Lodestar (Coban Yildizi) Tv Series

Lodestar (Coban Yildizi) Tv Series


Original Title: Coban Yildizi
English Title: Lodestar
Also Known As: Venus
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 17
Broadcast Network: Fox TV
Broadcast Period: March 2, 2017 – June 22, 2017
Production Company: Most Production
Director: Gul Oguz
Screen Writer: Gulizar Irmak


Zuhre (Selin Sekerci) is a young and beautiful girl who lives in Nigde (the city in the middle of Turkey). She is forced to get married to an old man and brought to Cappadoccia for her forced wedding.

Zuhre objects to this marriage and does not want to get married despite her father’s promise. On her way towards Cappadoccia, she manages to run away from her father and meets Seyit (Sukru Ozyildiz).

Seyit is a young man who lives in Cappadoccia and works as a stone master. He is honest, brave and devoted to moral values. He lives together with her grandparents, mother and sister. He tries to do his best to support his family after his father has left them for another woman and moved to Istanbul.

Seyit helps Zuhre even though he cannot understand why this young woman is stranded in the middle of an express road. While he is giving her a ride to the nearest bus station, they meet Zuhre’s father. Seyit cannot do anything to protect Zuhre and lets her go with her father.

Zuhre arrives at Cappadoccia and is kept at the house of Karakaya family that is the wealthiest family of Cappadoccia. Everyone in Cappadoccia is scared by Karakaya family and does not want to go against them.

The head of Karakaya family is an old man named Fikret (Menderes Samancilar) who wants to get married to Zuhre even though he is so much older than her. Fikret persuades Zuhre’s father and gives him some money in return to this marriage. He wants to make Zuhre as her bride even if he knows that Zuhre does not want to get married. He thinks that sooner or later Zuhre will understand his power and will not do anthing but to accept this marriage.

On her wedding night, Zuhre is determined to kill herself. However, she stabs Fikret accidentally and runs away from the house without being seen by the guards. She does not have anything, neither money nor belongings. And she hides behind Seyit’s stone workshop.

The next day, Seyit finds Zuhre in his workshop and decides to protect her even though it would be so hard to go against Karakaya family. He is attracted to Zuhre’s innocence and resistance. However, he has to deal with Fikret and his dangerous son Zekkar (Selim Bayraktar). Zekkar is a nightclub boss in Istanbul and becomes the biggest obstacle in front of Seyit and Zuhre. He makes their lives a nightmare.

The story begins in Cappadoccia and expends to Istanbul.

In lodestar (coban yildizi) tv series story, you will explore the story of Zuhre who is forced to get married to an old man and brought to Cappadoccia for her forced wedding. Will Zuhre manage to escape from her fate and find happiness eventually? Will Seyit manage to protect Zuhre? Will Fikret forget his prospective wife Zuhre and continue to live in peace? Will Zekkar get what he wants this time?

Lodestar (Coban Yildizi) Tv Series Cast

Sukru Ozyildiz as Seyit Zahir
Selin Sekerci as Zuhre Filiz
Selim Bayraktar as Zekkar Karakaya
Menderes Samancilar as Fikret Karakaya
Serhat Ozcan as Ibrahim Zahir
Feyza Isik as Cevahir Zahir
Arif Erkin as Mustafa Zahir
Sahra Sas as Ruveyda Zahir
Taygun Sungar as Ali Karakaya
Aysun Metiner as Sirma Karakaya
Elif Cakman as Serife Gonen

External Links
Official Site: https://www.fox.com.tr/Coban-Yildizi/
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cobanyildizifox/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cobanyfox/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cobanyildizifox

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First trailer (Selin Sekerci’s Sound)

Lodestar (Coban Yildizi) Trailer (with English Subtitle)

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  1. I started this drama in the hope a perfect ending but it ended in such a disappointing and unexpected way. I really wanted the makers to continue and finish this masterpiece. I request the makers to give this drama a second season. All of the plot, scenes, actors and storyline, everything was really amazing and interesting. Please give viewers a second season.

  2. Watching Coban Yildizi. Aren’t there any police? That bad guy can just go around shooting people and nothing can be done? I don’t get it. Very annoying show.

