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I Still Have A Hope (Benim Hala Umudum Var)

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I Still Have A Hope (Benim Hala Umudum Var Dizisi) Turkish Tv Series

Original Title: Benim Hala Umudum Var
English Title: I Still Have A Hope
Also Known As: Ummeed
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 10+
Broadcast Network: Star Tv
Broadcast Period: July 1, 2013 –
Production Company: Gold Film
Director: Nisan Akman
Screen Writer: Deniz Akcay, Onur Ugras

Umut (Gizem Karaca) is a young and beautiful girl who works as a manicurist in one of the well-known coiffeurs. She is so pure and naive. She lives with her mother, her step father, two step sisters and two step brothers. In this family, Umut only cares for her mother Zeliha (Nergis Corakci) and her little brother.

The life of Umut is just like Cinderella. Her step sisters are always jealous of her. They don’t do any house chores such as cleaning, cooking and etc. Generally Umut and her mother do the house chores. Also, Umut is constantly abused by her step father Zafer (Ali Erkazan) and her step brother Musa (Burak Altay). Zafer is the head of the family but he still asks for Umut’s salary to buy alcohol. On the other hand, Musa is a conservative guy who does not want her sisters to have any boyfriend.

In this family, Umut still tries not to lose her hope. One day her life changes substantially. Out of pure coincidence, she comes across Ozan (Sukru Ozyildiz) who is rich, young, handsome, and womanizer. They fall in love each other at first sight. However, Ozan has to tell a lie about his true identity. Since Umut belongs to a poor family and has some prejudices towards rich people, Ozan also says that he is a poor guy in order not to lose his first love. He also starts to work at the coiffeur where Umut works. They both conceal their relationship from their families. Umut cannot disclose her boyfriend because her step father and step brother are very conservative. On the other hand, Ozan cannot disclose his girlfriend because his family has a rich life.

As their relationship develops, Ozan tries to disclose that he is a son of a rich family but never manages to do that. He tries to save Umut from her family and wants to do everything to make her happy. He loves her to death and does not want to lose her. The more he loves her, the harder it becomes to disclose all the truth.

In this story, you will explore a love triangle which is surrounded with a class difference between rich and poor families. You will see the difficult and pure love of Umut and Ozan who are made for each other, yet from different worlds. You will watch a modern Cinderella story. How long Ozan be pretending to be poor? What will happen when Umut learns that her first love Ozan comes from a rich family in reality? Will Umut and Ozan live happily without considering their family backgrounds? Will Umut and Ozan overcome all the obstacles in front of their ways?

Gizem Karaca as Umut
Sukru Ozyildiz as Ozan
Berk Oktay as Hakan
Lacin Ceylan as Asude
Ali Erkazan as Zafer
Nergis Corakci as Zeliha
Sermin Hurmeric as Emel
Levent Ozdilek as Ragip
Burak Altay as Musa
Belgin Erdogan as Hale

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  1. Asad khan pakistan

    tnx all act

  2. Asad khan pakistan

    i wand see more

  3. Asad khan pakistan

    i like ummeed drama
    ummeed drama actres so cute
    she is the best of all turki actreses
    Good luck my Gizem karaca

  4. I want to watch these with English translation!! 🙁 🙁

  5. its a good darama.i see the 48 episodes where are the other episodes plz teii me the website.

  6. a.o.a i wana knw when it l b start again as in pakistan just 48 episode hs bn plyd ..ll u please tell from whr i can got rest of the episode please reply

    • Mah.e.noor atv start this drama with a name Ummeed. U can watch it from every monday to thursday at 8 pm.

    • Mah Noor! You can watch it on YouTube just write in search engine Benin Hala Umudum Var Bolum 22(as season 2 starts from episode22). Or you can watch it on Fox tv Turkey…

  7. This is so stupi, i mean talking about a movie, but anyways i do not like the way this movies are written. They give you the hope that the poor girl one day will marry a rich guy and they will be happy ever after when in real life is not so. Another thing i note is that how all hot guys in a movie fall in love in the same girl and she gets to choose, i mean get real for the God’s sake. And why the poor girl Melis in the end had to die? So that Umut has a beautiful and peaceful life? Make a real movie, insert some true moments in it. Most of Guys in real life are not like in the movies no matter how smart or beautifil and innocent the girl is, they will never notice that pure heart and if they do so they will try to spoil it

  8. does this finish at episode 33? or does it still continue?
    i cant seem to find it… :/

  9. The series have just finished in Romania…I wish it could continue with more episodes…
    And Hakan, he should have had a chance to love and be loved…if I were the film director, I would have married Umut and Hakan, finishing the series with them having a healthy and beautiful baby boy…
    And Ozan would be married to Melis, but loving (deep inside)Umut, instead :-))). Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie.

