Revenge (Intikam) Tv Series

Revenge (Intikam) Tv Series


Original Title: Intikam
English Title: Revenge
Also Known As: Intekam, انتقام, Osveta, Εκδίκηση, Atriebība, Hakmarrje, Отмъщението, Pomsta
Genre: Drama, Action, Romance
Episodes: 44
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: January 3, 2013 – February 20, 2014
Production Company: D Productions
Director: Mesude Eraslan
Screen Writer: 
Filming Locations: Kanlica, Istanbul, Turkey


This tv series is a remake of a popular American tv series Revenge.

Little girl, Derin has a happy life with her father Adil. However, one day her happy life turns upside down. Her father is framed for a crime he did not commit and sent to prison for life. After that, Derin is permanently separated from her father. She spends her beautiful years in orphange while believing that her father is guilty.

Years after, Derin reaches her father’s diaries and learns his innocence. Now, she just wants one thing: revenge. For this reason, she creates a new identity and acquaints herself as Yagmur Ozden (Beren Saat).

Derin returns as Yagmur to exact her vengeance. She sets her plan in motion, rents a home next to Arsoy family, and tries to navigate the upper society to destroy those who betrayed her father. She manages to take the attention of Emre (Mert Firat) who is the son of Arsoy. By this way, Yagmur gets a chance to visit Arsoy family whenever she wants.

In revenge (intikam) tv series, you will see the revenge of a beautiful and young girl Yagmur/Derin. Will anybody learn the truth about Yagmur’s past? Will anybody recognise that Yagmur is actually Derin in disguise? Will Yagmur live the rest of her life peacefully? Will Yagmur manage to take her revenge from Arsoy family?

Revenge (Intikam) Tv Series Cast

as Yagmur Ozden / Derin
as Ruzgar
as Emre Arsoy
as Hakan Eren
Zafer Algoz as Haldun Arsoy
Arzu Gamze Kilinc as Sahika Arsoy
as Cemre Arsoy
as Baris Denizci
as Ruzgar Denizci
as Ali Sulen
Zeynep Ozder as Asli Saglam
Basak Dasman as Derin Celik
Beyza Sekerci as Dicle Aktug
Tilbe Saran as Hale Celik

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  1. When you copy a story from another series which has wonderful American actors and actresses playing in them, it will turn out fake. A copy of anything will not turn out good Overall.
    I personally think the American version is far more better then the Turkish version . I think those who have followed the American version of revenge series would totally agree .
    I must add that separates from my comment I find Beren Saat a wonderful talented actress. She does a phenomenal job playing any given role.

  2. what is the next season ?means episode 15

  3. how can i watch turkish drama with an english subtitle? first turkish drama is fatmagul, and i like it so much.. so i want watch more turkish drama, but it’s so difficult to find with an english subtitle.. anyone can tell me? thank you

  4. I love the Turkish version,American version is Bloody.

  5. i can’t believe that beren saat participate in this series i watched the american one and when i understood the turkish people imitate from this series i was really got upset it shouldn’t happen

  6. superbly directed and prduced..beren saat and Mert Fırat were the class act and even Engin Hepileri has done superb job….

  7. Where can I buy english versio for Intikam ?

  8. intikam is going great. can anyone tell what is the ending of the drama

  9. fatma gul is very good drama series i am very like fatma gul baren is a nice girls is a good in fatma gul karim and baren is good role in this dram and muqadas is a good role in fatma gul

  10. Mert and beren..both are looking cool.excited about emre .will he b deceived by beren throughout the series or beren fall in love with him.nice ..

  11. I like this drama series. Intiqam is the best one drama on Geo TV channel.The best actress Beren Played a very intresting role in the drama series. so nice actress. I like much more.

  12. Beren played beautiful role in fatimagul I like Fatima gul than beiter character

  13. Beren performance was excellent in both Aski-mamnoon and fatma gul. She performed according the requirements needed for both dramas. I think her role was more realistic in fatma gul and glamarous in Aski-mamnoon. Anyways she is a good actress who has the ability to perform according to the character assigned to her. hope her role in Intiqam would be equally good as well.

  14. aski-mamnoon is best drama and has more importance than the drama fatma gul

  15. The american version is way too good…. I think none can play this rol more beautifully the way emily vancamp (emily thorne/ amanda clarke) played it.


  17. she was brillant actress in aski memnu i was excited to see her mew drama itaqam I love u beren saat

  18. I Like the Amrican version Better…!!

  19. I like her more in this series cause I like the action series she’s good this role is strong and suitable to her personality

  20. beren saat was very brilliant in aski memnu but lost importance due to drama fatma gul.the story of intiqam is strong and hopes she again manages to rule the hearts of people

    • beren saat was equally good in fatmagul infact fatmagul was a huge hit and she played the role to perfection. people liked her more in fatmagul compared to aski memnu

    • the character of fatmagul is way stronger than that of ishq e mamnu!and nobody could ve played it better than beren saat! does not mean beren saat did not do good in ishq e mamnu but the series fatmagul carries more importance and is closer to real life!

  21. Intikam revenge in english
    Has been extracted from the american series revenge. Beren saat as thorne in the series revenge to exact her vengeans and to take revenge
    A 2013 series latest serie for the actress beren saat
    Who played in the known series ask I memnu forbidden love
    Ezel ve intkam diziler muthis both top 1

  22. it’s an amazing story anyway i would like to know what happend next.

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