  3. Please Mr producer.. make a season 2 of lodestar (zohre)… I am dying to watch it.. it’s very herat touching and beautiful love story.. miss both of them Zohra n sayit too much. Plz we are anxiously waiting for season 2.. plz plz plz… Continue this love story and make a happy ending.. plzzzzzz…🙏

  4. I watched this series and loved every episode, but to end the STORYLINE WITHOUT “JE NE SAIS QUOI” is completely wrong. There should be another season to complete this love. Either they will stay together or part, but a proper ending is necessary.
    I loved it and waited in great anticipation for the FINALE.
    It’s not too late to bring it back. Everyone around the world would love it.
    Also make more of an effort either the English translation and continuous cations.
    Thank you

  5. So disappointed watched 17 episodes and the ending was so crap. What a waste of time. It was so good aswell. Felt really deflated and sad as it finished so suddenly with so many questions.

  6. Will like to see the final season ( 2nd season) of lodestar- Conan Yilzidi.
    Will like to see how the story ended
    An interesting movie. So captivating

  7. Please a second season🙏

  8. ummmm….whatsup where is the second season. I am dying for a second season. Someone send me the producers’ email. We need to get a second season.

  9. Please bring back lodestar!! Stopped without any warning.

  10. Guys we appeal to you for your intervention and approach the authorities of Lodestar to consider bringing back Lodestar on our behalf as South Africans. We will appreciate that and regard it as an honour to our request. I am seriously pleading with you. Is it possible to directly contact with them, i.e. producers?

  11. Oh my God what a touching story. Imagine it was so unfortunate that I only came across the last episode in fox TV & I did not know & it was so interesting that I had to look for the you tube episodes. Though did not have English subtitles but for sure I had to learn Turkish a bit just to understand the story. Please producers make season 2 continuation of it. I luv u Seyit & Zuhre. Watched it from Kenya.

  12. Please bring back Lodestar, it seems as if the world has fallen in love with this whole story. Even if the Turkish ratings were low, doesn’t the rest of the world count. We are all wanting it back. Come on give us a break. Bring it back. The whole world can’t be left hanging not knowing what happened.

  13. Please lodestar didn’t end well. What happened after the rescue? What became of Ali and Ruveda? What about Zakar? The mystery surrounding Zakars mother?. There are so many questions left hanging

  14. Please we watching in Tanzania. Lodestar is a nice series, bring it back.

  15. The writer of Lodestar should get busy writing the next episodes, a chapter a day, so that we can have lodestar back without sudden ending. A very inspiring story!

  16. Please bring back lodester. It’s so intriguing.I and my husband so much love it.

  17. Please we watching in South Africa. We couldn’t wait for a Sunday for the new episodes. Please producers in Turkey bring it back for the rest of the world. We have all.fallen in love with Zuher and Seyit. Please please please

  18. Please bring back lodestar. Many of us are disappointed and sad already.

  19. Please what happened to Lodestar. ? It is no longer showing on foxlife. Are you bringing it back? Please bring it back, it is my favorite show on TV.

  20. pls continue series.beautiful story.

  21. Hi.We have found loadstar to be extremely entertaining.
    Why does this serial end so abruptly.Please let me know if this show will be continued.

  22. Hi when is season 2 playing in South Africa 😔😔😔

  23. Indeed a continuation will be best.this is the soapie that can be watched by the whole family. Plse don’t leave us hanging with such suspense season two is a definite zekkar’s mother, Fikret’s health did he lived on or? Zuhre did she become a business woman I can go on and on.

  24. I really enjoy watching Lodestar. Am disappointed with the way it ends abruptly. Kindly can we see the continuation of the next season? 🤔What happens to Seyit and Zuhre…Fikret and his son Zekkar…..Ruveyda and Ali?😖😖😭😭🙄😒 Am left in suspense

  25. Please bring back lodestar Seoson 2 I love it a lot I’m watching from South Africa

  26. I am watching Lodestar in Kenya and I love it. When shows end like that I tend to lose viewers. Please bring it back. I want to see the karakayas suffer.

  27. Elsie van der Walt

    I love watching Lodestar episodes on Sundays as this is the only chance I have to watch all the episodes consecutively. I read the comments and seems that the end is going to be dissapointing. That is sad. I am watching episodes from South Africa . So I also hope that somehow a miracle happens and they decide to shoot another season.