  10. ozan u r best.ur smile is so cute and isbah dont say him bad.he is a good guy.

  11. Where can i watch all the episodes with subtitles in english?
    Best Regards

  12. I just like berk oktay as haqan he was so good in benim hala umudum var .i still hope drama contine . i love the drama alot.i wish alot.

  13. where are the episodes?Can anybody give me a link?

  14. i just love ozan so handsum n lovely boy n gezim is also a pretty n cute girl but the things happening in the serial are bad because its not the culture of muslims that they freely spent nights without marriage…….

  15. Ohhhhhh i love this drama,i want my wish that all the team members come to pakistan, turkish dramas are more and more popular in pakistan

  16. Your mode of describing all in this article is actually good, all be able to effortlessly know it,
    Thanks a lot.

  17. its nice drama serial,

  18. Is hakan a bad guy ??

    • hey, hakan can be considered bad, due to him being involved of the whole situation of melis and the baby. but he done that due to the love that he had for umut. at the end you saw him lonely, his younger brother went off to prison and umut left him. at that time i did feel sorry for him but at the same time he deserved it but its ozans fault for cheating on umut. look the chemistry between umut and ozan was real tbh i didnt find any chemistry between umut and hakan. But to answer your question hakan was bad for the sake of his love towards umut

      • *****spoiler alert*****
        Hakan is a fell down so low since he tried to take someone’s else love and wife and so low that hes his best friend. Its more like a brother takes a brother wife. Digusting… So stupid and unbelievable cant believe its true. Anyway hakan sucks. Ozan is honest

    • haqan i so good ozan i bad

    • sorry sepalings are wrong. i want to sa hapan is nice and ozan is bad

  19. Thank god the last episode is really good but the best part is that Ozan and umut really end up together. Melis dies and ozan and umut will raise the baby girl together….

  20. thanx 4 the vision 🙂

  21. I saw episode 31!!!! She was about to marry hakan but walked out! I wanted tuem to be together. I can’t understand. Is hakan a bad guy? They will not end up together right? She will be with ozan. Most probably. I hate it. It’s not available in english ang i just imagine the story in my head. Still, i’m missing a lot of details.

    • hey, i saw episode 31 and i was blown away it is obvious now that she is going to end up with Ozan. She found out that hakan was behind melis keeping the baby and now she doesn’t want to see hakan’s face. ozan takes umut to melis so she could explain everything that hakan did and to tell umut that there was nothing between her and ozan. She told umut that she wants them to stay together because of how strong there love is. Considering the last episode is near we could say due to the trailer of episode 32 its clear that umut and ozan get back together maybe in the last episode they get married. But yea hakan doesn’t get with umut. Its pretty stupid how they made us think she was gonna get with hakan they made us lose our hopes for umut and ozan I stopped watching until i saw the trailer of episode 31. i hope this at least gave you a clear understanding of whats going on

  22. heyy
    if u wanna know what happens umut gets married to ozan but she later on finds out he has cheated on her before they got married. the girl he cheated with is pregnant from ozan. Umut leaves him and asks for a divorce. ozan tells umuts friend that melis (the girl he cheated with) had an abortion. But later on umut sees her in the hospital with ozan’s mum she gets upset and shes thinking of accepting the proposal that hakan asked for. sooooooooo i dont know things might change maybe ozan can admit to umut that hakan is a bad guy and that he can prove that hakan convinced melis to keep the baby in the start to so umut can leave ozan. All i need to say is that she it’s obvious she will end up with hakan but we’ll wait and see maybe things change who knows.

  23. can u post the 26th episod with translation! i really enjoy the serie!! <3

  24. plz can someone tell me how many episode there are in this show and how it ends? dies anyone dies in the end? who will she end up marriyng plzzzzzz

    • This show is still broadcasted in Turkey. It is a new drama for 2013-2014 season. There are right now 23 episodes but it is expected to have at least 60 episodes.

  25. Oh I watch this series. Cok iyi bir dizi

  26. who does she end up marrying? does anyone die in the end?

      in the last episodes that i have seen Umut marries Ozan but a girl is pregnant of Ozan’s son and Umut when she find out it she decide to leave him…

  27. Hey I really want this series in English. Or at least all of them translated into arabic

  28. Hi,

    Please can you tell me if this series are translated in English?

    Thank you very much!

  29. I just really want to know , who would she love in the end? Hakan or ozan

  30. Hello,
    Do u have this series translated into English, please write the site for me….thanks a lot.

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