of their lives peacefully? What will happen to their friendship? Will the childhood love between Ecevit and Ahu blossom again after long years?

Game of Silence (Suskunlar) Tv Series Cast

as Ecevit Oran (nickname sheriff)
as Bilal Tutkun (nickname blond)
Tuncay Mercan as Zeki Sinanli (nickname heartsick)
Guven Murat Akpinar as Ibrahim Kene (nickname bony)
as Ahu Kumral
as Nisan Agazade
as Sait Karam
as Gurur Kutay
as Irfan Alkara (nickname takoz)
Ozge Sezince as Sibel
Elif Atakan as Gulten
Mert Asutay as Huseyin
Fatih Pasali as Ozcan Tiryaki (nikname yarasa)
Jale Aylanc as Umran Kene
Firat Albayram as Hasan (nikname cakal)
Batuhan Basibuyuk as Ferhat
as Cebrail

External Links
Official Site: https://eng.tims.tv/diziler/game-of-silence
Official Site 2: https://www.showtv.com.tr/dizi/tanitim/suskunlar/1041
English Wikipedia:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suskunlardizisiofficial/

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  1. Totally liking the show saw the American Sleepers. The Turkish version is great can’t stop watching actors are superb haven’t got to the end yet.

  2. Such a great series. Found it by pure luck on youtube with english subtittles. Kept getting the feeling I had seen it before. Now I know is based on the book Sleepers and remember seeing the movie by the same name. I am just on episode 11 season 1, can’t stop watching.

  3. An amazing turkish series, I was hoping for 3rd and 4th part….way to go Turkish Acting…for once & unlike american series, the whole episodes not one time mentioning Jews…👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Must watch

    1. It is actually Sleepers. It’s based on a book by the same name. Although, the Turkish meaning might differ. Some call it The Game of Silence which is also how it has been translated in Arabic.

  4. It does not really matter who stole what. Suskunlar is a brilliant show. Totally loved it. Great cast. Murat was amazing. Good work guys.

  5. its the best series ,all of them were shined ,specially murat yildirim.this series never ,never will forget.
    its have been hapen in the world .in the past,now and probably in the future.maybe in the some of country its kind of this serie have maide and of cors can be very brilliant but i think it is unparalleled.in this way,expressed my thanks of all in charge of the suskunlar.

    1. They didn’t steal it from the movie. Both the movie and the TV show are based on the book ‘Sleepers’ which is clearly stated. Although, the TV show is much different and many details were altered and bettered. I really enjoyed the show. I’m not usually up for Turkish shows, but this one I liked. Especially because it’s been dubbed very well.

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