  28. They are currently showing repeat series but we the fans actually want season02. That what I don’t like about Turkish drama they stop abruptly. Days of our lives did not became a success overnight.

  29. It so heartbreaking to us loyal fans who just loved this drama. Lodestar/ Conan yildiz is by far the most interesting Turkish drama I’ve watched so far. South African really loved this drama.

  30. It’s currently showing on Fox life. On episode 25

  31. Bring back lodestar

  32. how could they let it end this way? I am from New York, we just finished watching the last episode and are very unhappy as to how it ended! how could you treat your loyal fans like this. we have been watching the show from the beginning following your story. The cast on the show is the most talented of any Turkish series that i have watched. the actors who portray Seyit and Zuhre are amazing actors, they have the most amazing chemistry together. PLEASE bring the show back.

  33. i am so disapointed that lodstar ended just like that pls let it continue

  34. Does this mean lodestar is over and we will never know what next?

    • Lodestar Tv series has ended due to low tv ratings in Turkey. Because of this reason, there are many unanswered questions in the final episode. Unfortunately, there would not be a second season. This tv series consist of only 17 episodes.

      • does this then mean that the shows are limited to turkish viewers.rate other viewers too.

        • Since the shows are first broadcasted in Turkey, producers usually care about Turkish audience’s preferences. If they knew that Lodestar would be so successful in abroad, they would absolutely continue to shoot another season for Lodestar.

          • thanks zahra for timely feedback.
            its a plea we are making.
            we love turkish shows.we get to learn alot besides entertainment.
            welldone and keep shooting.a big welldone to team lodestar. The best this far.

  35. We need a repeat of lodestar series on foxlife please. Need to watch it, due to popular demand. Pls reconsider


  37. Pls bring back lodestar. Curious to know what happened and how it ended. We need it back on air. Pls finish it. You stopped mid air, it kept us wondering what happensd. The reason why I keep checking foxlife to see whether the series is back on air. Bring it back pleeeeeease!!!

  38. Hello DSTV/Multichoice Management, it is totally unpalatable to withdraw an interesting movie or film like Lodestar. For me, it is a balanced movie and I expect that it you view it to the final conclusion.
    This is the reason why I continue to pay DSTV subscription and once the current one expires, I definitely will not renew it except Lodestar is brought back. This is a very entertaining and educative movie that you remove.
    Kindly bring it back.

    Adeniyi Ayodele

  39. Please this is very painful for me…… I fell in love with the series already…. you have to bring it back, lives are at stake here PEOPLE!!
    You can’t just leave us hanging like that……. Nooooooooooh
    #Bring back Lodestar#

  40. wat a soapie bring it back pleasd


    We are viewers of Fox Life and we have been following Lodestar series on Fox life but we are not happy when you ended it a week a go leaving us when we still need to watch it.
    we want to know what ahppened to Zekkar after his Dad sold the house, (life of Zakkar without riches) then Zuhre kissed Seyit what happened to the head of the Karakaya family Mr Fikret?
    can you bring back the movie on Fax life we still want it part 2.

    Please we want to know so many issues about that movie , it interesting, Educative , and has always cooled our minds after work , it makes us rush to watch but we were shocked when it never showed.

    Nathan Ngobi

  42. Are u serious??? Was wondering what went wrong
    Pliz bring lodestar back, urgently , am getting critically ill

  43. we want lodestar back on foxlife pls

  44. Please finish the series lodestar!

  45. Pls foxlife pls bring back lodestar you’ve made me in luv with it

  46. Please bring lodestar bak to foxlife pleaseeeeeee

  47. What a drama! What a series! What a beautiful story being told by beautiful people. Once you are hooked on to it you become its slave, I never missed any episode….there a lot of questions lingering in my mind that can only be answered by the continuation of Lodestar. Fox Live bring back our series…..

  48. please bring Lodestar back! listen to ur amazing fans(Fox life-africa), i love it. I NEED IT Pleaaaaaaaase!
    From Kenya

  49. Iam very disappointed too, really loved the series LODESTAR.

  50. Pls you cannot leave your fans hanging like that. When is the next seoson starting and pls update us. Please

  51. Am very confused by the abrupt ending of Lodestar on Fox life .Do all Turkish series end this way ??

    • All Turkish dramas do NOT end this way. Due to high volume of tv series, there is tough competition in Turkey. If any Turkish drama is not able to get enough TV ratings, then producers or broadcasting channels might decide to end it. According to tv ratings, Lodestar series did not perform well in Turkey. Fox tv broadcasted Lodestar tv series on Thursdays, at the same time with other popular tv series in other channels such as Wounded Love (Vatanim Sensin) and Brave and Beautiful (Cesur ve Guzel). Thus, audience gave priority to other Turkish dramas over Lodestar.

  52. Lodestar extremely beautiful. All actors and actresses …very professional. Very rich culture.
    Seyit please be faithful to your viewers. After rescuing Zuheir with much love you said u don’t care what people will say. That’s the drama I am waiting for 👏👏

  53. Please bring Lodestar back! Was so captivating just to end like that 😢

  54. Fox please continue lodestar

    • Mimi, i know this reply is late, but we here in NY just finished watching the series about 2 weeks ago. this series is the best Turkish series we have watched. the show is amazing. I think if enough people petition the producers, they will bring it back. I think if all of the fans were to send a message to the producers/FOX, they will bring it back.

  55. Has lodestar ended or is it coming back to foxlife , does anyone know where to find more episodes😢😢

    • There is no more episdoes 🙁 Lodestar tv series only has 17 episodes.

      • But it not 17 episode it played until the 60th on foxlife. But Turkish producers can’t do this. This drama was interesting from start and throughout. Foxlife is currently repeating the serious but we need season 02

  56. O no Fox TV what happen to our series lodester please tells us what to expect because it happened with heartbreak and now lodester answer me fox tv

  57. Hello there like seriously lodestar ends here? We need a continuation of the story!

  58. Ooooooh no plz bring back our Lodstar(irristable)..what an amizing Turkish series….cant wait to see what next plz FOX TV what not happening i am daying seying what next…where can i get full episode anybody knows help….

  59. I just can’t believe the abrupt ending do I have to go to Turkey to see the rest
    Just when it started getting exciting? ????

  60. When is the next episode for lodester starting? We need to know what happened next after seyit found zuhre in the caves. Its a beautiful series.

  61. Lodestar end like this why? From Africa Tanzania..

  62. Why do you have to stop the episode abruptly when will you continue,

  63. does lodestar end here after seyit saves zuher from the secret passage? a lot is unsolved. I really love this drama

  64. Y’all didn’t bring the Lodestar episode yesterday 1925 Kenyan time and we didn’t even get the repeat episode at 2305 hrs as usual.

    What’s up? We need continuation of what happens next!! Will Seyit take Zuhre to Mr. Fikret by himself and blame him for locking her up?

    Zekkar has a bone to pick with his Dad since the Dr. saw his mum Mrs. Vehide about 3 months ago. I am sure he needs an explanation as to who’s remains were buried
    ……next episode please?…. Kenyans are waiting

  65. I’m trying to come to terms with the ending.
    Tried googling it but to no avail. Lodestar just can’t end like that, who locked zuhre up in the cave and did the lovers ended up together

  66. I just watched the last episode where Seyit saves Zuhre in the caves. what happens after that? it can’t just end like that? do they end up together…pls I need to know.

  67. Why did this series stop at No 55? Will there be more episodes translated in English soon? Loved this series.

  68. watching on fox TV, lodestar, an amazing turkish telenovela, i lv it, mmh, beautiful, kp it up👍

  69. I couldn’t find on Netflix . Did they take off already?

  70. Looooh nimeangalia tamthilia nyingi za waturuki mmenikosha moyo. Kama hii lodestar mhhhhh

  71. is lodestar available in dvd

    • I am so disappointed to be robbed the opportunity to watch this beautiful soapie suddenly. Please do us a favour and repeat previous series meanwhile you are shooting for the second season or sell us the DVDs of the past series. I m in love with the soapie.

  72. Hi am looking for merhamet episode in English subtitles please can anyone tell me where I can watch this. Thanks

  73. Absolutely loved lodestar I have some episodes becos of in regular power supply in my country how do I download past episodes

  74. Hi,my name is Franca.I saw a lot of turkish series on Netflix,all of them amazin but some of them I watch the first season because they don’t continue with second season.nobody’s know what going on .some say they didn’t translate in English yet.Netflix doesn’t even bother. To inform about that matter. Should I stop watching them or somebody fix this problem.please let me know.



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